One pence for bye-bye-birdie Mike

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Lydia from comments thread: The sanctimonious Pence is being used as a weapon against Trump. “Look, look, even Trump’s VP is against him! Orange Man Bad!!” That’s his only role since he has no chance of being nominated or winning.

It appears that Pence was always a rat in the woodpile. It’s a good reminder that the sabotage of Trump’s presidency began and ended with Pence. General Flynn lied to Mike Pence and therefore had to be removed. Pence rubber stamped the election results rather than delay certification to investigate charges of fraud. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pence voted for Biden.

Now he hopes to be a spoiler for 2024. Obviously it’s no accident that Pence (and FJBiden) are not facing any ramifications for holding secret documents they had no authority to keep as VPs. [end]

One pence for bye-bye-birdie Mike. Turncoat Pence shows true colors … enemy within

On the other hand, the donors want Pence on the primary stage with Trump so he can look wistful and ask with quavering voice why Trump incited a riot, why he couldn’t just step down gracefully in the face of FJBiden’s 81 million vote plebiscite that came in around December 15th or so. Why, not submitting to a staged bio-weapon release, summer of Love, and stolen ballots, is downright un-democratic he will/would utter. Tucker may well have spared us this idiocy through the primaries.

However – All Pence had to do was put up a fight supporting DJT when he needed it most and Pence decided that the Washington system was more important than DJT and his voters. If Pence had stood up, right or wrong, and said “We really need to know if a few of the states are sending us valid totals because there is considerable uncertainty that needs to be cleared up”, he would by now be a hero to the Republican base and probably stronger than RDS in the polls. That’s his problem. It’s nothing he said this weekend.

More importantly, Pence with his inarticulate and contemptuous comment has completely embittered people the likes of you and me who are faithful to God and hold fidelity to the Constitution. From the “hollers” of the Appalachian mountains to the mean streets of inner-city America, Pence has shown his traitorous and un-American streak.

And that, my friends, is why politicians are viewed as self-serving snakes – regardless of one’s claim of religious proclivities. May he disappear into the ash-bin of history. One pence for bye-bye-birdie Mike.

Rajan Laad, American Thinker: ‘Did Mike Pence just end his presidential candidacy? ‘ ….

Before Trump, D.C. was a comfortable place for politicians of both parties. They pretended to be different by keeping the public busy on divisive social issues. Once elected, they stuck to the norms in D.C. for endless foreign wars, open borders, wastage of public funds, green energy, etc.

Before Tucker Carlson had an epiphany, the media establishment was a comfortable place. There were the right media and left media who played the public to give the impression that they hated each other. Most of the mainstream media are a propaganda wing for the Democrats. Then came Fox News, which claimed to represent the right.

The Democrats went to every left-leaning channel and attacked the right. The Republicans appeared on Fox News and attacked the left.

But nobody on Fox News ever challenged Republicans from the right — i.e., nobody ever asked them about open borders or amnesty to illegals or the lack of action on abortion. Obviously, none in the mainstream media asked Democrats about their lack of progress on left-leaning issues.

Tucker Carlson has changed that norm for the right. He was one of the rare right-leaning voices on TV who challenged Republicans for not following the principles of conservatism and for being focused on issues that didn’t matter to Americans. Perhaps this led to Carlson’s sacking from Fox News. [-]

[+] … Back to the Iowa summit. There are many who claimed that Pence’s awkward performance ended his presidential chances. Well, they are wrong because to end his chances, he would have to have some chances in the first place.

Unless he is delusional, which is most likely not the case, Pence knows that he had no chance of winning the nomination. He knows that his conduct on January 6 and his remarks after that attacking Trump had disgusted the GOP voters who participate in the primaries. So what was he doing there?

Clearly, Pence was auditioning for a lucrative position in one of the “conservative” groups, such as the Lincoln Project, or maybe the kind that he supported by National Review, which longs for the return of the Bush era. He could also find a position on Fox News or perhaps even a liberal media outlet where he can be a useful idiot.

When President Trump wins in 2024, one of the biggest challenges is to keep away cunning pretenders such as Pence and Barr. This isn’t going to be easy because there are many wolves in sheepskin, while others merely capitulate under D.C. pressure. [end]

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One pence for bye-bye-birdie Mike. A pence for the earworm Spy Pence. Turncoat shows true colors as the enemy within…

Pence had that “Harrison Ford” look down pat, thinking that bland look and lack of personality was going to play well during the CV-19 Task Force Meetings three hours a day. Online every day, big Mike played the role of someone deeply concerned for all the people getting sick and/or dying. He’s a bad actor at best, and a fake Christian at worst!

People have been praying for over three years that God will open the eyes of more people so they can see what is happening to our nation. Maybe THIS story will open the eyes of Christians who still think MP is a good guy. On the contrary, Pence sounds good as a Presidential Candidate – yet continually acts like he’s running for dog catcher.

Pence is much too much of an evangelical egotist, who really believes that just by proclaiming his faith everyone will flock to him. Alas, voters want more aggressiveness in their leaders. St Paul, Peter & the others went out & not only risked jail, beatings & their life, but gave their lives for their faith.

President Donald John Trump carried him in but Pence refused to actually stand for anything but himself. He’s not just stale bread but moldy, crumbly foul and totally done-in. One pence for bye-bye-birdie Mike. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!