Roberts the manchurian candidate?

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Roberts the manchurian candidate? For those among us of a younger age, The Manchurian Candidate is a brilliant novel by Richard Condon, first published in 1959, a political thriller about the son of a prominent U.S. political family who becomes brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy. Upon being ‘triggered’ by his handlers, he assassinates the target, following which he morphs back into the quiet person he normally is.

In the movie of the same name, released in 1962, it is revealed that the Communists have been using the character as a sleeper agent who, activated by a posthypnotic trigger, immediately forgets the assignments he carries out and therefore can never betray himself either purposely or inadvertently. The book was made into the movie of the same name, with Frank Sinatra and Lawrence Harvey as the protagonists. The movie was an instant hit, but following the assassination of President Kennedy it was taken out of circulation.

The character may be gone from the movie, but in this day and age we definitely still have remnants of ‘sleeper agents’ who, “activated by a posthypnotic trigger” immediately forgets the assignments he carries out and therefore can never betray himself etc., etc., etc.

Roberts the Manchurian candidate … destroyer of the Constitution

Calling out Chief ‘Just Us’ Roberts with the continuation of his anti-American antics which have been going on far too long for probity to make its way through the mess, Kylee Zempel over at The Federalist, outlines 7 – SEVEN – occasions when Roberts shows his true colors:

  • Supported unconstitutional Obamacare
  • Sided with Leftists to block Louisiana Abortion Law
  • Endorsed the Administrative States’ Unchecked Power
  • Denied Census Citizenship Question
  • Censored a GOP Senator to Hide Spygate Info
  • Pretended Boys can be Girls and Girls can be Boys
  • Upheld Unlawful DACA – Because Reasons

“John Roberts is terrified of the liberal op-ed columnists. They know they hold him captive. They can easily sway his opinions by issuing their ‘warnings’ to him through their columns,” conservative commentator Dan Bongino correctly diagnosed. “He’s not a judge anymore, he’s a politician.”

Roberts is a politician indeed, a dangerous politician who consistently makes laws, inconsistently applies the Constitution, and can’t be voted out of office. Just what could go wrong? [sarc]

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: ‘Supremes Legislate from the Bench on DACA. What Now?’ …

On questions of immigration, the Supreme Court seems to be representing the interests of foreign nationals who haven’t bothered to come to the U.S. legally.

They threw out the perfectly legitimate request to reinstate the 2020 Census question on U.S. citizenship, something that has been on that form since the dawn of the census and only recently was dropped, saying the Trump administration hadn’t presented a good enough reason to do it.

Now they’ve done the same thing on the question of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Obama administration executive order that permits a very large bloc of immigrants to work and stay in the country with zero fear of deportation, cutting them a spot in the line well ahead of legal immigrants. Message: Get across the border with your kids, waiting in line to immigrate to the U.S. legally is a chump’s errand. They cited the exact same reason as on the earlier question: That the Trump administration didn’t give a good enough reason to them to do it.

Which is bizarre stuff – if Obama had a right to issue the order, why does Trump not have the right to rescind the order? If past presidents had the right to ask about citizenship in the Census, why does this one have to jump through hoops and hope his rationale is good enough to pass muster from the Supreme Court hall monitors? Equal justice much?

It’s not as if this order involves negating legislation – in fact, the original DREAM Act from which DACA sprang actually failed to pass legislation, which ought to weight its rescission all the more. But somehow, Trump gets less.

Link to conclusion below…

Roberts the manchurian candidate … Obamagate the scandal of scandals… who’s in charge?

As brilliant as the founders were they did NOT anticipate that our three branches of government would enter into a conspiracy to obviate the separation of powers as we see today with corrupt legislatures, and judicial and executive agencies that are all decidedly leftist bent. With entrenched DNC operatives that work the leftist agenda exclusively, thwarting conservative and constitutional governance has become a political shoe-in.

This has now become reflexive since the DNC always blames others for their own crimes, in this case malfeasance in office. As to a man and woman, they all use corruption and graft to monetize governance to pay off handsomely. The ghettos for instance, have been the same for at least the past 75 years or more, the money being siphoned off before it ever gets there by all kinds of programs that are mostly fronts so that money can be stolen; and the people rot along with the ghetto.

Welcome to the Roberts manchurian ghetto, with remnants of ‘sleeper agents’ who, “activated by a posthypnotic trigger” immediately forgets the assignments he carries out and therefore can never betray himself etc., etc., etc.

And on that note – time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank God for Donald J. Trump doing his level best to go forth and MAGA! KAG! for ALL American citizens.


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