Pedophilia Catholic Pelosi Biden rot

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A great part of the problem with the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world is the fact that like all Leftists she and her minions have absolutely no problem at all with The Right being targeted by Leftist terrorists. In fact her Pelosi-Party actually supported the domestic terrorists of BLM and ANTIFA during the Summer of 2020, and you can bet that they would’ve preferred that Kavanaugh’s assassination succeeded from all those illegal protests that have (and still are) occurring at his home and that of Amy Coney Barrett. Make no mistake about it; The demoMarxocrat Party is a criminal organization and that has been made abundantly clear over the past few years. Particularly from the raw mouth of Pelosi and her cabal!

The overriding issue as far as Pelosi goes is that like millions of others, she likely was taught in grade school that some phrases are improper if not “illogical” – like, for instance, being “very pregnant”. You’re either pregnant or you’re not; there just isn’t “very” pregnant. It’s the same with being Catholic. You’re either a member of the Roman Catholic Church or you’re not. Pelosi is definitely Catholic. Whether or not she’s a good or “ardent” Catholic is another matter.

Pedophilia Catholic Pelosi Biden rot. So don’t ask for whom the bell tolls

She’s been banned from taking communion and since communion is the center of Catholic worship, you can’t really be a good Catholic without it. If you’re still presenting yourself at communion in violation of the order, you’re no longer in a state of grace which is the opposite of being a good Catholic or even being “very” Catholic. Nixed!

As for NoMoeSlowGoJoe aka BiteMe, apparently Miss Jill approves the whole thing of clingy, touchee, smelly, kissywill engagements with underage children, good looking or no; heck, it’s just another family matter after all. Clinton for instance chased many women and Hillary let him. In old NoMoeSlowGoJoeBiteMe we have a pedo not a womanizer, which is why he’s forever wanted schools to groom very young children – just remember when he leaves office all will come out. Abuses by this regime have no bounds.

We’ve known for years after all, that the entire NoMoeSlowGoJoeBiteMe family is up to its neck in criminality. We may or may not have known that he was grooming America with his pawing and sniffing, yet little doubt remains by now. To put it in the vernacular – the faux-president sho-is a sick moh-foh and he needs to go Bro. NOW!

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Did Ashley Biden reveal her Father, Joe, is a Pedophilia Creep?’ …

It’s no secret to anybody paying attention that Joe Biden has an unwholesome obsession with little children, especially little girls.  He can’t seem to keep his eyes, his hands, or his nose off them.  The Daily Mail has also released text from a diary kept by Ashley Biden, Joe’s drug-addicted, sex-addicted daughter, mentioning inappropriate showers with her father at a young age that may have led to her unhealthy sexual obsessions.  Tucker Carlson, upon learning of this, launched an incendiary attack against Biden, the system that’s long protected him from closer scrutiny, and the DOJ and FBI harassing journalists for investigating the story.

Both of Biden’s living children — Hunter and Ashley — have substance abuse problems.  What’s less well known is that they both suffer from sex addictions.  Hunter has never admitted to this addiction, but the contents of his hard drive make it patently clear that sex (and his own genitals) are obsessions with him.  Moreover, because sex triggers the pleasure centers in the brain, it can be as much an addiction as drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

As for Ashley, she has acknowledged having a sex addiction, at least in the diary she left behind in a halfway house. A Florida woman found the abandoned diary and tried to sell it, which was an unprincipled act but not an illegal one. Nevertheless, Joe sicced the FBI on the woman and on Project Veritas — even though Project Veritas tried to return the diary to Ashley Biden (and was refused because her representatives didn’t want to acknowledge that it was hers) as well as trying to give it to law enforcement (which is more than the New York Times would have done had it ever found something compromising about Trump’s children). [-]


Debra Heine, American Greatness: ‘Very Catholic Pelosi Refuses to Condemn Violent Attacks against Pro-Lifers’ …

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday refused to condemn the recent string of attacks on churches and pregnancy centers by pro-abortion zealots when a reporter asked for comment, opting to sidestep the issue with pro-abortion talking points.

“I’m a very Catholic person and I believe in every woman’s right to make her own decisions,” Pelosi said.

Since news broke of a leaked draft ruling indicating that the U.S. Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade, there have been dozens of reports of left-wing violence and vandalism targeting churches and pro-life facilities, according to Life News.

The militant pro-abort group “Jane’s Revenge” has claimed responsibility for many of these attacks, including at least two arson attacks on pro-life centers.  Last week, a pro-life  pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York, was heavily damaged in a terroristic firebombing, and last month, a pro-life organization in Madison, Wisconsin was wrecked in an arson attack. Two other pro-life pregnancy centers,—one near Portland, Oregon, and the other in Keizer, Oregon—have been firebombed in recent weeks, though no particular group has taken credit for the attacks. [-]

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Pedophilia Catholic Pelosi Biden rot. Schumer Satanic left lust for power … the angry mob

How low this nation has fallen under the control of the Marxist/demoMarxocrat/Hate America Party and its protectors in the MSM! Had We the (90 million+) People contended with a fourth estate that was functioning to protect the electorate in the past 5 years rather than promote the Marxist / demoMarxocrat / Hate America Party in becoming this nations’ most dangerous fifth column, this senile, decaying, nation-destroying pedophile wouldn’t be president and rather would be locked away somewhere safe, like Ellis Island or somesuch.

Now, the same group is hyper-sexualizing the children with all the LBQ-Alphabet-Soup-whatever indoctrination they can muster. Coincidentally, these are also the same people that celebrate killing babies in the womb. Tucker Carlson God Bless him also did his presentation the other night to millions of us who otherwise might not have any idea of the proclivities of the BidenPelosiSchifftySchumer-Schiff and scores of others fueling the cabal that is now ruling and about to fully destroy our nation unless there’s an uprising in the offing.

Every day it seems that there’s some new revelation regarding the utter degradation of the fake president and his crackhead son – revelations that would normally sink any normal politician especially a Republican. Just where are they all by the way?! Pedophilia Catholic Pelosi Biden rot. We don’t need an election, we need an exorcism!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!