Impeach: Dems path to hell & back

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Since the devilish Dems have absolutely shredded whatever comity they once had (one must go way beyond the far horizon pre-LBJ to get at that reality) it becomes very fitting that their obsession with the word ‘impeach’ has taken on manic tones.

Not content with approaching the seriousness of a ‘real’ impeachment procedure by using the tools serendipitously left in place by the founding fathers of this great constitutional republic, Nancy ‘swag’ Pelosi and her co-criminal attack team have taken to the ‘inventive’ track in fraudulently – if not ‘criminally’ – cloaking their full intentions behind fake prayers and equally-fake impeach ‘resolutions’.

From the forever-alert bully pulpit of all things anti-American-activities upheld by every DemoMarxocrat, this observing observer can determine quite clearly that the non-impeach impeachment is designed to accomplish two Alt-Left Socialist-DNC Party Mob goals: (1) to placate and mollify the Socialists who now own, operate, control, and run the Alt-Left Socialist-DNC Party Mob; and (2) to prevent President Trump from continuing in going forth to fulfill his declared mandate to MAGA! and KAG!

All the preliminary attempts to derail Trump – spying on his campaign, trying to get Electoral College electors to change their votes, ‘impeach’ talk, 25th Amendment talk, Mueller investigation – were merely ‘fun and games’ for DC insiders.

When Mueller struck out and Barr announced he was investigating the origins of the Russia collusion hoax, their mindset moved into self preservation mode. We’ve long suspected that Biden and his son, Strzok, Page, etal, are just the tips of the iceberg. As nasty as they were the last 3+ years, expect the roil to ramp up as cesspool insiders circle the proverbial wagons.

What We the People have here (apologies to ‘Cool Hand Luke’) ‘is a failure to communicate!’ What ‘swag Pelosi’ and her fellow-criminals are attempting is indeed a coup of coups, in which they recognize no law, no standards, no limits on their mad quest for power and control. The ‘law’ and ‘standards’ to their mob-ocity become mere talking points and weapons to use at will to rob millions of citizens of their votes to get rid of Trump.

It’s a coup – nothing more, nothing less.

Roger L. Simon, PJMedia, and ‘The Pre-Impeachment of Donald Trump Never Stopped’…

We all know why impeachment is really happening — and when I say all, I include especially the Democrats and their devoted media allies/leaders. They know because they live in fear of what they wrought and desperately want to hide it or bury it (under impeachment) before it is laid out before the public.

I refer, of course, to the imminent exposure — at least we hope it is coming — of the predicates of the Russia probe, easily the most despicable and seditious attempt to unseat a president in American history. This attempt to impeach or, at that point, to interdict began on or not long after June 16, 2015, the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

What is happening now is merely a continuation of a process that started then. Trump was the first president to be “impeached” before he was elected — a neat trick if there ever was one. In a manner of speaking, the group or groups behind the Russia probe wanted to pre-impeach him. And they never gave up, not even for a minute, even after the Mueller collusion investigation came up empty after two years and multiple millions spent.[-]

[+] … They must protect their shallow bureaucratic lives at all costs, even if it means the dissolution of this democratic republic, this nation that we are supposed to love, even if it means civil war. Whatever happens, they will blame Donald Trump at the top of their Beltway lungs when they themselves are to blame.

This is how the nonstop impeachment efforts are viewed and have been viewed from the beginning by we “deplorables” out here in flyover country. I count myself as one of them because I — although my two Ivy League degrees, thirteen books, and seven feature films don’t quite compute with Obama’s bigoted “guns and religion” description — prefer to identify with people I feel are honest and decent. It was also my observation when covering the 2016 election that people who attended the Trump rallies were considerably smarter than those behind the media rope line, and not just in terms of common sense.[-]

Full content in link below…

An array of Machiavellian club members…

Why the attempt to destroy our president even before he was elected? For the same reason Hunter Biden has $2M of Ukrainian FAKE paychecks and money-laundered $1.5B for the Chinese Communist Party.

The spending is also a $4.4 (trillion with a ‘T’) money-laundering operation that We the People refer to as a ‘Congress’ .. !!

They spend $717B on occupying 160 nations out of 195 with Military presence and 100% is funded by the middle class of We the People.

If they can’t send the billions overseas so they can expect perhaps a 10% Campaign donation or kickback, they invade our own country, put invaders on Welfare and send the bill to the Middle Class to buy more voters and get filthy rich like Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and the Koch brothers who resettle invaders at a handsome fee.

Basically, We the People live in a Feudal Caste system once again, where globalists are the new Aristocracy and Nobles ‘par excellence’. Any serf or freeman who disobeys, or even looks crooked at the First Estate will be broken on the wheel or rack just like before the Revolutions from 1760 to 1800.

Along comes Mr. Everyman Trump who threatens their Mercantilism that is now an International Fascism, and they don’t want to be caught or have their Caste System overturned. Period. Over. Out.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Everyman Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Roger L. Simon: Pre-Impeachment of Trump Never Stopped

Yours truly from this past Friday: Pelosi son latest tied to Ukraine oil

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