Recount-plot Dems flailing suicide..

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Hillary Clinton began her crooked political career tampering with evidence during the Watergate Hearings. Ironic isn’t it, that she became far worse than the very person she despised most: Richard Nixon.

The problem with this Jill Stein recount effort is that Hillary Clinton quite publicly stated the following at her concession speech just three weeks ago:
Last night, I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans.
– Hillary Clinton, Nov. 9, 2016.

Given Ms. Clinton’s recent allying herself with Jill Stein over these recount efforts, I can only assume that she was being totally disingenuous when she expressed those sentiments.

But what else is new – It’s liberalism. Liberalism fails. Every time. In fact, one could say that the Constitution was written in opposition to the liberalism of its birth – the top-down politics of monarchy.

Which makes America unique for several reasons. One of them is that it is the success of the common man (“Mr. Everyman” as with the Trumpit). The overall success is commercial, since it doesn’t really leave any important role for intellectuals (not to be confused with scientists and engineers) but rather seems to create a rage in intellectuals that is difficult for practical people to understand. Part of that rage is an illusory superiority (check the narcissism of one, Barack Hussein Obama, as an example) due to their being smarter than the average “deplorable Joe”.


Intellectuals don’t understand what the great Hayek articulated – dispersed, diverse, and tacit knowledge. Since we’re talking orders of magnitude here, no one person has even remotely the knowledge to run a society. Therefore, any centrally-run progressive-Marxist society runs down – essentially frozen at the stage of development at which it succumbs to dictatorship; 1958 in Cuba, for instance, the late ‘teens in the case of the USSR.

You say you want a revolution? You don’t get it by a recount. Look at day-to-day America. The rules change from time to time and there isn’t really a ruling class (“elites” are hardly rulers, more like entitlists). True, that Liberalism is attempting to create a ruling class, but the organism is rejecting it. You want change? Nothing changes so much as a capitalist economy. What liberals REALLY want IS a leadership class and NO change. And a specious recount for obstinate purposes is right out of the progressive-liberal playbook.

Liberalism is an effort to alter the American Experiment by making the Constitution irrelevant. We constantly witness the devastating effects of top-down management from the likes of the political plantation owners like the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, and the faux reverends of Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, etal, on the inner city black communities all across the nation.

The immediate effect of the Trumpit is in reasserting constitutional republicanism and a sensible level of self-interest in national and international affairs. This leaves no role for liberalism which is becoming ever more vestigial the more it takes hold. The noise, both written and vocal is that coming from the death throes of progressive-liberalism.

George Soros evil empire...

Having amply demonstrated for almost two generations now that they are detached from reality, it’s no wonder that progressive liberals:

  • can’t believe they were thrashed;
  • won’t believe they were thrashed;
  • think HRC is a suitable human being to nominate for President;
  • think Tim Kaine is a suitable human being to nominate for Vice President;
  • view our side as the wackos;
  • are willing to subvert the voters’ choice by a recount in 3 states that Trump/Pence clearly won, with no evidence of vote tampering by the Russians (they say so themselves);
  • are not gathering with pitchforks around the Clinton Compound, Chappaqua, NY to demand HRC’s immediate withdrawal from this farce, lest it uncover the fraud from illegals’ votes for HRC;
  • are not demanding the immediate cessation of unDemocrat Big Donors’ ‘contributions’ to the mail, wire, and phone scam being run by Ms. Jill (recount) Stein, wannabe liberal Entrepreneur;

Then add to the list that there are limitless other reasons that they refuse to believe, including their continued reliance on one Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros (and maybe even, his sons) as their financial and ideological savior, who ought to be arrested and imprisoned for aiding and abetting the enemy, and for crimes and misdemeanors against the health and wellbeing of the citizen-patriots of the Constitutional Republic.

That anyone could support or claim membership in the unDemocrat Party is all one needs to conclude that libs are the owners of truly diseased minds and souls, and the sooner they all disappear, the better off this restorative Constitutional Republic will be. For ALL its citizen-patriots.

Semper Fidelis!


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