Racist cry of toppling Iconic statues

Go ahead, make my…

Over the millennia, Western Culture has been heavily influenced by Judaism, Christianity, the ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire, together with ideas that originated in ancient India or the New World. It certainly hasn’t remained static, as it led the world into new freedoms and rights for individuals, greater parity in wealth, better health, and advancements in every scientific field.

White nationalism is the weakest form of racial nationalism. The evidence in Europe and America is obvious to all but the dumbest of the dumb. Mexican Nationalism, Arab Nationalism, Chinese nationalism, etc. are all far stronger.

Black Nationalism is a nihilistic tribalism that seeks to invert the power structure because black nationalists want power and hate whites. It’s that basic and that simplistic. It’s all about tribal power, a sub-culture that is devoid of many of the things that predict a successful culture. It perverts education into indoctrination and a hate-filled indoctrination at that. It seeks for whites, and Asians, all of the things it was freed from at the cost of thousands and thousands of lives – people who had no slaves.

Protesters (a euphemism for ‘criminals’) toppling confederate soldier statue in Durham, NC…

White unity will be intentionally conflated as white nationalism by leftists who know that unified whites won’t be so easy to overthrow. That is the only real issue with so-called “white nationalism.”

Every nation on earth has people who want to participate in the American epitome of Western Culture. That is the only refutation needed against those who attempt idiotic false equivalencies.

I point you to Daniel Greenfield with yet another excellent article in FrontPageMag, this time on the whole statue/memorial/road and park-name topic. Difficult to figure where all this is going and where it will end, but if it means getting rid of all statues glorifying failed ideologies and misguided leaders, maybe it’s a good thing… then again, maybe not!

Daniel Greenfield…

There are streets, schools and parks across the country named after a violent racist who urged the KKK to murder civil rights activists and claimed that racial integration was a Jewish conspiracy.

There’s a boulevard in Brooklyn named after a racist who admired Hitler and boasted of being the first fascist. Harvard has a prominent institute named after a bigot who defended Nazi bigotry.

New York City, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles all have streets named after a supremacist and nationalist who palled around with Nazis. New York City has a statue of him. Washington D.C. has an art tribute to him. If we are going to take down Confederate memorials, there’s no way he can stay up.

He must fall.

In 1961, Malcolm X introduced George Lincoln Rockwell, the leader of the American Nazi Party, on stage at a Nation of Islam rally. After Rockwell made a donation to the racist black nationalist hate group, Malcom X led a round of applause for the Neo-Nazi leader and called him, “Mr. Rockwell.”

There’s been a recent effort in Bethesda to rename Winston Churchill High School after Malcolm X. How can you rename a school honoring the leader who defeated Nazism after Malcolm, a Nazi collaborator?

Malcolm X wasn’t breaking any new ground by palling around with Nazis. There had been a longstanding alliance between black nationalist and white nationalist groups which shared a common belief in the racial inferiority of other races, opposition to the Civil Rights Movement and anti-Semitism.

The head of the American Nazi Party had described Nation of Islam boss Elijah Muhammad as “the Adolf Hitler of the black man.”

Malcolm X had previously met with the KKK. The Muslim racist bonded with the Nazi racist over anti-Semitism. “The Jew is behind the integration movement, using the Negro as a tool,” Malcolm X told him.

Malcolm X’s Klan meeting was part of an alliance between the Nation of Islam and the KKK in opposition to the Civil Rights Movement. The Nation of Islam received protection for its mosques from the Klan.

Sadly in this day and age, Black racism runs rampant, although it isn’t construed as racism; it’s called “retribution”. Blacks are as racist or even more so than whites, because white racists are always being derided by that huge white majority which isn’t racist at all, while black racists are called champions of their cause.

Career racist rioter Al ‘the reverend’ Sharpton been at the government trough for years but really hit paydirt with Obama… still hasn’t paid his taxes..

Blacks can boast about their own racist jerks like the faux ‘reverends’ Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X and a few other couple of dozen more like them in high-profile public places. Whites can only be ashamed of their own racists. Will Smith, for instance, that mediocre actor, can issue his racist complaints about boycotting the Oscars in protest “over the lack of diversity among nominees” and nobody will give it a second thought.

A police chief on the other hand, can complain about the majority of crimes in certain neighborhoods being carried out by blacks (stating just a statistical and true fact) and that will cost him his job, his career, his reputation plus ruining his life and that of his family.

Most Westerners don’t realize that racism is a two-way street. Racism carried out by blacks is as bad and despicable as racism by whites, the only difference being that white racism gets instant condemnation while black racism gets romanticized, sanitized or simply ignored.

Just keep remembering the tenets of the DemoMarxist Party:

The party of Slavery / The party of the Trail of Tears / The party of the KKK (their first domestic terrorist organization) / The party of racist Margaret Sanger and Eugenics / The party of Lynchings, Murders and Jim Crow / The party of Japanese Internment Camps / The party of Segregation / The party of “Black Laws” and Poll Taxes / The party of Sovietized Medicine / The party of Free Speech Censorship / The party of Firearm Confiscation (if they have their way) The party of Marx, Engels and Saul Alinsky / The party of Lies, Subversion, Subjugation and Slavery.

That is the shameful past, and present, of the Democrat Party.

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