Quid pro quo Pelosi the pen-pusher

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Having some rudimentary knowledge of The Constitution it is both striking and absurd that the Articles of Impeachment cite the President for doing his job as The Executive. He is supposed to obstruct and derail ill conceived actions of The Congress. He even has the Power of the Veto; which when you think about it is a major league obstruction and challenge, all in one. Including, but hardly restricted to, quid pro quo pen-laundering.

Welcome friends, acquaintances and one-and-all to Pelosi the quid pro quo pen-pusher – Or should that be pen-launderer?

Yes, dear friends and associates, it seems the kabuki will continue for awhile, including (I must get it off my chest, so to speak) the constant cover photo of Nutty SanFranGranNan in her pink suit, overloaded with up top shoulder weights. Call me superficial if you will but you’d think with her staggering amount of wealth she could purchase equipment big enough and strong enough to pull those girls up off her waist. All else failing, perhaps the old hippodrome hook’em guy could grab a hook and remove that old, demented fool from center stage. Pronto!

But I digress.

Pelosi and quid pro quo pens galore…

The demoMarxocrats who are staging this – and everyone with half a brain knows who they are – sooner or later must be punished. Going on some four years is more than enough. Orderly, properly, and under the rule of law, but punished in a way that makes it clear that this is not a party-ruled banana republic, but a real republic, willed to We the (63 million) People by the brilliant Founding Fathers. Men who shaped the republic who were literally not afraid to risk lives, fortunes and sacred honor to prevent the King-in-Parliament from making the British Constitution into anything they said it was.

DemoMarxocrat ideologues have taken We the (63 million) People much further down this path in the last fifty+ years than anyone could’ve imagined, and it certainly didn’t help matters having a bunch of spineless selfish RINOs aiding the cause, much more than the Brits themselves ever managed to do in the 18th century. Looney libs of all shapes, sizes and party are doing more to harm this nation currently than they ever imagined accomplishing on their own.

‘A Republic if you can keep it’. A show complete with gifts and dancing fools!

Daniel J. Flynn, American Spectator: ‘A Literal Show Trial Begins’…

“Do me a favor?,” Nancy Pelosi paraphrased the president’s call to the Ukrainian leader. She then, paraphrasing The Irishman, translated the first question as, “Do you paint houses, too?” But briefly withholding foreign aid that ultimately reached its destination — and never actually sparked an investigation of the Bidens at Ukraine’s end — does not equate to murder for hire. And since Pelosi could loosely paraphrase Trump’s words, to a Schiffian degree, on Wednesday only because the president long ago released the call’s transcript, we know he does not do his own carpentry, right?

Speaking of quid pro quos, Nancy Pelosi, with trays containing 32 pens within reach, used many, many writing instruments to sign her name to the impeachment bill. Each stylus now acts as a trinket, like the junk one might purchase at a Broadway gift shop (except much more expensive) to memorialize seeing Hello, Dolly! or Jersey Boys. Pelosi gave the pens (at least Princess Leia waited for the Death Star’s destruction before bestowing those medals) to fellow Democrats, who surely give them to donors who gave to Democrats, a pen-laundering of sorts necessitated by Pelosi wishing not to appear even more uncouth by directly give the ball-point souvenirs to the party’s funding fathers.

The oddball procession of the shiny-eyed Jerry Nadler, Zoe Lofgren, Adam Schiff, Jason Crow, Hakeem Jeffries, Sylvia Garcia, and Val Demings imitating somber, sober, stoic pallbearers marching two-by-two minus the coffin to deliver the document Pelosi signed to the Senate underscored the farcical nature of the supposedly so-serious event. If Don Knotts, Larry Fine, Almira Gulch, Steven Urkel, Kuato, the Fabulous Moolah, and Charles Nelson Reilly marched to the Senate in their stead, then the public might have viewed the spectacle with more solemnity.[-]

[+] … John Roberts, arriving at the Senate wearing a smirk on his face but not the yellow swaths, also seemed transparently self-aware, if less willing to broadcast it in such an ostentatious manner, of his role as a prop in a matter of stage and not state. When Roberts administered the oath for senators to “do impartial justice,” 100 men and women lied to him. To emphasize this contempt for honesty and the Constitution, and to preserve it for posterity in the National Archives, the senators who all arrived at conclusions before the impeachment hearings even started signed a book seconding their spoken lies with written ones.[-]

[+] … The Senate trial features the theatrics, histrionics even, of stage and screen. It just lacks the suspense. When the theatergoer knows the outcome before the first act, the play cannot help but bore. At least the audience gets a happy ending here. And that, of course, works as a recipe for a sequel or two — or 10. The bad guys, from Jason to the Joker, always look to exact their revenge. But in shows as in show trials, the public appetite wanes over time.


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Pelosi the quid pro quo pen pusher silver tray…

Every demoMarxocrat Senator swearing under oath to John Roberts lied through their teeth about telling the truth. Which is no surprise. Lying is in their DNA (Dems Never Agree).

Hopefully, We the (63 million) People can thank SanFranGranNan and her entertaining shoulder-weights for neutering the demoMarxocrat party. Looking ahead towards our president having been acquitted in impeachment and then re-elected, what will they then use to check Trump’s power in the second term? Threaten him with yet another impeachment?

Thinking positively as ever, this is possibly the most empowering act that demoMarxocrats could perform for president Trump; ie ‘The Gift that Keeps on Giving’! They can offer him nothing to moderate his behavior in the future, nor threaten him with anything. Of which We the (63 million) People encourage him to take full advantage.

And on that positive note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Daniel J. Flynn, American Spectator: A Literal Show Trial Begins

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  1. Schiff and Nancy need to be gotten for treason and they all should pay all the money back to our country and government they should be put in prison until the money is paid back and after the money is all paid back they should be put out of our government and country for ever and never get back into it they hate this country so why should they be here we the poeple of this country want all of the so called democratic fools made to pay for what it is costing our country and then put them all out of our country for wanting to make our country socialism Obama and Hillary Clinton should have it done to them to.all the things that are on Facebook they have done they need to be tried for treason to we the poeple own this country not them Obama is a racist and hateful Muslims they. Want our country to be what they want socialism and that will never happen the governors from Virginia and caplifornia should be tried for treason for doing all those things to the people of those states we want them put in prison until they can be tried for all it. We the poeple want and have the right to have alll. This done. So get on it now before we the poeple do it our self so you better think about it we mean everything we have said.

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