Frightening inauthenticity of Biden

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Going way, way, back in the history of things, Biden has always been a tool, a plagiarist, a sexual deviant with his politics changing as often as his Depends diaper is changed today. One can surmise that if you look at him as a cognizant man with a chip on his shoulders and someone who wants to burn it all down for spite, then sure, Biden is just that. But to use the vernacular – he ain’t. As much as we’d like to hold this man accountable for his actions, we cannot, since his actions after all, are hiding within the domain of the well-hidden Puppeteers. That bunch!

Coming to grips with the man that he is, and the man that he’s always been, it’s beyond astonishment that the demoMarxocrats in DC and those on the streets still cheer and support what really has become a walking cadaver. Biden the “trotter, and the slipper of stairs”!  Where’s the ability to think clearly and reason? OUCH!

Frightening inauthenticity of Biden

What with the world in the midst of a new age with everything political and financial now shifting around; Western Europe, the EU; the NWO; all seemingly collapsing at will, the people involved at the top of this centuries-old scam are growing frantic and more deranged as it all unfolds. As one analyst commented unrelentingly: ‘they may be to the point of going down fighting and doing irrational things, the fear of Biden’s crazy bunch pulling America into active participation in this mad, mad, mad, worldly collapse!

If the Regime in Washington goes this route the politicians in the states will need to stop doing politics and start making bold moves to shut the demoMarxocrats down – elections and politics be damned! Like everything else, elections have consequences – stolen elections even more, and JoeMoe is the perfect person to wreck this nation, having as he does, no conscience, since he sold it long ago in the days of he and Ted (Chappaquiddick) Kennedy, never to have it return.

This is war. Remember Afghanistan. In Liberty.

Russell Paul La Valle, American Thinker: ‘The Reckless Inauthenticity of Joe Biden’ …

As the Biden administration’s progressive agenda rages on, shell-shocked Americans are asking themselves, “How could so much go so wrong so fast?”

From inflation to energy, immigration to crime, Afghanistan to fentanyl, President Biden has kept America lurching from crisis to crisis, failed policy to failed policy, debacle to debacle — obsessed with dismantling the Trump legacy and deliberately charting a radical course that is proving ruinous to the country.  America is burning, and Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care.

After his surprising win in the 2012 South Carolina Republican primary, Newt Gingrich explained his victory on Face the Nation: “I think the number one thing people look for in difficult times is authenticity.  They want somebody who is what he seems, somebody who is comfortable with himself, somebody who’s able to have force in what he’s saying or she’s saying because they actually believe it.”

Well, difficult times are here, and when Americans look at Joe Biden, they see a man divided, a man who isn’t present in himself, a man without a defined sense of personal identity or an expressed set of values.  Joseph Epstein, former editor of The American Scholar, noted, “Because Mr. Biden seems so without solid principles, so without clear politics, so unpresidential, the U.S. feels sadly leaderless,” which “has contributed greatly to the deflating sense of hopelessness that seems to have swept over the country.”

French philosopher Michel de Montaigne maintained, “The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself” — the idea that a person thinks of himself as an individual with a distinct identity and interior life, whose deepest sense of personal identification informs and inspires how he lives in the world.  And when this interplay between the inner self and its expression in the outside world is harmonious, consistent, and aligned — then it can be said that one is living an authentic life. [-]

[+] … As Biden and his manipulators see their political power in danger of slipping away, they seem untroubled by the unhappiness and suffering they have caused Americans.  We are told to lower our expectations; reduce our standard of living; settle for less; admit that we are “spoiled,” “high-class,” and “unaccustomed to inconvenience” — or as Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council, explains, “[t]his is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm” — decline is necessary, worse is better.  How long will Americans have to endure these ever-increasing hardships?  “As long as it takes!” Joe Biden barks.  Suck it up, America.  Live with it.

Now, amid the tempests of inflation, massive spending, illegal immigration, political polarization, plummeting poll numbers, and increasing voter backlash, many feel that the great implosion of the Biden presidency has begun.  Its appetite for victims and chaos, dependency and impoverishment is fast approaching critical mass.  Its delivery vehicle, the churlish, unrelenting progressive agenda, is proving to be intolerable and casting too dark a shadow over the lives and spirit of America and its people.  The ideas that “America is not enough” and “If only America weren’t America” ring more and more hollow every day.

In the end, we need a president who is fearlessly authentic, and in Joe Biden we do not have an authentic man.  A piece of him is missing — there is no center.  He’s a bad salesman with a bad product, and simply put, he’s not the one.  There is nothing left in Joe Biden that America can live with. [end]

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Frightening inauthenticity of Biden. Hey Jackass! true, don’t blame me!

Somewhat of a puppet with capability, Biden was chosen for his ability to make some independent decisions when his handlers needed a break, but how anyone could believe him is beyond comprehension. Biden’s speech before Independence Hall was notable for three things. 1) Somehow, he managed to give that speech without gaffes and with the desired effect (optically and verbally). 2) He literally threw down the gauntlet, which he and his cohorts define as right wing terrorists. Finally, he 3) wanted to be identified as the MAN in charge.

Italy’s election put the WEF, EU, etal. into a tailspin. The bureaucrats are looking to the Biden regime for support. But the Biden regime can only concentrate on a crisis for two weeks or less, and then starts another. Yikes!

The question is, will he follow up with another dramatic speech near election time? That may be more effort than his handlers can manage. More even, than him giving a speech, it means shoving a steel rod up Biden’s earthworm of a spine and hoping it doesn’t split asunder. Frightening inauthenticity of Biden!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!