Racists, butchers, liars, and ghouls..

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Thankfully and not too surprisingly, We the (90 million+) People are where we are because the demoMarxocrats destroyed Comity and Brotherhood and chose racism, hatred and misery to keep their hate warm at night and on a slow boil, never to be sated. We better come up with a solution and quick because it definitely looks like Joe is going to get us into a war with ‘nukes, all from a disturbing article this past weekend which said Russia and Ukraine had an accord that was scuttled by Biden who, apparently earlier this year, demanded a regime change in Russia. Really? Joe?

One could, I suppose, thank them for the parade of horribles we’ve put up with these past 13+ years of our ‘fundamental transformation’, cobbled together for us by one OBO#44 and his minions, whom we’re not allowed to interfere with, by the way, nor object to, or we get bombarded with the regalia of the “racist” tag, as if that word has any meaning at all anymore.

What we may desire to consider instead is when a society and in particular a political party within that society, wants to rule over everyone, how do we react when our institutions have been overtaken, smothered and buried – Mmmm?

Racists, butchers, liars, and ghouls

An overwhelming majority of Americans on the right want peace, but as we’ve witnessed with Jan 6, it only takes a handful of agents in strategic places to remove barriers, corral the crowd and vocally instigate actions with a bullhorn. With that being said, chances are most people would rather be more wary of a similar setup today than back then.

On the other hand of course, a more likely scenario is some sort of false flag attack or a setup like the Whitmer Kidnapping plot. Anything to provide the Dems with the pretext needed to establish martial law and then cancel/postpone elections, hack the machines, backfill ballot counts to reflect totals, following which JoeBiteMe signs an EO mandating universal mail in ballots, extension of voting periods etc., etc., etc.

The terrifying part is that if the upcoming election carries any of the shenanigans we saw back in 2020, we’re totally out of peaceful options.

But then again: “And I looked, and rose up, and said unto the nobles, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, Be not ye afraid of them: remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses. ~ Nehemiah 4:14

J.B.Shurk, American Thinker: ‘A Commie coalition of racists, butchers, liars and ghouls’ …

Kamala cackles at Korea’s DMZ. Braindead Biden speaks to ghosts. Wicked Witch Hillary curses America with lies. Halloween season must be here. Except the evil that Democrats do lasts all year long. Filled with racists, butchers, killers, liars, misanthropes, thieves, and snobs, the commie coalition of leftists in America pursues nothing but harm. Feasting on children, spreading fear and hate, they are the carnival horror show no sane person would dare permit through the gates. Wherever their power grows, Dems bring darkness (thanks, Green New Deal!), scary times, and frightening monsters. (Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, after all.)

It is clear that the commie coven has cast a spell upon the country, transfixing too many otherwise rational-thinking Americans into supporting wicked things. Who could be in favor of explicitly judging people by the color of their skin? Who could support secretly grooming innocent children to partake in sexual fantasies? Who could promote mutilating a child’s body as if “transgenderism” were a sacred rite? Who could demand that babies be sacrificed on the altar of convenience? Who could preach that freedom is sinful and that obedience to government is divine? Who could maliciously scare billions with the unscientific doomsaying of imminent climate apocalypse? Who could steal food and fuel from the poor, while global elites choose who will be lucky enough to eat? Who could teach Westerners self-loathing on such a grand scale? Surely only very wicked people could do such things. Or people who have become lost in the delusions of malevolent magicians who seed discord, spread lies, feed on pain, despoil innocence, and thrive on hate.

Leftism really is a curse because it twists minds into believing hideous things. Saying, “All lives matter,” is somehow racist. Wanting to “Make America Great” somehow spreads hate. Treating people equally regardless of skin color promotes “white supremacy.” Rewarding merit and hard work does, too. The less someone thinks of race, the more that person is condemned as “racist,” while the more someone obsesses over race, the more “virtuous” that person is said to be. Only “racists” today treat people of all shades the same.

What a sick world the commies have built. White adolescent males have been intentionally left behind. Their rates for academic achievement have plummeted, while their rates for alcohol and drug dependence continue to rise. They are lonely, without purpose, and suicidal as never before, yet the merciless Marxists beat them over the head with allegations of their miraculous “supremacy.” There are no scholarships for “white boys.” There are no clubs where they are encouraged to belong. They are not invited to succeed. Books, television shows, and movies relentlessly paint them as the villains. The federal bureaucracy treats them as potential “domestic threats.” The stories of their ancestors are rewritten as shameful tales best to forget. They have become the eternal whipping post for the hideously racist political left. [-]

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Racists, butchers, liars, and ghouls

As J.B.Shurk closes it out: As if teaching racism, butchering children, and killing babies were not enough, the left’s horror tale is not complete without the frightful terrors of global warming. So committed they are to centralized government power and so obsessed they are with unchecked population growth that the Marxists would rather terrify the world with visions of destruction than let children grow up with hope. To tell kids that their parents are killing them with “fossil” fuels. To spread outrageous propaganda that the world does not have long to live. What sinister intent inspires such apocalyptic prevarications? What kind of evil people spread such fear and dread?

It takes a certain kind of monster to intentionally hurt and scare the weak. It takes a certain kind of villain to terrorize the poor. It takes awfully racist people to obsess over the color of children’s skin. It takes misanthropic Marxists to spin lies of planetary horror. Yet the evil that men do succeeds only when good men choose to remain silent. So speak up loudly every day. Break the leftists’ spells. Chase the wicked far away. And never be compliant.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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  1. This article states the truth. Communism operates on keeping people locked in fear. I like the way you addressed our youth today. The rate of suicide in young people is rising. Parents are killing their children. It is a time when leaving a person’s home to do their jobs, grocery shopping or other duties have to watch their backs. When the hurricane hit Florida many of the news articles stated this was climate change! The media has gone totally left! I appreciate your articles because for some folks who do not realize what is happening can become aware of the truth. I trust in God. God is going let people have their own way who want to do evil. Communism has no respect for life. God bless America.

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