OBO#44’s teeter-totter legacy blues

Go ahead, make my..

In the immortal words of my long-time boyhood-hero Sir Winston Churchill (were he still with us), he would be referring to OBO#44 without any doubt at all as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” so wonderfully-astute was his word-smithy describing the then-Soviet Union of WWII.

Fast-forward to today and discover that in late 2016 OBO#44 torpedoed U.S. relations with Russia in efforts to perpetuate lies about our fearless President Trump – so purposely angry at Russia and its supposed interference in our 2016 election – that he got out his pen and phone and expelled 35 Russian diplomats. “Offed them all!” POOF!

As the New York Times reported: “President Obama struck back at Russia on Thursday for its efforts to influence the 2016 election, ejecting 35 suspected Russian intelligence operatives from the United States and imposing sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services. The administration also penalized four top officers of one of those services, the powerful military intelligence unit known as the G.R.U. (aka Russian Chief Intelligence Office)

OBO#44’s teeter-totter legacy blues. Red States to nullify Federal Law?

Intelligence agencies have concluded that the G.R.U. ordered the attacks on the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations, with the approval of the Kremlin, and ultimately enabled the publication of the emails it harvested to benefit Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

Indeed, OBO#44’s goal was to Fundamentally Transform America, and now you see the transition well into its accomplishment status, his views always tending to line up with Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. He always claimed to be a Christian, but his actions against the United States, the People, the Churches, and the Jewish entity told a completely different story; many viewpoints for example being anti-Israel, anti-white people, thereby creating a racial division where there wasn’t one in most cases.

Decades of racist-baiting have brought us to the point where equity (the new word for communism) is not based on race instead of class. The traditional Marxist dictum “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is the cornerstone of DEI. Punish the achievers in the name of altruistic service to the needy gives us Marxist-derived slavery to force us into submission. This is nothing new but just a repackaging to manipulated people by race-based intimidation.

Broadcaster Paul Harvey got it right when he said, “If I were the devil, how would I destroy America.” Well take.a good look at what has happened precisely the way he said it would. Good Day. THAT!

Mark Tapson, FrontPageMag: ‘Barack Obama’s True Legacy’ …

And how he continues to “fundamentally transform” America.

On the cusp of the 2008 presidential election, then-candidate Barack Obama galvanized an ecstatic crowd at Missouri University by claiming that he and his supporters were “five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Not making America great again, but fundamentally transforming her. This unsettling vow, from the man who would later declare that American exceptionalism was no more valid than British or Greek exceptionalism, promised not restoration, but revolution. It made clear that his incoming administration intended to toss the greatest country in the world onto the trash heap of history to make way for a Progressive utopia centered on social justice and on the dismantling of American power.

Obama’s threat took two presidential terms to gather momentum; former President Trump temporarily stalled its course, but then Obama managed to get a shot at a third term in 2020 – vicariously through his former Vice President Joe Biden. Under the decrepit figurehead Biden, Obama and his muses Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett could accelerate the fundamental change he promised. Indeed, it has been cascading to fruition so rapidly that one is reminded of a Hemingway character’s explanation about how he went bankrupt: “Gradually, then suddenly.”

The Biden administration is already securing its place in history as the most disastrous American presidency to date. In less than two-and-a-half years, the angry Divider-in-Chief Biden has presided over more domestic and foreign policy debacles than Barack Obama could ever have hoped for. As General Michael Flynn catalogs in the foreword to a brand new book titled Obama’s True Legacy: How He Transformed America, our nation now faces

chronic unemployment and inflation, a border crisis, grave threats to our constitutional liberties, increased violence and lawlessness from the leftist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter, a weakening dollar, the emboldening of our enemies worldwide, and even worse on the horizon… This is the world Barack Obama has made. This is his legacy.

Obama’s corrosive impact wasn’t limited to our shores. On an international level, for example, Daniel Greenfield addresses, in “Obama’s Betrayal of Israel,” the breakdown in relations between the United States and our close ally in the Middle East. That alliance fractured thanks to a “total divergence of worldviews” – “moral, cultural, and strategic” – between Obama and Biden on the one hand, and Benjamin Netanyahu on the other. [-]

[+] … But the chaos is all part of the plan. As Robert Spencer reminds us in his epilogue to Barack Obama’s True Legacy, Obama was photographed in 2008 clutching a copy of Fareed Zakaria’s book The Post-American World, a finger keeping his place in the pages. Spencer writes,

Zakaria’s book predicting America’s inevitable decline turned out to be a veritable blueprint for Obama’s presidency. Throughout his eight years in office, as this present book abundantly illustrates, Obama seemed determined to make Zakaria’s “post-American world” a self-fulfilling prophecy. Obama went to work from his first day in office to make Zakaria’s wishful thinking about America’s decline become a reality.

Now, in his de facto third term, the shadowy radical continues to exert his subversive influence on the Constitution, the citizens, and the country he is committed to destroying. Barack Obama’s True Legacy could not be a timelier and more important read. As Spencer concludes,

This book stands as a warning and as a primer on just how devastating Obamaism was for the United States and will be again unless vigilant, courageous, and patriotic American citizens stand, determined to employ all lawful means to defend freedom. [end]

Full link below…

OBO#44’s teeter-totter legacy blues. Sayonara up yours uniparty eunuch…

OBO#44 is perfectly placed to destroy the USA, since via his senile Muppet, he can fulfill his heart’s desire while remaining unaccountable for his evil countenance. It’s more than likely these days, he takes care not to use his pen, just his phone. Nothing in writing, no emails, no orders, no confirmation of meetings. Silence, while America dies.

The real problem we have is that this evil monster has control over the military, the CIA, and the DOJ through his dementia-ridden puppet, FJBiden, who literally doesn’t ever know what day it is. Susan Rice, Valerie Jarret and the whole commie gang are back at their desks in the White House. Mmmmm.

To which we add Bagpipes-Bill-Barr-the-Door to thank for all this with his refusing to investigate the 2020 election fraud because he was fed up with Trump’s rantings about nothing coming from the Durham investigation and the Hunter laptop. Barr has always been a Bush guy, and make no doubt about it, Bush was in on all the phone calls with Kemp, McConnell, Pence and other RINOs after the election and leading up to the inauguration – their big chance to get rid of Trump. To which they failed – miserably. OBO#44’s teeter-totter legacy blues. THAT!

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!