Peggy Noonan and her Trump rant

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The only thing you need to know about Peggy Noonan is that she’s the speechwriter who kept taking President Reagan’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” line out of his speech in Berlin in 1987 until he told her boss that if it happened one more time she’d need to send out an updated resume. That tells you everything you need to know about her, and nothing’s changed in the 30 years since, other than she also became a skreel for the Bush dynasty over the years.

Well, she cut loose the other day in the Wall Street Journal with an op-ed titled “Trump May Be Following Palin’s Trajectory” which opened up with the following: “The president has been understandably confident in his supporters. They appreciate his efforts, admire his accomplishments (Justice Neil Gorsuch, ISIS’ setbacks), claim bragging rights for possibly related occurrences (the stock market’s rise), and feel sympathy for him as an outsider up against the swamp.

They see his roughness as evidence of his authenticity, so he doesn’t freak them out every day. In this they are like Sarah Palin’s supporters, who saw her lack of intellectual polish as proof of sincerity.”[end]

Peggy Noonan…

Wow, talk about pomposity! As ‘BigFurHat’ puts it in the blog iOTW (link down below): “Honesty might not be in her bag of tricks. Her article relies heavily on Trump’s “approval ratings.” Here’s how that works …

“A) Continually write articles that say no sane person could ever back Trump … B) Shame people into never admitting they support Trump … C): Point to approval ratings … D) That’s the extent of her bag of tricks.”[end]

Jack Hellner in today’s American Thinker…

Peggy Noonan wrote an intellectually challenged column comparing President Trump to Sarah Palin. She said about Palin that:

Support for her cooled due to antic statements, intellectual thinness and general strangeness. 

She said about Trump that:

The same may well happen or be happening with Donald Trump. One reason is there is no hard constituency in America for political incompetence and that is what he continues to demonstrate.

I believe Trump is certainly showing more competence on domestic and foreign policy than either Obama and Hillary have ever shown.

Trump knows that by allowing people and businesses to keep more of the money they earned the economy would thrive and minorities, the young, the poor and middle class would all have a better chance to move up the economic ladder.  Neither Obama or Hillary seemed to understand that. Obama’s economic policies yielded the slowest economic recovery in 70 years. Is that competence?

Election Eve delusion Nov 9 2016 from MSNBC and others…

In the body of her piece, Noonan talks about Trump being unpopular in polls. Would these be the same polls that all the Big Fake News Media said Hillary had a 98.3% chance of becoming President on the eve of the election? Those polls?!

As I mention above, Noonan was and still is a mouthpiece for the Bush wing of the Ruling Elite. President Trump’s election and his base represent the end of the perfidious game of members of Congress lying to the voters and heading up to D.C. to sell out the Republic and enable the DemoMarxist/RINOs and Fascist Progressives to rule by caveat ad infinitum.

A new day has dawned and it is being made apparent that the presidency of Donald J. Trump is already reaping the rewards of his divine mandate to go forth in his quest to Make America Great Again!

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