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Musing this past weekend as fearless president Trump was over the pond in France schooling the other president wannabe-deal makers in the G-7 on how to succeed in business without really trying (anybody else remember that book and Broadway show?)

Closer to home, it’s amazing how ‘parental’ leftists running for president think of themselves, that they’re the free thinkers when actually they’re just the latest version of projecting narcissists. “I’m so smart and wonderful and caring, and I know the best for everything so I and all those who think like me will tell the world how to live, do and be; it’s all about us, me, we, and them”.

In the old days, we referred to them as the ‘nanny state’ dwellers. They don’t think we can take care of ourselves. We need them to tell us stupid dolts in flyover states what to do, and Big Brother always knows best.

Which brings me to a short, sharp, very to the point piece from Roger L. Simon in his PJMedia: ‘Bernie and Democrats: How Anger Makes You Stupid’…

In case you missed it, or are exclusively a reader of the New York Times, late last week Bernie Sanders tweeted this nugget: “Fossil fuel executives should be criminally prosecuted for the destruction they have knowingly caused.”

No, that wasn’t The Onion or The Babylon Bee. It was the real deal. The always-furious Vermont senator wants to incarcerate the very people who are responsible for keeping the lights on and the air conditioners running in the operating rooms of almost every hospital, not only in America but across the globe. And that’s just the beginning of the myriad necessities of human life provided for at this point in human history by these supposed criminals in the eyes of the self-described democratic socialist of the multiple houses and private jets.

Crazy, no? Crazy, yes. Crazier than the proverbial hoot owl. And mighty angry.

Read to completion in link down below…

Dems and perverted circus of clowns…

Which leads directly to another short, sharp piece from Eric Raymond and his Armed and Dangerous blog: ‘How the D Candidates should introduce themselves at the next president debate if they were honest’…

Hi, I’m Bernie Sanders. I honeymooned in the Soviet Union. I’m an unreconstructed, hammer-and-sickle-worshiping Communist.

Hi, I’m Joe Biden. I’m the perfect apparatchik – no principles, no convictions, and no plan. I’m senile, and I have a problem with groping children. But vote for me anyway because orange man bad.

Hi, I’m Kamala Harris. My white ancestors owned slaves, but I use the melanin I got from my Indian ancestors to pretend to be black. My own father has publicly rebuked me for the pandering lies I tell. I f******d my way into politics; put me into the White house so I can suck even more!

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Warren. Even though I’m as white as library paste, I pretended to be an American Indian to get preferment. My research on medical bankruptcies was as fraudulent as the way I gamed the racial spoils system. So you should totally trust me when I say I’m “capitalist to my bones”!

Hi, I’m Kirsten Gillibrand. I used to be what passes for a moderate among Democrats – I even supported gun rights. Now I’ve swung hard left, and will let you just guess whether I ever had any issue convictions or it was just pandering all the way down. Tee-hee!

Hi, I’m Amy Klobuchar, and I’ve demonstrated my grasp on the leadership skills necessary for the leader of the Free World by being notoriously abusive towards my staff.

Hi, I’m Robert Francis O’Rourke. I’m occupying the “imitate the Kennedy” lane in this race, and my credentials for it include DUI and fleeing an accident scene. The rumors that I’m a furry are false; the rumors that I’m a dimwitted child of privilege are true. But vote for me anyway, crucial white-suburban-female demographic, because I have such a winning smile!

Hi, I’m Pete Buttigieg. I was such a failure as the mayor of South Bend that my own constituents criticize me for having entered this race, but the Acela Corridor press loves me because I’m fashionably gay. And how right they are; any candidate you choose is going to b****r you up the ass eventually, but I’ll do it like an expert!

President Trump at G7 summit .. Angela Merkel and others…

Hi, I’m Bill de Blasio. I’m as Communist as Bernie, but I hide it better. And if Pete thinks his constituents don’t want him in this race? Hold…my…beer!

Hi, I’m Cory Booker, and I’m totally not gay. OK, maybe I’m just a little gay. My city was a sh****le when I was elected and I’ve done nothing to change that; I’m really just an empty suit with a plausible line of patter, especially the “I am Spartacus” part. But you should totally vote for me because I’m…what was the phrase? Oh, yeah. “Clean and articulate.”

Hi, I’m Marianne Williamson. If elected, I will redecorate the White House so it has proper feng shui. I am the sanest and least pretentious person on this stage. Linked down below…

And on that note, MAGA Pill time – President Donald J. Trump head and shoulders above the lot of ’em – MAGA! KAG!

Roger L. Simon,
PJMedia: Bernie and Democrats: How Anger Makes You Stupid

Eric Raymond, Armed and Dangerous: How the D Candidates should Introduce Themselves

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