The Prevaricating President : The Alinskyite-Marxist Myth Exposed

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Psycho-analyzing Barack Hussein Obama would doubtless take an experienced professional shrink a lifetime career to get to the bottom of. The fraudulent “president” is as serial a liar as anyone who has been labeled as such, likely having taken perpetual deception to heights seldom seen since the devil (deceptively hiding in the guise of a serpent) beguiled an innocent Godly believer by the name of Eve, into relinquishing her (and ultimately, her husband’s) liberty and freedom.

In the generations since, lying has become something of an art form, particularly-so when it is applied to that rapscallion-breed known as “politicians.” In the immortal words of a former Democrat President: “Barack Hussein Obama is a no good lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.” ~ Harry. S. Truman, who was actually describing a young Richard M. Nixon at the time, but you’ll pardon me for inserting one of the names used by the current fraud “president” won’t you? When one’s entire life is a lie, lying comes naturally. Obama has no idea what honesty and integrity are when it comes to being a decent person. His recent self-pity tour is evidence of an immature narcissist with absolutely no background in doing what is right. “Morally bereft” is a good descriptive of the prevaricating president.

For the record, this first video is a throw-back to Obama’s first official foray into presidential prevaricating deception. In the words of a hit song made famous by Dionne Warwick (words and music by Burt Bachrach) in the late 60s, “Promises, Promises, Promises” mean nothing if all they are turn out to be empty lies. Which is exactly what these “7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes” turn out to be in describing the prevaricating president….

Which begs the question – Who supports such a leader who actually lies much more than he tells the truth? Don’t people generally hate being lied to, especially by politicians?  A public figure of this stature, a so called leader of the free world should be (needs to be) a man of honor and virtue, an example for others to look up to. More, not less, should be expected of him than anyone else. Shouldn’t it? Ronald Wilson Reagan suddenly comes to mind.

I wouldn’t judge so harshly, if lies and broken promises were something he did on occasion. I would still judge lies for what they are of course, because this kind of moral discernment is good and helpful, despite what the New Agers of all denominations want us to believe. But lying is all this fraud does; it is the essence of his persona. Were this fraud “president” an officer at a publicly traded company, he would’ve been ousted at the first shareholders meeting. The problem remains with people who still get reeled in by other phony promises, much like the abused spouse who believes things will change even in the face of overwhelming and contradictory evidence. Somewhat like the squawking parrot in this clip from Andrew Klavan “Who Still Supports Barack Obama?” the prevaricating president.

And then we come to this 7-minute gem from Bill Whittle, “It Takes a Superhero.” Given that America is definitely headed down the wrong path, by the wrong guy, and the wrong party, from the wrong ideology, the question becomes one of how to stop the slow slide towards mediocrity since it’s being taught as good and desirable as “Common Core” in so many schools and colleges across the nation. Considering the fact that we have real world examples of the failure of “social justice” and “income equality” and “Alinskyite-Marxism” represented by the former Soviet Union, East Germany, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and scores of other Communist Gulags, why would anyone willingly go down the path of any of those countries to perdition and destruction? But that is where America is headed unless We The People rise up and declare “enough is enough” to the prevaricating president.

Someone once said (me, I think) “The success of civilization often lies in the ingenuity and initiative of individuals. Suppressing this to favor the collective can only be harmful.”

As I mentioned yesterday at the close of my piece on the 45th anniversary of the first Moon Landing: Today, the greatness of America has been gradually diminished piece by piece and step by step, by a radical liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-Democrat-Marxist ideology that is more in lock-step with Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and Shari’ah Law than it is with its own Constitutional Republic. Hitching rides to the ISS on the backs of Russian space capsules is a slap in the face to these courageous pioneers of Space Exploration. We’ve come a long way from landing on the moon, to NASA now being a Gore Green Goblin Eco-fascist Muslim outreach courtesy of the Imam Obama! The elections of this coming November, and those of 2016 will determine whether America regains its exceptional greatness, or continues its slide to inept fragmentation. One small step for a man : One giant leap for mankind. Wake up America – I said WAKE UP AMERICA – Before it becomes too late – PERIOD.

A Republic if you can keep it

Sourced from Truth Revolt; American Thinker; and various threads…