Pelosi son latest tied to Ukraine oil..

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Pelosi son latest to be tied to Ukraine oil. Just another Friday, another adventuresome week, and yet another weekend ‘dump’ to keep you engaged in all the swampy, cesspool happenings; especially when it constantly relates to the leftist elite globalists forever attempting to bring down president Mr. Everyman. Erm, like the Nancy Pelosi of the swamp for example. Her son, that is.

But first, and as an aside, hold on for another pack of lies. Amazonian globalist Jeff Bezo’s WaPo just came out with another so-called ‘mysterious whistle-blower’. This time from the ‘just-bought-a-$15-MILLION-dollar-beach-mansion-#44-weaponized-IRS’.

That one. Just can’t make this stuff up!

‘Someone’ (3 guesses) is falsely claiming Trump controlled tax audits, which is just another attempt to get at Trump’s personal tax records. Which won’t end until these hate-filled morons start going to jail. How’s about We the People having a peek at the last 10 years of Biden and his son’s tax returns! Heck, now that we know about the Pelosi son, let’s see his too!

Paul and Nancy Pelosi with son Paul Jr…

Many of us have been getting more disillusioned with the federal government the past decade or two, or three or more, but it took the election of an outsider in the White House to expose the fact that it is much worse than we ever imagined. I’m beginning to think that I could gleefully stand and watch Washington burn to the ground just as soon as we made sure Trump and all us ‘good guys’ got out safe.

But I digress.

Already up to her neck and overflowing in deep corruption, Nancy Pelosi’s son (Paul Pelosi, Jr.), together with Joe Biden’s son (Hunter Biden), and Mitt Romney’s senior personal advisor (Joseph “Cofey” Black) are ALL members of ENERGY COMPANIES operating out of the UKRAINE! Which begs the obvious question – Does EVERY SENIOR POLITICIAN have somebody embedded in countries around the globe sucking up American foreign aid cash?

Good question, and we have the answer!

‘Sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse is truly every bit an American national treasure! ‘Fred Fleitz Discusses John Brennan’s Corrupt Impeachment Effort’…

In the larger picture it is clear the Obama administration weaponized the institutions of government to target their political opposition. It is also increasingly clear a Hillary Clinton administration would have monetized the U.S. government.

President Obama’s team used the DOJ, CIA, FBI and IRS to target their opposition. The intelligence apparatus was weaponized; one small example that scratches the surface is the FBI/NSA database exploitation. Black files on DC politicians, private sector groups and individuals facilitating leverage, and we are still seeing the ramifications.

When former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne recently discussed his role within the 2016  “political espionage” operations, he described the financial interests of political office; not coincidentally he also seems to have retreated into a safe-space.

Big multinational interests, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Global Banking interests, etc, were exclusively supporting both President Obama and candidate Clinton. The domestic politics of the U.S. were/are tools toward an end; and, so long as the person occupying the oval office did not interfere with Big Club objectives, they too would benefit financially.

The college kid wearing a pink pussy hat is oblivious, but the executive offices of the Deep State FBI, Intelligence Community, DOJ and the power structures within the House and Senate are not; they know.  It is the way of the swamp.

Why would a senate candidate spend $10 million to win an election that pays $300k/year? How do politicians become multi-millionaires while in office?

Likely a great many more people are aware of the bigger issues than ever before.  Perhaps this explains the dynamic of angst amid those same occupants.

Full link to completion below…

The day he announced his run, the Trump family…

The entire Trump family are the epitome of success – LEGAL success, that is.

Donald Trump, like millions of American hard-working heads of families, chose to hire his own kids; it was HIS company and HIS money after all, and therefore his right to do with it whatever he chose!

He brought them into the family business to teach them how to run it so that he could pass it on to them; and they, like their father, seem to have good business sense and have done very well with the opportunities presented to them.

On the contrary, corrupt politicians the likes of those littered throughout the DemoMarxocrat empire, leverage positions for their family and friends that are – in plain and simple terms – payoffs and bribes! They demand high-paying board positions or the creation of non-existent jobs in order to funnel huge sums of money to their kids or their spouses.

Ii isn’t by coincidence that ‘sundance’ and his Conservative Treehouse ‘treepers’ drills deeply into the fact that most members of Congress make around $160-200k per year but ‘somehow’ they all end up as multi-millionaires after a little while in office.

THAT is the story that needs to be investigated but since most of the MSM is also entwined in the tangled web of corruption they seem to have very little curiosity in reporting it!

And on that note of clarity, time for today’s MAGA Pill – upstanding warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Corrupt nest of vipers

‘Sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: John Brennan’s corrupt impeachment effort

See also Paul H. Yarbrough, CDN: Dems out to destroy America: Fools, hacks, and liars

Video of Pelosi and son 2013 Ukraine oil connection

10 thoughts on “Pelosi son latest tied to Ukraine oil..

  1. The millionaire congressman is just the tip of the iceberg that is drifting around the DC swamp. Ask yourself: what type of “finder’s fees” the tip top of the admin might have received for dropping $150B on the iranians? there was a reported $2B in CASH flown there! Wouldn’t a thank you stipend/commission/finders fee be polite?? 😉 If it is cash, how could it be tracked? The Swiss bank accounts for the top of the food chain of the last admin have to be full. China invests $1.5B with a brand new investment firm partially run by H.Biden and Kerry kid; the Ukrainian money pipeline…we give you $7B and you launder it back via a relative or some other lackey…. I wonder how can a former potus, not worth much going into office, then buy a $15M estate after making $450k/yr for 8 yrs + his pension of same? Elijah Cummings and his wife becoming millionaires AFTER he becomes chairman of oversight committee…. DRAIN THE SWAMP!

    • Trump is doing what this country needed exposing the corrupt politicians in Washington that iv been bitching about for years now, One of the proudest moments in my life was raising my hand at 17 to enlist in the army to defend the American people only later in life learning i was also defending corrupt politicians in DC and that disgusted me to learn this, We had two choices elect a president who wanted to clean up corruption in DC or Unite as Americans to overthrow this corrupt government and take back or country , Trump is the answer for my first choice lets see if he can get it done b4 we go to my second choice , God bless America and God bless President Trump ,

  2. Funny how the democrats and the fake news MSM never finds any positive accomplishments by President TRUMP for almost 3 years now — I listed the official “” link directly below this following comment – Enjoy.

    Members of the so called “deep state” whether elected or appointed DO NOT OWN this country and WILL NOT be allowed to dictate to the LEGAL voters of this NATION, who are “We the American People” and the REAL owners of this Constitutional Republic. We Patriots have been fighting the “deep state” Cabal for decades…..and finally “We the People” of this Great Nation are WINNING under the MAGA banner with the help of our Patriotic military intelligence groups.

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