Delinquent delusion of Obamatalk..

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

This one is straight from the “you can’t make this s**t up department”, with all 72 delinquent delusion seconds of it coming from the lying lips of the person least qualified within the Obama administration to espouse it – After all, with a name like Josh Earnest (or Earnest Josh, or Earnest Earnest) you’d expect at least a modicum of truth with everything coming out of his lips, wouldn’t you? On the other hand it could well be that he is simply like the rest of this charade of an administration, except he spews his lies with Earnest expectation. I kid you not. Earnestly.

Thanks to the Clintons, it really depends on what the meaning of “scandal” is. It’s so hard to keep track of things when words only mean what the speaker of delinquent delusion intends them to mean at the time s/he said them. Moral relativism is the house of cards in the world of political correctness.

But let’s have a look/listen shall we, then we’ll continue apace…

Well let’s see – The following scandals were labeled as “minor” by the Obama Administration.

  • Fast and Furious
  • Benghazi
  • IRS targeting of conservative groups
  • DOJ seizing phone records of Associated Press and emails of James Rosen
  • Mass surveillance by the NSA discovered
  • 1.6 billion dollars paid as Ransom to the Iranian government
  • Hillary Clinton’s email Fiasco
  • $6 billion – that’s BILLION – still not accounted for from Clinton’s time as Secy. of State

Let us pause for a little bit and bring you 15-minutes-worth (if you can stand it, that is) of lies, lies, lies, and fairy tales (scandals included) from the delinquent delusion of one, Barack Hussein Obama, liar-in-chief…

Then there was the Solyndra scandal; the VA Hospitals scandal; trading deserters for terrorists scandal; Secret Service Security incompetence; NSA spying scandal; the incompetent ObamaCare roll-out scandal, including the outrageous cost of the website development; No residual troops left in Iraq scandal; If you like your insurance you can .. you know. Then we ran into:

  • Initial Ebola outbreak mismanagement;
  • Obama executive overreach;
  • Gruber on lying about Obamacare;
  • ISIS is a JV team remark as they were taking over new swaths of land and more;
  • Corn Husker Kick back;
  • Louisiana Purchase;
  • Bailout money going to Democrats;
  • Claiming to not hire lobbyists and then going out to hire lobbyists;
  • Declaring the administration is “the most transparent administration in history”, while keeping ObamaCare negotiations under wrap;
  • Holding back key evidence from the email scandal that takes years to obtain through the court system; etc etc…

Which brings us to the whole Hillary scandal of lying and cheating, with Obama lying that he didn’t receive her emails; Hillary lying about her lying, while breaking the law (which would have we “deplorables” locked up in serious jail time) with her classified emails and server; destroying evidence; cheating on Bernie; the pay for play scandal of the Clinton Foundation; the Comey cover-up; and the Lynch-on-the-tarmac-with-Bill scandal; and on, and on, and on it goes. The delinquent delusion continues.

If you can stand it, here’s 13-minutes-worth of Clinton lies. Talk about scandals!..

Now Earnest is a name that doesn’t suit Obama’s practitioner of prezzie logic because he is NEVER in earnest. It’s just one crazy statement after another. Nobody who has a brain and some rudimentary recollection of history will believe Earnest. So why is he out there making these ludicrous statements?

It’s because he, as part of the delinquent delusion of the Obama administration, thinks We The People are the dumbest out there, that we are dumber than wood, that our IQ doesn’t even reach room temperature. Such contempt for the American people, which is why the Trumpit has to get rid of this nightmare, this affliction, this boil that festers continuously, having made its living on the backs of the American people for the last eight years.

Be nice now. We all know that he only found out about these things in the news like everyone else.[sarc]

Time to get rid of the delinquent delusion of Obamatalk once and for all.


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