When ‘reality’ becomes masquerade

En Garde in the bunker…

When ‘reality’ becomes masquerade, the Left is so predictable because they’re always “locked & loaded,” itchy fingers on the trigger with dead aim on their targets, ready to blast away with their hypocritical nonsense at a moment’s notice whenever a crisis presents itself.

But like the little boy who cried wolf, people now are beginning to see the reality of who the wolves really are. More and more we’re seeing Lefty minions, inflamed by hateful rhetoric, blinded by LIES, filled with hatred and motivated to do unspeakable acts.

The Left, Dhimmicrats and the Enemedia (but I repeat myself) OWN these massacres and no amount of screaming “we need more gun control” can alter this reality: the monsters they’ve created can only rampage unchecked when the rest of us are disarmed and defenseless.

Never forget that the Left’s ultimate goal is dictatorship. To do that successfully in America, you must first destroy the 2nd Amendment or find other ways to disarm the population. Therefore assaults on the reality of our right to bear arms will never cease and the minute we are stupid enough to give them up is the day we will walk in chains.

Check out these current abominations illustrating the stark reality of an attempted government takeover…

CRISIS ACTOR EXPOSE – What HOAX in Vegas stays in Vegas? Mandalay Bay Shooting … What CNN neglects to mention is that in reality, this actor is a regular on their news shows. His acting skills are better than anyone else’s I’ve seen. Mind you, he could do with polishing up his teleprompter skills somewhat …

UPDATE as of October 5th 2017 … Well as you can see, CNN the traitors to America network have pulled the fake fraud from view  at the same time as Kathy Hamilton Lerich found a Fox copy of the fake Venice California firefighter … Beyond belief the Manchurian Candidates we have posing as Big Fake News outlets!

October 6th 2017 … HaHa!! Kathy to the rescue once again … fully restored(!)

NEXT UP – Check the reality of this protocol exchange:
Kathy Hamilton Lerich: Watch this guy and tell me what you think, Jim. Does it sound odd to you that a firefighter from Venice Beach is pronouncing people dead at the LV shooting? He started dragging dead bodies up the stairs at an active crime scene – Huh?

Jim Baldwin: Uh, negative lol. I don’t have the authority to operate under protocol of another jurisdiction. Pure bullshit. Pronouncing dead lol. There are criteria we use to determine if resuscitation is viable. But a medical examiner pronounces death, not a firefighter. What a crock.

Kathy Hamilton Lerich: Bingo. Thanks for your verification on protocol.

Jim Baldwin: We are authorized to terminate resuscitative efforts after a certain time lapse AND lack of physiological response to advanced procedures. But still, we don’t pronounce, even if we recognize it.

Kathy Hamilton Lerich: Right. I understand firefighters recognize when someone has passed. Duh, right? But to say “I pronounced 15 people.” or “I pronounced 20 people.” is so odd. You would never couch it that way. Reality would say, I don’t know, “This guy didn’t make it.” or “These people are gone.” You would never say, “I pronounced 20 – 30 people.” That makes zero sense. It makes me question whether he is actually even a firefighter from Venice Beach. Yet another ‘hide ‘n seek’ actor?

NOTE: The content of this YouTube video on CNN interviewing a so-called fireman from Venice California who apparently pronounced 20-30 DOAs while on vacation with his girlfriend/family has, as you can see, been entirely withdrawn by CNN. The copy however, will give you some indication of the guy’s actor background, similar in nature to a number of these hoax actors who seemingly float from one disaster to the next undercover. Just WHAT are the Big Fake News media covering up with these ‘lone-gunman’ lies, distortions and untruths? Begs the question, that’s for sure(!)

Officially it reads: This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. So there you have it. COVERUP!

UPDATE – 10/5/2017 – Thanks to Kathy Hamilton Lerich – restored!!

Perhaps it’s just the cynic in me, but I guess off-duty firefighters who’ve apparently been drinking since 4:30 in the afternoon are good to come back on duty in this situation and work with the SWAT team and pronounce people dead. Is this guy/actor really for REAL?

Consider for instance that this guy just physically checked 30 bodies full of holes and covered in blood? He came out pretty clean considering the blood bath he just left.

It’s a good thing they had a real, shiny spare vest for him, since he wasn’t even local. I suppose if you’re a firefighter, then there’s no such thing as being “in your district/county/whatever.” Reality says you apparently get to operate even hundreds of miles from home base.

And another thing – Just where does he get off pronouncing DOAs all of a sudden when he’s supposedly ‘on vacation?’

Something, somewhere stinks to high heaven.

As a for instance, check out this coverage from a taxi driver viewpoint .. Mmmmmmmmmmm…

I’m somewhat surprised that there was a significant amount of time between the initial short burst, before the long automatic fire began at 2-3 minutes and then significant delays later between bursts. Wouldn’t someone on that floor hear gunfire from a room? The initial shots definitely seemed to come from a much closer location as noted by the driver.

Then there’s this, revealing shots coming from the FOURTH floor, NOT the 32nd …

So, was the shooting from the 32nd floor at Mandalay Bay Resort, or was it the 4th floor as pictured here – or BOTH?Someone needs to get this false flag propaganda straight.


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