Pence nasty Trump attack backfire

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To cut straight to the chase, what bothers yours truly most about Pence is that he clearly knew from the start he had no intention of sending the electors back to the states, but rather than be honest about that, he strung everybody along. He let tens of thousands of people travel to DC — during the height of Covid, no less — for a rally that he knew all along had no purpose.

If he cared about anyone but himself, Pence would have told the prospective rally-goers to stay home. He could’ve just claimed that he wanted to help but that he felt there was nothing legally he could do about it. Instead, he let everyone travel to DC and assemble, then sprung it on them at the very last minute that he wasn’t going to do anything.

Ohhhhhh, smack my head with a baseball bat, but when Pence continually lectures all and sundry that he doesn’t eat out without his wife being present, or alone on an elevator with a female etc., etc., yours truly thought it was due to his religious beliefs, when all along, he was just sending a covert message to other covert operatives to not try to compromise him with a honey pot, you know, like they did with some of Trump’s people overseas, aka the one that provokes “PENCE IS SLIME“. THAT!

Pence nasty Trump attack backfire. A pence for the earworm Spy Pence … Turncoat shows true colors as the enemy within…

Snake, Snake, SNAKE!! Mike Pence has always expressed himself as a “skin crawler” with his fawning compliments on President Trump’s accomplishments (to his face and while giving speeches as VP), but now we can put our fingers on why! He’s actually morphed into one of those slithering, back-door dealing, scumbags of the DC Swamp Parade, hiding behind a facade of being a “Christian”. Then there’s Michael Atkinson and Pence. Ugh!

The thing is, all these people are connected and have a history. The American people hadn’t been paying attention to DC and the shenanigans that go on there until President Trump began campaigning in 2015; following his inauguration was when most people had their eyes opened as to what exactly he was all about. The rest as they say, is history!

Just think of all the solid MAGA followers now in tune with the “burn it down” camp – aka the “DC Swamp” – double-downed and catching up as quickly as they can. I’ll bring the torches. THAT!

No surprise of course in finding out yesterday that it was Mike Pence who supplied the memos used to indict President Trump this time around. Yours truly has never felt really on the ball with people like Pence –  he forever seems adrift, not really knowing what he wants, should be, or nothing at all; just seems ‘wrong’.

God bless President Donald John Trump and his continuing fight for freedom and justice. Pence nasty Trump attack backfire. THAT!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Pence attacks Pres Trump with DC special counsel indictment’ …

Perhaps, for context, a higher perspective is in order.

Governor Ronald Reagan was steered by the ‘powers that be’ to accept George HW Bush as his vice president.  In 1981, President Reagan selected Eric Holder to be a Superior Court Judge in Washington DC – yes, that Eric Holder.  The recommendation came from his vice president.  George H W Bush was CIA Director ’76/’77.

Candidate Donald Trump was steered by the ‘powers that be’ to accept Mike Pence as his vice president.  Pence recommended fellow Senator Hoosier Dan Coats to be Director of National Intelligence.  Coats blocked all declassification efforts.  A fellow by the name Porter Goss lived on Sanibel Island, Florida, and was CIA Director from 2004 – 2006. For the past 30 years, where has Mike Pence gone on winter vacation?

I have one question for President Trump: Who recommended Michael Atkinson to be Intelligence Community Inspector General? If the answer is earworm Mike Pence, boy howdy do I have an article that will stun the 2024 election field. [end]

[+] … 2016 – Despite the efforts of the FBI, DOJ and Intelligence Community to target the outcome, in 2016 candidate Donald Trump stunningly won the election. The control mechanisms were not yet in place; DC was in a state of shock.  Mike Pence was in charge of transition team assignments.

2017 – Mike Pence takes down National Security Director Michael Flynn.  President Trump is under constant fire from the DOJ, FBI, IC and Robert Mueller et al; California hires Eric Holder to construct legal guidance for the Motor Voter process. The beta test for ballot harvesting operations.

2018 – While 36 Republican members of the House announce their departure, including Ron DeSantis (Gov run), the largest field of former intelligence community officials from the CIA and DoD are recruited by Democrats.  The 2018 midterm election results in Democrats retaking the House; California ballot harvesting (seeded by Motor Voter rolls) results in massive Republican losses in the days/weeks after election day.

2019 – With Democrats controlling the House, the Mueller investigation wrapping up, and with George W. Bush recommending Bill Barr as AG, the impeachment process begins using newly constructed CIA rules by IG Michael Atkinson (Eric Ciaramella and Alexander Vindman).

2020 – The ballot harvesting beta test goes national, thanks to COVID-19, and fundamentally alters the November 2020 election. [-]

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Pence nasty Trump attack backfire. Turncoat Pence shows true colors … enemy within

The pool of people who see Pence for what he is, the Bushes for what they were, is growing, but still too small. Articles like this need to be on all the media, in the social media exchanges, and in conversations at the kitchen table, water coolers, work sites, locker rooms, and hair stylists/barber shops. He should be in prison, publicly scorned, family ashamed — along with thousands of others

But all of our rights are being suppressed and chipped away. A good starting place is to boldly claim and exercise our rights: speech, assembly, press, voting. I think in every community and state, if we just formed committees/councils that “sequestered”, waiting for a fair trial, every individual, civil servant, and politician that was performing illegal activity, it would much more effectively “throw sand in the machinery”

Let those “thousand points of light” be a thousand Athens’, Tennessee incidents where the locals cried “BS”, and effectively neutralized bad apples abusing or subverting constitutional process. It is very hard and difficult to fight the gaslighting and mind-abuse when the people doing evil claim the side of good, and show no respect to those with countering points of view.

Supporting Pence would be somewhat akin to supporting Benedict Arnold in the plan to turn over West Point to the British so that the American Revolution would be defeated. Hell no! Pence or no Pence, there’s a traitor in the pudding somewhere, and this all might help to flush him or her out. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!