Red States to nullify Federal Law…?

Go ahead, make my…

Having created the national Government under a Federal System, the “several states” are sovereign – or ought to be – not the other way round. It’s about time our several states reasserted their power under the terms of the Constitution while holding sway against the tyrannical forces of evil who would harm the very nature of Constitutional empowerment.

While we’re at it, let’s not confuse nullification with secession. Nullification is the act of telling an overbearing government that we won’t comply. Ergo their agents won’t be allowed to continue their unfettered persecution of the citizens; their courts will no longer be enticed to coerce and incarcerate at will; and that the use of sanctuary cities is nullification which we should employ whenever required.

Red States to nullify Federal Law? … Fact is: A republic if you can keep it…

True governance needs to be the most local and transparent as possible so that the tax payer can see if he is getting his full rights out of the system. Not one of we citizens can say without a doubt that we’re getting our money’s worth out of Washington DC. What’s worse even, is that the people whose salary and benefits we’re all paying for, hate us and what we believe in, and thereby weaponizing We the (80 million+) People and the government we’re all paying into.

Talking about which, yours truly has a point or maybe a question – why give up Washington DC? It’s ours, with its warts and all. If there are states and governors ready to nullify executive orders and risk fighting in their own states, perhaps the fight should be taken to DC. Activate the individual NG and militia and march on DC. Period!

Tell them we’re coming, surround the fence and razor wire in advance, pick a date for Congress to abdicate – April 1st Fool’s Day comes to mind, and loyal Americans can take back the country. Be clear, on January 6 2021 there were one million people there, so let everyone know that 10+ million are coming to rip down the fence and take back the country. Suggest they pack up and get out of town, we’re preparing for a gala 4th of July. And all Mask Free!

Y’all think I’m nuts?! Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Red States Start Using their Power to Nullify Federal Law’…

My personal opinion is yes, it is far beyond time. Factually, I have supported a total 50 state nullification process since 2005 when I realized Wall Street was in full operational control over Washington DC. Once you accept that Globalists are writing U.S. legislation and laws; and once you accept they are paying DC politicians for the passage of those laws; then they are supporting politicians who will advance those laws by changing the judicial branch; then you begin to follow events to their logical conclusion, and the necessary cleaving of a freedom loving electorate becomes clear.

When you consider that Blue States and regions have been nullifying federal laws for decades (marijuana legalization, sanctuary cities, immigration policies, etc), the question arises about whether it is indeed time to complete the cleaving and for Red States to begin the same nullification process.

Ultimately and thankfully due to the wisdom of our founding fathers, this fail-safe approach is outlined within the constitution and applied through the tenth amendment.

Today [Mar 13 2021] Steve Baldwin at American Thinker makes the argument the time is now for Red States to begin nullifying federal law by simply refusing to abide by the unconstitutional dictates of the federal government. [READ HERE]  From my own perspective, in the final analysis, the constitutional nullification process has always been a source of hope and optimism.

We are a divided nation.  Accept the division and act accordingly…. because we either ACT or we will be ACTED upon.

AMERICAN THINKER – […] states will be reluctant to invoke nullification but the alternative would be to watch our constitutional rights be trashed by leftists.  The MAGA movement in the Red States needs to became active in urging legislators and governors to start reclaiming their constitutional powers and begin nullifying illegal Federal law.  

Once states are engaged in nullifying federal laws, I believe we will witness what I call the “great migration” in which conservatives will leave blue states to live in red states and vice-versa.  And yes, this could lead to a peaceful balkanization of America in which the Red states become redder and the Blue states become bluer, but this is not our fault. (CONTINUE READING)

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Red States to nullify Federal Law?

Commenter ‘Maine Coon’ from the thread: “About 2 days ago, I posted a comment stating states needed to take back their sovereignty and start rejecting EOs or even federal laws we don’t want. Just take back state sovereignty. If enough states do this on any given issue the Feds lose their power.”

“So I would agree with this article and concept. Do what Gov. DeSantos recently did and defied JoeBama when fake-prez threatened to close down incoming tourists to FL. That issue hasn’t surfaced again after Gov. DeSantis strongly defied it.”

“States need to take back their sovereignty and band together if feds target a state. For example, high tech is targeting TX / Paxton, SD wrote an article on it recently. When this happens, Red States AGS should join TX in the lawsuits in some fashion i.e. third parties, amicus curia, etc.”

“State sovereignty, stand and band together on state sovereignty issues against tyranny.” [end]

The first responsibility of the Federal Government was to defend the Nation starting at the borders. The sooner we can make this happen, the better, and that way people have a choice of where they can live in states where values are somewhat protected. And the leftist communists can live in blue states where the state rules their lives. That’s why we have them. And they haven’t even been doing that – So Let’s do this NOW!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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