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Straight to the point as it should be. And that would be the header of today’s piece.

Straight-arrow, non-political talk that voters expect and appreciate from our president. An astounding explanation in this day and age that no other national-level politician would ever propose, let alone attempt, especially when it involves a complete and comprehensive trade reset with China.

Consider that making any kind of a deal with China has never, ever been easy, because no matter what they agree to, they have absolutely no intention whatsoever of honoring the agreement. They cheat like crazy, continue to steal us blind, and unless ironclad enforcement mechanisms and effective penalties can be structured into any kind of a deal, then just assume that it’s all tilted in a one-way direction. Theirs.

In a former business life, yours truly was challenged to use China as one of our ‘production units’ and it was ‘tough-titty’ from day one. President Trump on the other hand, isn’t new to the globalist reality of China being the model state for the “new” world order.

Remember he’s been dealing with them in his own business for decades, unlike former non-leaders who allowed China to rip us off for years leading up to ‘krooked killery’ actually giving them full access to her criminal and treasonous servers. And all for her own aggrandizement, and that of Bubba.

On the contrary, our ESG President has been paying extreme attention to the cabal for 40+ years.

‘Sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse and ‘Someone had to take on China’…

During an oval office press conference today, President Trump took several questions about China and the U.S. trade confrontation. After receiving the third question, on the same subject, President Trump paused and then went deep into the heart of the issue.

The question was: ” Mr. President, you keep insisting that your trade war with China — the trade war with China is not affecting the U.S. economy. But a lot of economists disagree with that. And they worry that if China goes into a recession, they’ll pull us down with it.”

[+] … “somebody had to take China on. You know, I read and I see so much and I read so much, and I’ll see these economists saying, “Oh, give up. Give up on China. Give up.” China has been ripping this country off for 25 years — for longer than that. And it’s about time, whether it’s good for our country or bad for our country short term. Long term, it’s imperative that somebody does this because our country cannot continue to pay China $500 billion a year because stupid people are running it.[-]

[+] … Somebody had to do something with China. Obama should have done it. Bush should have done it. Clinton should have done it. They all should have done it. Nobody did it;

So what do you say? “Oh, my trade deals are causing them.” My trade deals aren’t causing a problem. This is something that had to be done. The only difference is I’m doing it.

I’m doing it. [-]

[+] … But they all know — even Senator Schumer said, “Wow, Trump is doing a great job with China.” I couldn’t believe that. But Schumer thinks I’m doing the right thing. And he’s doing the right thing by saying it because he knows that China was a big economic threat. And they were taking all of that money that they were making from us, and they were building planes and ships and lots of other things. And we can’t let that happen.[-]

Full link down below…

President Trump – always putting America first – MAGA!

What Trump has done so brilliantly and surreptitiously, is to judiciously take his ‘Art of the Deal’ and energize it to the benefit of all nations and their populace who feel willingly predisposed to opt out of the globalist entrapment and run with their own versions of the ‘Trump train’; and all with the support and backing of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

As Rabbi Areh Spero expressed it (link down below): “What a difference from a few short years ago, when Barack Obama used his presidential perch to criticize and malign the United States, chide America as a racist society, weaken us around the world, diminish the importance of Christian religious freedom, and extol racialists like Al Sharpton and traitors like Bowe Bergdhal.

“In contrast, President Trump, proud of being an American, is standing up for the dignity of the country. He, like so many others, is saying: It’s time to stop the baloney and farce of lionizing self-serving agitators simply because they call themselves civil rights leaders. He will not let phony charges of “racism” cow him into accepting the unacceptable and bowing to left-wing demagogues and liberal hypocrites. Neither should we.[end]

Win, win, win and win !!!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – KAG!


Conservative Treehouse, ‘sundance’: President Trump someone had to take on China

See also Rabbi Aryeh Spero, American Greatness: Trump Fighting the battles others won’t

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