Prez Trump rules Jan 6 as Dems rot

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Optimism. Honesty. Truth. Turns out President Donald John Trump isn’t an ideologue after all. Nor is he a “perfect conservative”. But like millions more, yours truly is quite OK with that. Just who among us can say that we are squeaky clean? It all becomes just a fictional purity test to dissuade and divide us. He is a man of character and conviction and there’s absolutely no doubt he loves country and inhabitants. He certainly deserves his second term and yours truly for one will do all that’s necessary to help him get one.

They thought he was dangerous in 2016 and did all they could to sideswipe him. By the time 2024 comes round he’ll be lethal to the communist party since he now knows the landscape around where the snakes lie. The communists are rapidly realising they’re a dead party walking and are currently attempting to destroy all they can on their way out the door. This, hopefully, will be when real justice is served to the anti-Christian communist criminals who have broken our laws and tried to break our spirit. Jan 6 indeed sparked a firey flame of injustice that really, really, needs to be put out!

The world is looking to us once again for the survival of freedom and true democracy. We will deliver. But we must do so with true love and forgiveness with God in our hearts. As for the easily-identifiable crooks, thieves, and malcontents who’ve done this – including some rather wayward female activists – We the (90 million+) People will no doubt forgive you, but you will be hunted down, as you did the innocents, and you will be put on trial and if convicted, stripped of your wealth and incarcerated in accordance with your crimes.

Prez Trump rules Jan 6 as Dems rot. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy … Freedom!!

As for the Cruz fiasco, it simply demonstrates a complete lack of judgment in this exit from centre stage, with Tucker rightly gaining credit for the scalp. It’s possible that so many stupid things have been said of late that Cruz thought his comments might escape attention. Someone told him to get out there and quickly retract his position – but it was too late – far, far, too late. Not only has he been scalped, but he’s been rightly bearded and he now faces unforgiving times ahead.

Aspirations of another run for president burst into flames and anticipations of a consolation prize on the Supreme Court crumble to ash. The moral decline so evident in the abysmal reporting of this era has nullified the need for apology. Cruz on Tucker was a conclusive termination of career. Period!

With the near certainty of imminent Republican recovery, it’s important to measure the incident for what it shows. Cruz could’ve chosen to stick with the Rinos, maintaining the pretense that the earthquake won’t happen, but he took the option of admitting his foolishness. Have no doubt of the coming storm. It will consume the fools who desperately hope that the majority is more stupid than they are. Sickening though it is, be patient folks.

Especially you evil people the likes of Cuomo and his ilk involved with the forced vaccinations that literally killed millions of innocent American citizens. Save your documents. They are after all evidence and will be used against you. And about time.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Tucker & Ted Cruz; Glenn Beck & Trump; OAN & Trump …

The Texas Senator who has been morphing into a wolf like caricature, left himself naked to his enemies yesterday by his own choosing. After proclaiming the J6 protestors were “violent terrorists”, the articulating stutterer must have realized he stood on a political landmine.

Ted Cruz quickly appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson in an attempt to regain credibility. It’s interesting that Cruz chose the Tucker Carlson show for the effort, and it’s interesting that Carlson gave him the opportunity. However the result was predictable. You cannot create authenticity where only inauthenticity exists. If you try, what you end up with is a hole digger that keeps digging … Link continues below….


Whoever said God doesn’t have a sense of humor did not foresee Glenn Beck broadcasting a President Trump interview at the same time that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is saying the January 6th protesters are “domestic terrorists who need to be jailed for a very long time.” LOL!

President Trump granted Glenn Beck a lengthy interview on the anniversary of January 6. The best part of this interview is President Trump saying all this sh!t that Biden is doing can be fixed quickly. [He’s right] … Link continues below….


I am often asked why the ‘system’ is so intensely focused on eliminating Donald Trump. Sure, the decades past have highlighted attacks against various politicians with the Alinsky purpose to isolate, ridicule and marginalize them; however, in the history of American politics, no individual has been targeted at the scale of Donald Trump. What makes this different?

I’ll answer that important question below this recent interview. The answer to the question of why the entire system of institutions and agencies need to eliminate Donald Trump is actually answered by first standing back and remembering where things were before Trump. The time when political subjects were not the all-consuming part of everyday discussion … Link continues below….

Prez Trump rules Jan 6 as Dems rot. Creepy is as creepy does JoeStyle … Lethal enemy prowls in plain sight …

Just as McConnell tried to shut down the Tea Party, the deepstate Globalists are now attempting to shut down the MAGA insurgency, with viruses, masks, lockdowns, covid passports, violent suppression, and any means of control they can employ. Just keep remembering that McConnell failed miserably and the Tea Party morphed into the 90 million+ strong Trump army. Now the globalist fools have laid bare their contempt for anybody outside the circle and they’ve set a worldwide “MAGA” mob on them. No mercy! They must be made examples of.

It really takes watching “House of Cards” to understand the level of backstabbing that president DJT had to deal with, coming as he did, as an outsider with the swamp storming him from all angles. Amazing really that he got anything done. We can at least thank him for opening our eyes and getting the swamp creatures to show their true selves. We at least now know who our enemies are. Prez Trump rules Jan 6 as Dems rot.

More enemies actually than any we ever imagined; and more treason on a daily basis than our founders could ever have dreamed of. God Bless Donald John Trump and the greatest country in the history of mankind, the USA.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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