Phony polls for Phony Democrats…

En Garde in the bunker…

The biggest lesson anyone can take away from last November’s election result, are the phony polls and how unbelievably wrong the entire Leftist-progressive-Russia-conspiracy-lying-thieving-stealing-obstructionist-DemoMarxist Party and their Big Media collaborators had it, even to the point that almost as late as it was when The Donald was about to make his victory speech, some were STILL in denial as to what had just transpired. Most will never forget the sobbing Rachel Maddow and her unbelief. Her problem? Believing phony polls.

Just this past weekend, I received this wonderfully-uplifting note from a dear old friend from the 70s, whose identity and location will remain anonymous:

“Hello Dennis, praying this finds you and yours well.”

“With my first weekend “off” in quite a while I took up to watching the 2016 election night coverage online from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and PBS.  Wow!  I really enjoyed it. So interesting to see the change in tone and demeanor. I really forgot how quickly and early it changed. You would never know it since they wouldn’t call it until Trump was on stage ready to give a victory speech. Amazing.”

Newsweek height of hubris for the rogue “president-to-be” …

“I am reading a biography on Leonard Cohen. It was so nice to read that he said “I love Jesus. Always did, even as a kid. I kept it to myself; I didn’t stand up in shul (ie ‘synagogue’) and say I love Jesus.” Leonard’s nanny was Catholic and took him to church. God always gets his man. Looking forward to another down weekend and enjoying every minute of it. Hope you are doing the same.”[end]

(PS – I just had to leave the Cohen reference in there, as befits a wonderful performer. May God rest his soul).

The point about my dear friend’s reaction is that she is illustrating the undeniable angst and disbelief from fully half the nation who quite sadly on that memorable evening fell desperately into believing phony polls, who couldn’t quite distinguish the difference between the power and strength of a rising popular movement against the overwhelming odds of a globalist cabal hellbent on enslaving the United States into a mish-mash of Alinskyite hedonistic devil-worship, coupled with a liberal leftist DemoMarxist Socialism. Plus those phony polls.

And the response from the Left has been? 24/7 non-stop tirades of questionable origin against the duly-elected president of the United States.

Let me bring in Jack Hellner, and his short, sharp, piece from American Thinker…

This morning, I was treated to an article by the NYT entitled “Dems strive to tell voters what their party stands for.”

Democrats can’t afford to publicly state what they are for because the majority of the public wouldn’t like it.  Their policies could easily be summarized as follows: Democrats believe that more money, power, and freedom should be transferred from the people to the government.  This is exactly the opposite of what the country was founded on.  Democrats have no problem making a greater share of people dependent on government instead of giving them more freedom to move up the economic ladder.

This weekend ABC and the Washington Post were pushing as a news story their poll of around 1,000 people that showed Trump’s approval rating dropping to 36%.  It is very easy to get the results you want if you skew a poll.

ABC and the WaPo dislike Trump intensely, so they poll only 26% of their sample Republicans, even though many more vote Republican.  That way, they can publish this garbage as supposed news.

How would the Post explain why Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats nationwide in the last seven years if only 26% of voters are Republican?  Even though Republicans were cleaning the clocks of Democrats throughout the United States throughout Obama’s term, I do not recall any news poll that sampled more Republicans than Democrats when determining Obama’s approval rating.  Basically, a significant majority of the media vote Democrat, and their polls are sampled and questions designed based on their beliefs.

Roughly 260 Republicans were polled nationwide to get this story.  I wonder which Republican in Montana was polled.

Just like my friend, I (and let’s face it – millions more) don’t trust the Left, the DemoMarxists, Big Media, or the phony polls. It doesn’t have to be much more complicated than that. Every once in a while, millions more like my friend tune in again to the YouTube videos of the November 8th election results just to remind themselves that Big Media was just so sure of themselves, so sure that Hillary was going to be the next POTUS, that President Trump had less than a ten percent chance of beating Hillary Clinton. The looks on their faces as the election results began to roll in are still priceless. (PS .. phony polls).

This however, is going to be the continuing narrative, that Trump’s unpopular, that he’s failing, that he’s nuts. They’re scared as hell and rightfully so. Fortunately, America’s not buying it and Trump’s backing if anything, has become even more solid and steadfast. I know I’m in with him for the long haul, as are millions of fellow-patriots, and I’ll vote for people who back him in 2018. Trump’s done more good for this country in 6 months than Obama and both Clintons together have done in their entire lives.

Liberal progressive Leftists had Clinton winning in a landslide; according to the phony polls that is. Who can ever forget ole “Billy-Bob” dancing a jig as the early results began to come in?

The day after the 2016 election, it was confirmed what I’ve always believed … phony poll results can claim anything the maker of the poll wants it to say. Pay the pollsters enough money, and they’ll even ask people twice for their opinion.

Just go ask John Podesta. Mr. phony poll meister himself!