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Intellectual Froglegs equals sanity .. As Thomas Lifson puts it in American Thinker: “Let’s face facts. There is a revolutionary movement afoot in the United States. And it is organizing itself before our eyes. Serious people believe that the constitutional republic can be overthrown. Overt Marxist and revolutionary groups never gave up the cause, but others in respectable jobs worked tacitly to shape education into political indoctrination, at all levels.

“One of the principal forces that will bring about the fall of the regime is street violence that can overwhelm the forces of law and order. A cadre of youth to take control of the streets of our major cities has already been indoctrinated that “hate speech” is the same thing as violence, so it is moral and just to violently attack the “fascists” who are killing minorities.

“The direction in which we are headed ought to be self-evident. Let’s stop pretending that a return to civility depends on President Trump changing his tweeting. Serious people have been working a long time, at great success, to put in place the revolutionary cadre”. [end]

One of the solutions is to be found in the very latest edition of Intellectual Froglegs featuring Joe Dan Gorman, who has produced one of his best episodes to date. If you have yet to be introduced to this genius of multi-cultural liberal-leftist DemoMarxist insanity, then jump aboard and enjoy the ride … You won’t be disappointed!

Leftists don’t protest any less even when they rule the nation. Like, for instance, with liberal dream figures like Clinton, Carter and Obama. Apart from public rumor-mongering and delivery of false community gossip, leftism is basically a world protest action and after that offers little else. Because nation building, employment, marriage, family, religion, complying with authority and responsibility are huge areas of liberal default.

There’s an obvious anti-white common denominator to all these left-wing groups. The idea appears to be to unite all non-whites in opposition to the whites.

Proves just how fragile this freedom is that the Founders left in our care. It appears that it is true that it can only be destroyed from within, since no other country is powerful enough to do it. President Trump clearly doesn’t care a whit about being perceived as a racist – has no power over him at all, it seems.

This will have a huge effect on our society in going forward and Making America Great Again!


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