Please wake us from this nightmare

En Garde in the bunker…

David Thomas and others from comments thread: 37% of US submarines are out of service. We’re very low on munitions. Our strategic petroleum reserves are 2/3 depleted and this senile bunch of morons is doubling down.

Definitely looks like we’re going to lose to China. Maybe not as “invaded” but the damned Chinese want war for wars’ sake. Stupid but Xi wants his legacy while we have an old fool who was imposed upon us. No crime by this bunch is even looked at. Yet “get Trump“.

One doesn’t have a solution anymore. No agency is to be trusted. The FJBiden administration has finished the OBO#44’s task of turning DC utterly against We the (90 million+) People. One can’t even discuss solutions because it’s a crime and all intentional, not due to incompetence nor mistakes, but intentional. Remember OBO#44’s comment about not underestimating how much FJBiden can foul things up. [end]

Please wake us from this nightmare … cut-throte McConnell always in the wings…

Lydia from thread: It has gotten to the point where we can no longer live with these psychotic, destructive people, since it would be the equivalent of staying with a battering husband. The only solution is to leave them, withdraw our money and support from anyone or anything that promotes this ongoing, gradual deterioration. What we are living through now is a nightmare; the kind where you’re trying to run away from danger, but you can barely lift your feet and everything is in slow motion.

This nightmare is real, and the only hope is that enough people wake up and quit operating in slow motion before the evil overcomes and smothers us. People have short memories or want to bury their heads in the sand and go back to sleep. They can witness a geriatric dementia patient on the world stage needing to be helped to find his way off a stage or speaking gibberish, and ignore the way he makes the entire country look like a ship of fools. How many will vote for him again to keep a competent Republican from taking the helm? Especially the Bad Orange Bogeyman.

Problem with “Dims” is they’re a lot like illegal aliens. Rather than stay in their party and attempt to make it better, they ditch it and cross the border and become RINO’s instead, where they simply screw up the republican party. Is it just yours truly or does anyone else ever notice how good all the illegal aliens are at protesting against America? Just think what they might have accomplished had they stayed in their own country and used those skills to everyone’s “betterment“?

Jim Hollingsworth, American Thinker: ‘Will someone please wake me from this nightmare?’ ….

When Joe Biden became president, America was on a solid footing, inflation was under control, we were energy independent, the price of gasoline was under $2.00, and things in America were great.

Now most of that has been undone, and nothing is being done about it. This is like a nightmare in which you are terrified only to awake and be thankful it was only a dream. But the present nightmare is no dream, and things are only getting worse in America.

Will someone please wake me from this nightmare? While Trump was president, nearly 500 miles of wall were built and immigration was controlled. Biden has opened the border and invited all to come, and they are coming by the millions.

When Biden became president, America was energy independent and we were even selling energy abroad.  Biden stopped construction of oil pipelines, stopped drilling on public lands, and began a campaign against fossil fuels, the very product that has made America great.

Trump appointed constitutional judges around the country, and three great justices to the Supreme Court. They have protected life by reversing Roe V.  Wade. Biden, nominally a Catholic, is the most pro-abortion president in recent history. Protestors at abortion clinics have been assaulted and pro-life clinics and churches have been attacked. [-]

[+] … Trump had plans to leave Afghanistan in an orderly fashion.  Biden abandoned our military airport, left Afghanistan without telling our allies, was responsible for the death of 13 of our soldiers, and left behind billions in state-of-the-art military equipment. Even some Americans were left behind. This was a serious crime. President Trump strongly supported the Second Amendment, but Biden has worked hard to undermine our Second Amendment Rights.

I worked with many Democrats for several years and considered them to be both logical and sane. Yet, what is happening in America right now in mostly Democrat-led states and cities is neither logical nor sane.  It has to be obvious to any thinking person that if America continues down our present path, we will be easy game for a foreign power, and our great republic will be destroyed.  This has to stop, and it begins with some patriotic American Democrats re-taking control of their party and stop this madness.

This is not just a nightmare that will go away when we awake. This is a terrible national condition that must be remedied before it is too late.  Things are moving so rapidly toward destruction that we may not survive until the next election.  We have to wake up from this madness. [end]

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Please wake us from this nightmare … Prez Trump supports Charlie Kirk young hope for future…

People also become inured to the madness, hoping it will go away if the ignore it, or hoping to be left alone if they embrace it. They fail to recognize that insanity only grows when it is tolerated and fed. The tracks eventually run out and the train falls into the abyss.

All that said, I think people are underestimating RFK Jr. The two parties both have internal strife and normal people are sick of toxic politics. Bobby is gathering in people from both sides. What remains to be seen is whether he disappears if Joe Dementia or Newsom is selected as the Democrat candidate. What would happen if RFK Jr runs as a third party candidate with a Republican VP under the banner of something like the American Party? Would that be a nightmare or a dream? Please wake us from this nightmare.

FJBidenDementiaJoe not only messed up America, he messed up the world. His recent comment about his age resulting in wisdom that would enable him to substantially improve the world, is a testament to his puppeteer handlers and his dementia. They have been telling him what a wonderful job he’s doing while they continue on their neo-Marxist march to destroy capitalism. Only God alone knows the answer to that question!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!