Gorsuch: of such is the intemperate

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Gorsuch: of such is the intemperate … Supremes John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch have caught Potomac Fever. Quarantine them immediately and keep them home for a few years. The tendency in Washington D.C. is for the Swamp to change good men’s minds far more often than a good man changes the Swamp’s collective mind. Truly independent judicial minds the likes of Thomas, Scalia, and Kavanaugh, are very rare and the confirmation circus does little to reveal the quality of mind in a given nominee. Still, lifetime is a long term and Roberts and Gorsuch will have many opportunities to redeem their shaky reputations.

Right up front regarding the forever shadowy goings-on within the Supremes’ Dynasty, there is, and always has been dirt over Roberts. The way he was squirming in his seat way back in OBO#44’s first State of the Union, where he dissed the SCOTUS in front of the world. The illegal adoption of Roberts’ children hangs over his head like the sword of Damocles and there may well be more, like the way he rewrote O’care for example, to fit the need for upholding its ‘constitutionality.’ Which has to make one wonder what similar compromises/dirt there may be over Gorsuch and the other justices.

Gorsuch: of such is the intemperate… You never know what you get.

And let’s not even get into the Scalia pillow episode.

Fact is, Gorsuch has been getting worked over by Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg and their staffers since he was confirmed. It was only a matter of time before they broke him like they broke Roberts. Conspiracy theories abounding or not. One has to wonder for instance, what the content was of the question Roberts refused to answer during the impeachment fiasco in the Senate Chamber; of such are conspiracy theories made, after all.

John Roberts, the ‘jurist’, committed professional suicide the day he betrayed every American with the aforementioned O’care. Now Gorsuch, with this evil ruling, joins Roberts in the ‘can’t trust’ category. Both these weenies allowed themselves to be placed as ‘conservatives’. Yet it’s turning out that both are unmitigated liars who deceived everyone.

Judges only serve while doing their jobs properly: which means following existing law. Judging by their opinions to date, neither has, nor seemingly intends to, follow the law.

What price honesty and reputation?

J. B. Shurk, American Thinker: ‘Et tu Gorsuch?’…

Et tu, Gorsuch?  A little over three years into a lifetime appointment, and he’s already speaking for Justice Ginsburg when it comes to matters of transsexualism and forgotten all about Justice Scalia’s textualism.

No matter how hard we try, our “conservative” judges belly-flop into “strict constructionist” poseurs and weak-kneed judicial activists faster than Chief Justice Roberts can rewrite Obamacare into a tax.  I mean, you try to keep these “originalist” jurists on a philosophically sound path.  You teach them “right” from “wrong.”  You instill in them a respect for the law and the importance of always telling the truth.  You can’t be with them all the time, though.  You know they’re being tempted by strange leftists to rule by emotion and always let the “ends justify the means,” but you tell yourself, “we can count on a judge described by many as Justice Scalia’s natural successor, right?”  Right?

Gorsuch portrayed himself as a textualist stalwart who understood the great societal costs of abdicating judicial restraint for willy-nilly lawmaking out of thin air.  He promised to serve as a sound, objective, and impartial justice for an out-of-control Judicial Branch that has replaced “the law” with “the decree.”  All his friends said he was a man of principle.  Conservatives smiled with pride.  Those he was meant to serve gladly gave him their trust.  And then, bam!  Gorsuch’s promises to apply the law as written failed even to outlive Justice Ginsburg.

It turns out he’s been living a double life, inhaling the toxic postmodern rhetoric in his private chambers while nobody was looking and scratching that lawless, self-centered, inexcusable deconstructionist itch this whole time.  So Gorsuch has come out of the closet, it seems, wearing nothing but his feelings and a smile.  He’s a legislator now, not a judge, and like all American legislators, he plans to follow the fickle demands of the mob before making up his mind, and the law, as he goes.  Another “conservative” intellectual performs a self-lobotomy in order to think and sound like Earl Warren and William Brennan on a David Souter morphine pump.  For shame! [-]

[+] … There’s nothing in the Constitution requiring that the justices have law degrees or even formal schooling.  The Court is charged with applying the law to cases and controversies within its jurisdiction and nothing more.  Its members need not be giants of jurisprudential philosophy, cerebral academics, or lawyers of any kind.  I’m convinced that the job of applying the law as written with self-restraint must be so difficult for anybody with a celebrated education that only ordinary people far away from the corrupting influences of the universities and the courts are capable of performing the rote constitutional duties of the Judicial Branch without meandering toward the intoxicating temptation of ruling like an unconstrained king.  

Read the statute.  Read the facts of the case.  Apply the statutory law to the facts of the case.  Repeat.  Somewhere between high school education and Ivy League pre-eminence, this task becomes too challenging and strenuous to perform.  The “best and brightest” can’t be trusted to administer justice when they can’t be bothered to understand the words before their eyes.  Perhaps the only way to save the Court from itself is to stop filling it with people who “know so much that isn’t so.”

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