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As I opined in yesterday’s post: “In the toxic arena that houses the liberal-progressive-Democrat Left, George Soros and his ilk don’t care about Democrats, refugees, or any of their pet causes. They are a means to an end. What he does care about is causing enough chaos, terror, and anarchy to require a police state. Then, it will be easier to herald in the one world government that he has been working toward for many years.” [end]

Fast-forward to today, and the wacky people of the Left have had their eight years with the clown car of OBO the Clown Prince of Fools, Pelosi Galore, One-Eyed Dingy Harry, and the coterie of other delusional misfits masquerading around as DemoMarxist operatives. As we the people have witnessed up-close and personal in the two months since the overwhelming election result in favor of The Trumpit, the alphabet-soup Big Media sacrificed what little credibility they had left by going all-in full bore with support of a career criminal to succeed Barack Hussein Obama; which failed miserably.

Professional sports, at least the NFL and NBA, are doing their best to alienate and drive away the people who used to be their loyal fans, and ESPN has already largely succeeded at doing so. Additionally, Big Academia has no idea how detested they are becoming, which will provide hilarious entertainment when reality catches up to their decades-long scam of charging huge amounts of money to indoctrinate young people and then send them into the world with barely any marketable skills.

As we’ve witnessed in great detail, the Democrat party today is in absolute shambles and it all began, ironically enough, in a speech in late October of 2008, when Obama declared “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” We the People have witnessed in the last eight years, what he meant with that statement and how far the DemoMarxists are willing to go to self-destruct. They have no understanding of what this country is nor how it was built, nor the spine of We The People to preserve and protect it. We must be ‘en garde’ to prevent further damage to our Constitution and our values.

The toxic Democrat leadership which, with Obama and Clinton, caved in to the biggest Republican takeover of Government since 1928…

Donald Trump won the election by either ignoring his critics or punching back immediately and with a great deal of force (almost always). It would behoove the rest of us to adapt the same strategy early and often. Since we don’t have the power of the “bully pulpit”, let DJT punch back and we can just ignore them.

Civil war is coming, either rhetorically or physically, because these two polar opposites cannot coexist peacefully. Either we split, or one side dies, which has been the Socialist-Marxist pattern for the past 125+ years, where history recalls it has failed miserably on at least six or seven occasions. John Adams had it right on when he declared: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

By any stretch of the imagination, the country’s electorate declared its intentions very clearly two months ago by overturning the Socialist-Marxist agenda of Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rob’em Clinton, and the rest of their acolytes, by ushering in a refreshing new approach to Making America Great Again.

That alone, has to stand for something!


On now to the ‘Full Monty’ with James G. Wiles and “The Left Means to Break This President” – (which brings to mind Churchill’s response to Hitler: “Some neck; some chicken!”)

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign against Donald Trump largely amounted to a reprise of the left’s attacks on Judges Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas in the 1980s. “Borking” — nice slang for Hillary’s “politics of personal destruction” (which she decried when it was employed against her husband in 1998) — succeeded against Judge Bork. It did not work against Justice Clarence Thomas. And it demonstrably didn’t work against president-elect Trump.

So what is the left going to try next, now that Borking Mr. Trump has failed?

“Massive resistance.” that’s what.

I laughed when Slate’s Michelle Goldberg used the term on NPR last week. Because the last time Democrats talked about “massive resistance,” it was Southern Democrats in the 1950s and 60s. They were proclaiming undying resistance to an end to Jim Crow and forced desegregation.

You know — Little Rock. Selma. Montgomery. Governor George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door

Those Democrats.

Well, that’s not we’re dealing with here. What I’m predicting is a return to the huge marches on Washington against the Vietnam War. To the 24-hour picketing of the White House. To teach-ins. Student strikes. Full-page ads and petitions. Leaks of classified information. An unceasing drumbeat of media and academic criticism. The Movement, as it came to be called, deployed a monthly “national mobilization,” with a big march in DC and coordinated smaller demos around the country.

These tactics were deployed in the ’60s and ’70s, first against President Lyndon Johnson and then against Richard Nixon.

Get ready, because it’s coming again. Whether, this time, the U.S. will confront — as it did in the ’70’s — violent actions by leftist radicals, such as bombings, bank robberies and other actions to fund domestic terrorism is anyone’s guess. But we do know it did before. And we know that today #occupywallstreet and #blacklivesmatter are out there.

We also know, from the mass demonstrations two years ago against state labor legislation in Wisconsin and Ohio, that today’s American left is perfectly willing to deploy those tactics to take over and occupy state capitols. Just ask Scott Walker and John Kasich. And in North Carolina, the Dems successfully held “Moral Monday” rallies at the state capitol for four years, resulting in the narrow defeat of the sitting Republican governor.

A friend involved in the inauguration next week reported that downtown DC is plastered with posters calling for counter-demonstrations in DC on Inauguration Day. He Facebooked me pictures.

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