Reality as core of America’s malaise

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Lydia the great from comments thread: Most of the Protestant pastors in the US belong to denominations that have become Woke. They aren’t going to lead anyone anywhere, except the abyss. Like the Archbishop of Canterbury, most eschew the idea of God the Father. We must think of God as a gender-less “It.” Some now proclaim Jesus is non-binary. I know of churches led by women who call God the Mother. Whatever.

The whole point is to uproot tradition and religion. Trans-humanism is the name of the game where man becomes God. Taking sex/gender out of biology and into the realm of personal choice denies God’s creation. You are in charge, you can be anything you want to be, including an animal. By abandoning God there are no restrictions on the imagination, nor on personal behavior. If it feels good, do it. “Do It” in public like animals in heat. Kill your neighbor if he has micro-aggresed against you. Stealing, coveting, bearing false witness–no rules against that.

Reality as core of America’s malaise

We are seeing the results of a godless society. Anything goes, especially if you embrace Woke dehumanizing dystopian ideals. Culture is a mob mentality, and for now chaos rules and destabilizes the world. Appeasement does not work on dictators and brow-beaters.

I wouldn’t depend on pastors to lead the way. Everyone who despises what is happening has to stand up and speak out. Everyone. [end]

Mmmmm …. she’s absolutely right on point yet again. The revered Book of Revelation predicts a severe, harsh ending for those religions and pastors of which she ably (and accurately) speaks. Our troubles after all, are generally spiritual, not political. The world and all that is in it is passing away, guaranteed. Therefore for some of us, to be alive in these last days (being a confirmed Christian in-dwelled with the Spirit of God) the decline of faith, increased rebellion, mass psychosis, the rise of hatred, lies, deception, intrigue, world at war, one-world government, etc., etal, our once civilized society is being re-imagined into an uncivilized quagmire of toxic humanity.

But take heed, folks, there remains a way out of this mess which requires making a personal decision about the truth of the historical Jesus Christ. He foretold these times 2023 thousands of years ago, and though he died on the cross the grave could not hold him. He is alive. And he invites everyone to save themselves by turning to him for the forgiveness of  sins. That simple. THAT!

Richard A. Chiero, American Thinker: ‘The underlying, uncomfortable, reality at the core of America’s malaise’….

Massive corruption in government. Lying by public officials. Office holders receiving bribes. Unjust prosecution of political opponents. Justice meted based on political affiliation. News and information dissemination based on allegiance to a particular world view. Parents denied the right to mold and shape their own children and instead being forced to yield those rights to the state by law. Forced celebration of deviant behavior with a demand for approval of same, or else. The compromising of a once muscular military into one which is inundated with self-defeating progressive policies. And we could go on.

The symptoms of decay noted above are occurring virtually unabated in this country right now, and in the West in general, and are directly linked to the widespread adoption of leftist ideologies. These have been embraced by many in our institutions, public and private, and have captured the imagination of our youth. Ironically, they represent policies that only a decade or two ago would have been scorned and reviled by those same individuals who now accept and promote them. The question is why. Why has there been such a departure from the guiding principles and values that launched the United States and the West to greatness for so long? What’s changed? [-]

[+] … The underlying, uncomfortable, reality at the core of America’s malaise is that in the public square, we have largely abandoned God, along with the biblical roots of our founding. Our churches seem to have acclimated to the culture or are unwilling to be the salt and light it so desperately needs. Not all mind you, but too, too, many. Sin has been normalized to such an extent that we are no longer alarmed by it, but rather desensitized. That last exit on America’s moral highway was Sodom. We are past that symbol of depravity. But there is always hope.

I recall back in 2001 when we lived near Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois, we were allowed to host recruit Sailors on major holidays. It was Thanksgiving, not long after 9/11. I asked the three young men sitting in our living room why they joined. To a man they said, “I saw the Towers go down. I knew I had to fight for my country.” Those brave young men and women are still out there, along with many, many, praying Dads, Moms, grandparents, and yes, Godly, courageous, Pastors all willing to eschew comfort and take a stand against tyranny. Let’s pray they stand up and their numbers expand. We need them now. [end]

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Reality as core of America’s malaise

Just a reminder of what many of us thought the liberation of eastern Europe and the subsequent breakup of the USSR meant years and years ago towards a new beginning. We in the US got our first wake-up call in 1993 when a group of Muslim immigrants bombed the World Trade Center. Bill Clinton said they would be tried in a criminal court. We hit the sleep button. Then came 9/11.

Our leaders spoke about the ‘peaceful’ Muslims and lied to us when they said we all worship the same God. No one wants to admit that, like China, Islam seeks dominance over the West. We may well end up with ‘one nation, under God’, but it won’t necessarily have liberty and justice for all. Who will have a stake in America’s survival except for the political and corporate elites? They’ve all but disowned freedom-loving Americans.

One could be in clear agreement except for the condemnation of churches at the beginning of the Covid shutdown. Everyone was told that we were all gonna die if exposed, especially the elderly. Look around at a lot of churches today & you’ll see more grey & bald heads than youth. Pastors were thrust into the terrible position of exposing their vulnerable congregants to death (as it was explained) or go to virtual proclivity. One couldn’t fault anyone in the beginning, until the real truth finally filtered out. Reality as core of America’s malaise. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!