Natural immunity and lasting effect

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The reason natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity is because viruses contain five different proteins. The COVID vaccine induces antibodies against just one of those proteins, the spike protein, and no T-cell immunity. When you’re infected with the whole virus, you develop antibodies against all parts of the virus, plus memory T-cells.

This also means natural immunity offers better protection against variants, as it recognizes several parts of the virus. If there are significant alternations to the spike protein, as with the Delta variant, vaccine-induced immunity can be evaded. Not so with natural immunity, as the other proteins are still recognized and attacked.

COVID shots can’t eliminate COVID-19. So, SARS-CoV-2 cases were actually higher in states where natural immunity was low but vaccination rates were high. Meanwhile, in states where natural immunity due to undiagnosed exposure was high, but vaccination rates were low, the daily new caseload was also lower.

Natural immunity and lasting effect. What did they all know and when did they know the truth of it?

This makes sense if natural immunity is highly effective (which, historically it has always been and there’s no reason to suspect SARS-CoV-2 is any different in that regard). It also makes sense if the COVID shots aren’t really offering any significant protection against infection, which we also know is the case.

“The survivability of COVID-19 outside of nursing homes is 99.74%. If you’re under the age of 40, your chance of surviving a bout of COVID-19 is 99.99%.”

Vaccine manufacturers have already admitted these COVID shots will not provide immunity, meaning they will not prevent you from being infected. The idea behind these injections is that if/when you do get infected, you’ll hopefully experience milder symptoms, even though you’re still infectious and can spread the virus to others.

Natural immunity and lasting effect…

Laura J. Wellington, American Thinker: ‘No COVID Vaccine will ever beat natural immunity’ …

We spend millions of dollars a year “keeping it natural.” We pay a premium for organic food, including for our pets. We diligently scour labels in search of harmful chemicals that may penetrate our homes or bodies. And “green living” has become more than just a passing fad. Putting it mildly, our nation has become obsessed with the goodness of nature and the best it has to offer in everything, especially our health.

So why is it so hard for some to believe that natural immunity to COVID-19 in all its forms is superior to that of a man-made vaccine, especially one whose ingredients won’t be divulged today, nor for the next seventy-five years? As human beings, who have relied upon our instincts for survival, it would be unnatural not to have questions given these circumstances as well as the obsession and pressure being exerted in relation to a vaccine that doesn’t prevent contracting the virus. Even the claim that the vaccine lessens the severity of symptoms is suspect.

Of the ten people who came across the Omicron variant in my home over the Christmas break, seven people contracted the virus. Out of those seven, six were vaccinated. Out of the three who didn’t contract the illness, two were vaccinated. Did anyone have worse symptoms than anyone else? No. The single common denominator among this group, made up of all different ages, was that everyone is health-conscious, regularly exercises, and maintains a healthy body weight.

What also stood out was that the sampling obliterated the “breakthrough case” theory — more like breakout and boogie with just about every dance partner omicron can find at the party. She’s a wild one who seems to want to help humanity reach herd immunity naturally versus the unnatural route we’ve been taking of forced hiding and unproven poking, with no end in sight.

The truth is, as much as man’s ego wants desperately to outdo Mother Nature, Mother Nature will always win. She is quicker than us, more stealthy and adaptable, and smarter, and she knows the lay of the land as we are playing on her home court. We are her guests, and the minute she decides or we give her reason to dismiss us because we think and act as if we were more important than we truly are…well, that will be the last day she knows us. [-]

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Natural immunity and lasting effect. This guy & his mob wouldn’t know immunity if it upped and slapped him in the face!

At first glance, this decline appears to be occurring in tandem with the rollout of COVID shots. By January 1, 2021, for example only 0.5% of the U.S. population had received a COVID shot. By mid-April, an estimated 31% had received one or more shots, and as of July 13, 2021, 48.3% were fully “vaccinated.”

However, as noted in a July 12, 2021, STAT News article,“cases” had started their downward trend before COVID shots were widely used. “Following patterns from previous pandemics, the precipitous decline in new cases of Covid-19 started well before a meaningful number of people had been vaccinated,” Robert M. Kaplan, Professor Emeritus at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, writes:

“Nearly 50 years ago, medical sociologists John and Sonja McKinlay examined death rates from 10 serious diseases: tuberculosis, scarlet fever, influenzae, pneumonia, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, smallpox, typhoid, and polio. In each case, the new therapy or vaccine credited with overcoming it was introduced well after the disease was in decline.

More recently, historian Thomas McKeown noted that deaths from bronchitis, pneumonia, and influenza had begun rapidly falling 35 years before the introduction of new medicines that were credited with their conquest. These historical analyses are relevant to the current pandemic.”

As noted by Kaplan, COVID-19 “cases” peaked in early January 2021. January 8, more than 300,000 new positive test results were recorded on a daily basis. By February 21, that had declined to a daily new case count of 55,000. COVID-19 vaccine injections were granted emergency use authorization at the end of December 2020, but by February 21, only 5.9% of American adults had been fully vaccinated with two doses.

Despite such a low vaccination rate, new “cases” had declined by 82%, even while health authorities were claiming we need 70% of Americans vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity and stop the spread of this virus – which all turned out in the end to be such “gobble-de-gook”!! [end]

As Laura J. Wellington closed it out: “This is the beginning and end of it. In the middle, where we currently sit, we have to get a hold of ourselves, return to our senses as a community, and ultimately lean on the valuable lessons our history, math, and health classes taught us. History repeats itself.  “One and one” always make two. And health is wealth.

“There is nothing unnatural about any of these — unless you don’t subscribe to science, that is”. [end]

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