Plantation of misery and lost hope..

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A short but excellent plantation expose` coming up describing the very real evil that is prevalent in our day and age, especially within the black community. Forget about the several ‘statue/memorial destruction memes’ going the rounds these days between white supremacists on the one side, and Antifa on the other. The real issue is plantation Genocide. A quote from the article says it all: “The real white supremacy advocacy that is ongoing and far more injurious to the black population than slavery is the disproportionate destruction of black fetuses in our abortion facilities.”

At some point in our history (a wild and crazy notion, I grant you) we need to end abortion, strip tax-exemption, and then defund and bankrupt the plantation of Planned Parenthood together with the lies and despair it spreads. Abortion is simply a consequence of a set of values which at all times deny the unique nature and dignity of every human being. It is an egregious philosophy which instructs children to give in to every impulse because they are no better than, and no different from, animals.

God created man in his image and likeness. We must impart to children of every race that they have a Divine Spark, and that God loves them and is waiting to welcome them into his Kingdom.

Currently, the statistic related to out of wedlock births of black women is some 70+ percent. What would the number be if abortions were halted? The incidence of violent crime in the plantation of inner cities across the nation is directly a part of the pattern resulting from young males being reared in homes with no father figures. Too many blacks reject responsibility for their self-created problems.

Martha and William Dodd and “The real white supremacists” in American Thinker..

After Charlottesville, the rallies both in favor of tearing down and in favor of protecting the statues of the Confederate political leaders and military will go on for weeks and months, maybe years.  Debates about the propriety of keeping standing statues of the military who died at Gettysburg and of presidents who were slave owners will be rancorous and ongoing for some time. Statue vandalism may become widespread. Strangely, last week, a bust of Lincoln, one of the only non-slave owner presidents of the pre-Civil War era, was destroyed in Chicago, and graffiti was painted on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

But with much ado about the reminders of the slavery version of white supremacy in our country during the pre-1861 era, the true and most destructive version of white supremacy seems to be passing under the radar of our black leaders. The real white supremacy advocacy that is ongoing and far more injurious to the black population than slavery is the disproportionate destruction of black fetuses in our abortion facilities. Most of these facilities, especially those in our inner cities, are operated or funded by Planned Parenthood.

In 1921, Margaret Higgins Sanger founded the American Birth Control League. The League’s name was changed to Planned Parenthood in 1942. There is much controversy about whether or not Ms. Sanger supported eugenics against black people; some of her writings and occasional speeches at Ku Klux Klan meetings indicate that she did.

Regardless of whether Planned Parenthood’s founder intended to limit black births or not, the situation today speaks for itself. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that since 1973, 50.8 million fetuses have been aborted in the United States. Nineteen million, or 37.4%, of these were black.  The 2010 census shows total U.S. population at 308.7 million, with 37.9 million, or 12.3%, of black ethnicity. So whether or not Ms. Sanger advocated eugenics against blacks, the legacy of her organization is clearly following a path biased in favor of the elimination of black fetuses at a rate proportionately 300% greater than for other races. Approximately 900 black fetuses are being aborted every day.

The correct white supremacy target in our country is the organization that is reducing black population growth: Planned Parenthood. Black leaders should recognize that those in and out of politics who support Planned Parenthood are not their friends.[end]

The DemoMarxists have been trying to reinstate the slavery plantation for 150 years, ever since Republicans put an end to it, but they got a reprieve during the Lyndon B. Johnson era when he placed in their lap “The Great Society” – A plantation funded by welfare whose crop is votes. His famously guttural quote from the time endures to this day, albeit still way short of the promised 200 years.

Selling blacks as slaves even though it ended over 150 years ago and no one involved is alive today, is however, a forever plantation issue. Selling the parts of aborted black babies (as well as other races) today is worthy of government subsidies, huge donations to the DemoMarxist party, and a $600,000+ annual salary to the “president” of a “not-for-profit” private concern. Planned Infanticide – just a ‘womyn’s’ right to choose.

If not for hypocrisy, the DemoMarxists and their Professional Grievance Industry constituents would have no core beliefs at all.

If the Left can’t kill them before they’re born, they can surely guarantee that they’re stuck in the plantation of inner city schools with no chance for an education nor an escape. Then the children become targets in a gang-related shooting gallery. Sad.

Yes, the DemoMarxists truly love their slaves locked in the plantations of misery and lost hope.


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