Latest indictment travesty of justice

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All of these efforts to essentially disqualify President Donald John Trump makes one thing crystal clear. The DemoMarxocrats have nobody that could win an honest election. Their vision of America has become repugnant to America. Their only hope is to take it by force. Think of it this way: “Totalitarianism“.

Or put as NOUN: a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. RE: rigged elections, eventual confiscation of privately owned guns, banned speech, jailed political opponents, dictates regarding freedom of movement, public indoctrination schooling, climate scare mandates… The DemoMarxocrats are almost there.

The passion from Monica Showalter on this is very clear, and yours truly for one is happy to share that passion. The all-out war against him by the left is all the reason one needs to put all support behind him, as most conservatives are already doing. This time he needs a scrappy, arrogant, bull-headed VP not a cardboard cutout like Pence, who forever will be well-remembered as a total disgrace.

Latest indictment travesty of justice

Our fearless president needs a solid team to drain the swamp and rebuild DC in two years, considering that like thousands of others, most will be supporting his legal defense and his candidacy like we’ve never ever had done before.

Consider it easy to convict President Trump – 1) ignoring the Constitution for a start, followed by the 2) Bill of Rights, 3) Due Process, 4) Assumption of Innocence, 5) The Right to Counsel, 6) The Right to Face Accusers etc… Then throw in 7) prejudiced judges, 8) criminal prosecutorial misconduct, 9) hide exculpatory evidence, 10) make up laws on a whim, 11) gag orders, 12) jury tampering, 13) double jeopardy etc…. and 14) Ta Da ! You have a conviction.THAT!

Justice in our Nation is a myth. Fraud elections have consequences and one of them is fraud that permeates everything else. Welcome to the Banana Republic: “The Tribunal will now retire to chambers to consider the evidence and return shorty with the guilty verdict.” Too much news and conversation about the Pedo Joe Crime Syndicate! Send out more hysterical lawyers and create more fallacious indictments against President Trump!

At this point in time can any of us make an argument that the term “intellectual honesty” means anything anymore? Do DemoMarxocrats really believe they’re fighting to save Democracy? Are they really blind to our two-tier justice system? Or is it just a 24/7, 365 days-a-year gaslighting operation designed to ultimately bring down the country? THAT!

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: ‘Justice in a skin suit: Trump’s latest indictment a travesty of justice’ …

So President Trump is not even allowed to have an opinion about whether the 2020 election was free or fair? And those blocked windows in the vote-counting office in Detroit and those rolled-out suitcases in Atlanta after the election observers were forced from the room, and that truck driver who was told to take his ballot boxes from state to state, just never happened? And that Zuckerbucks, state-sponsored Twitter censorship, and the “conspiracy” to save America never happened either? And all was free and fair, for here comes the prosecutor to set you right is how things are done now?

That’s all one can conclude now that special counsel Jack Smith has charged Trump with four felonies connected with the January 6 capital riot over election fraud and he did it with speed and urgency to ensure it got done just ahead of the 2024 election.

It’s the most partisan maneuver yet from Smith and his leftist pals; the act of a flaming Trump-hater with some serious conflicts of interest of his own, seeking to knock out the most popular candidate in the 2024 race from the choices of America’s voters and not caring whether he burns the republic down. You can see it in his dark, ragged, raging, tormented, fanatic face in the news photos. [-]

[+] … Maybe they will win. Maybe they won’t. It’s uncharted waters now, the steering of the great United States republic into banana republic status, astonishing to see in a large and powerful country.

What’s horrible here is the damage this does to the republic as another bottom drops out. What they have done to Trump can now just as easily be done from the other side, just as excused election fraud opens the gates to “two can play that game.” What kind of country is the U.S. going to be with this obvious unfairness now the natural course of government? It’s as if we now well on the road to becoming Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia or one of the wretched Central Asian or sub-Saharan African republics who claim the title of ‘democracy.’

Whatever we have here, the social capital and culture of civility, the actual trust that has characterized this country is going, going, gone now, crashing down in a miasma of Mobuto-style corruption. [end]

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Latest indictment travesty of justice. Prez Trump supports Charlie Kirk young hope for future…

The US is not destined to be a ”banana republic” African or South American style; the prototype is the former Soviet Union as the radical DemoMarxocrats are ”liberal bolsheviks” and reading from a similar utopian blueprint The West have became a parody of the final decade of the State of the Union with its corrupt geriatric leaders and its Pravda-like fawning media and tyrannical government agencies. The western Nanny State is a lightweight feminized version of Big Brother..IE Big Mother, and if Kamala Harris becomes President, then she will be its personification, not 1984, but 2024.

Well said, even if I say so myself, but on another front, way too kind to Pence. This man is his own abhorrent, back stabbing rat who on a daily basis now is showing his true colors. It’s probably a good thing this POS stays in the race, for no other reason than to remind us of just how despicable he is, having become-so in the twinkle of an eye. Latest endictment travesty of justice. OUCH!

So on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Monica Showalter, American Thinker: Justice in a skin suit: Trump’s latest indictment a travesty of justice