Pres. Trump way outclassing Dems.

Go ahead, make my..

Right up front let’s just declare that Pres.Trump is way outclassing his opponents. DemoMarxocrats on the other hand, working their straw polls from fourth-hand hearsay, gossip, BS and intrigue, have no need of evidence while they have legions of seditious liars working for them.

I would even go so far as to declare that shifty-Schiff and his nefarious ‘gang of crooks’ is already sweating along with Hillary Rob’Em and the whole bunch. And while I think of it where the heck has ‘Bubba’ disappeared to – since his buddy Epstein ‘offed-it’ there’s no more kiddie-porn sex island to hide in. Is he still walking? Anybody?

On the positive front, Pres.Trump continues to drain the swamp, which is what this so-called ‘investigation’ is all about. The DemoMarxocrats simply couldn’t make the Russian collusion-delusion manure stick to the wall, so they manufactured a shifty-Schiff satirical parody or two or three in a vain attempt to keep things locked up while the DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA and the rest of the alphabet soup, stall, delay and engage in running the clock down for the remaining 20(?) days before Congress recesses to the end of January.

Pres.Trump has shifty Schiff and Pelosi measured

Fact is, if they don’t get Pres.Trump hornswoggled and impeached or smear him so he loses the next election, they all know they’re screwed; every single DemoMarxocrat and RINO up there has their butts in a vise. Such desperation. The comedy part of it has it that shifty-Schiff Dems would believe that Pelosi’s second cousin’s brother’s girlfriend’s half-sister’s mechanic who thinks he heard about something someone may have said regarding something or other, is totally legit!

Delusional, desperate. That’s the current DemoMarxocrat Party. They are using U.S. money and resources to harass a sitting Pres.Trump that they don’t like. If they spent more time doing their jobs, and grooming a decent candidate, they wouldn’t have to fear Trump so much!

Samantha Chang and her piece in today’s BPR: ‘Clueless Dems gleefully Cheer hearsay Smoking Gun’…

The Democrats are cluelessly celebrating their “smoking gun” to impeach President Trump based on the fourth-hand hearsay testimony of former State Department official Bill Taylor, said Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin. Talk about spiking the football too soon.

Let this sink in: The Democratic Party thinks they’re going to impeach President Trump based on fourth-hand gossip.

Congressman Zeldin slammed the Left for their cloak-and-dagger impeachment inquiry, calling the sham process “a joke.”

Zeldin says the only reason why Democrats insist on questioning witnesses behind closed doors is that they want to gaslight the public by selectively leaking misleading info to the media.

“What’s happening behind closed doors is unclassified,” Zeldin said. “There’s no reason why the American public shouldn’t be able to watch this in real-time, live. This is a process lacking legitimacy, credibility, and fairness.”

Zeldin continued: “One fun fact from yesterday — I saw that the opening statement leaked. This is the Democrats’ strategy. They like to cherry-pick leaks.”

“Turn to page 12…That one reference to Joe Biden…is not first-hand from Ambassador Taylor. It’s not second-hand from Ambassador Taylor. It’s not third-hand from Ambassador Taylor!”

“Ya’ll making a big deal about Ambassador Taylor saying that Tim Morrison told him that [Gordon] Sondland told Morrison that the President told Sondland that the President told Zelensky…Give me a break!”

“On the process and the substance, this whole thing has been a joke!”

So basically, the Democrats and their media minions have been gleefully hailing their so-called “smoking gun” to “prove” that Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine unless they investigated Joe Biden.

Link to completion below…

Pres.Trump pulling shifty Schiff sweat out of him…

Bottom line is, there’s nothing ‘American’ about the DemoMarxocrat party. Their ideology is un-American, their agenda is anti-American, and they’re America’s greatest enemy – bar none! As far as the outrageous ‘non-whistleblower-whistleblower’ is concerned, I personally, along with millions more, don’t think there is a whistle blower, the nonsense emanating extraneously from the deep, dark, dungeons that the warrior-Republicans charged into yesterday.

Everything ‘shifty-Schiff’ and ‘Pelosi-Dosey’ is all a made up fake, just like the Steele Dossier that begat all this riotist nonsense in the first place. Republicans should (and are finally) insist on questioning him and thereby pulling a bit of Schiff sweat out of him. Bothersome bottom-dwelling toad that he is.

Pres.Trump way outclassing Dems. Yet again!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Real leadership from our warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Samantha Chang and full BPR: Clueless Dems gleefully Cheer hearsay Smoking Gun

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