Democrat demolition despondency

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Just in case you haven’t been paying attention lately, the leftists-in-power are always claiming America is a terrible place, but what they themselves actually do is to actively make it a terrible place by design, by not enforcing basics of Civilization and encouraging instead, supporting squalor of all things. Make no mistake, it took work to make this happen.

The result for example is San Francisco, completely filled with homeless encampments, destitute beggars living on the street, filth all over the place etc., etc. Areas of the city (except Pelosi’s enclosed walls) are extremely dirty, smelly, unpleasant, unsanitary, lawless and thus dangerous etc., totally creating the glaring optics of poverty and neglect, exactly what the leftists want so they can stand there and point at it now and smugly declare “See we told you America sucks, look at this.” Just how far down the road with evil dare anyone get?

Democrat demolition despondency. Any relief at bay for Jan 6 last hurrah? Fortitude in the face of evil intent…

Cities tend to only exist because of government services, being impossible otherwise to live lives of independence, and thereby becoming the perfect environment for collectivists. The further one moves from the city, the more survival depends on personal independence that nurtures conservative policies. That is the reason that quite a few of the demoMarxocrat policy proposals incentivize cities, things like EV’s, and attempt to make life more difficult for those that just want to be left alone. THAT!

Major cities have become violent no-go zones, while adding to the chaos are imported aliens and the domestic sucklings of taxpayer funded lives, who’ve already begun competing with each other until it all spills over into the gated compounds, where nothing will be done to clean up the messes that have been made, particularly with taxpayers fleeing reprobate states for safety and sanity.

So the well dries up, the feral pets turn on their masters and there’s quite a way’s to go until critical mass is reached, barring a collapsing financial catastrophe – yet the yellow brick road eventually ends un-sustainably. What will be left of the Cities is anyone’s guess. Beirut, maybe. Maybe it’s time we ask ourselves why we even need large cities. They almost always end up as demoMarxocrat-run crime and slime centers.

A more rural life should be a serious consideration for most, since there’s more proof people are tools for leftists to be used up without a shred of humanity. How can you revive any major city if the inhabitants live in a culture that’s undisciplined, irresponsible, and violent. One within which a huge percentage of the inhabitants of the city think that’s just fine and dandy? Hint – You can’t – THAT!

Paul Gottfried, American Thinker: ‘How the Democrats are Destroying Large Cities’ ….

Kevin Williamson has published a commentary in the NY Post dealing with the “blue wave” that’s moving through metropolitan areas. In cities like Denver, Omaha, Dallas, and Salt Lake City, the Republican Party has ceased to be even competitive. According to Williamson, “there is no Republican-led US city with a population of one million or more.” In Salt Lake City, Omaha, Denver, and Dallas, elections are now held between left-of-center Democrats and more radical members of the same party.  Williamson is understandably concerned that if urban politics in areas that we expect to be relatively conservative continue to move in a blue direction, they will cease to give their populations “real political choices. Cities need real political competition to create incentives for policy innovation.”

My own concern is somewhat different from that of Williamson. It seems to me that Democrat urban rule is becoming increasingly chaotic, particularly as it turns in a woke direction. Defunding the police, abolishing gender identities, placing biological men in girls’ locker- and restrooms, and eliminating bail are all problems that now often accompany Democrats’ rule. Pulling down statues that are deemed politically incorrect and renaming streets and parks to fit the Left’s advancing antiwhite agenda are also characteristic of Democrat urban governments. The same governments are also treating indulgently large homeless populations which live in their streets and poach on the lawns of local residents. It is not so much the lack of “policy innovation” as it is how and what the Democrats innovate that makes their urban rule quite unsettling. [-]

[+] … Rendell is of course a Democrat and a firm supporter of the Biden administration. And not insignificantly, the core of Philadelphia is now convulsed with crime. It is doubtful that Philadelphia can maintain a vital commercial and recreational life for its citizens or tourists if its crime rate continues to rise. It currently rates near the top of American cities for violent crime. [-]

[+] … Equally important, there is a culturally and socially determined population movement. The anti-woke demographic has been moving from blue to red regions and out of crime-ridden, politically radicalized cities. The result of this development is not necessarily that more of the country is looking like Dallas, Philadelphia, or San Francisco. It is that areas that are more congenial to traditional bourgeois Christian society are attracting those who share their values and life choices. Mr. Williamson, who has expressed strong feelings against the white working class and particularly against Trump voters, obviously won’t be joining this exodus, but he should be aware that one is occurring — and is likely to accelerate. Those who remain in large cities may feel increasingly uncomfortable unless they share the dominant values of their environment or can survive in isolated enclaves. But others are packing their bags and are not likely to come back. [end]

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Democrat demolition despondency. Overpowering stench of nepotism OBO#44 + KamalaKult the clear & present danger…

What we’re seeing is irreversible in the major cities. Consider how things have changed dramatically since 1965, for instance, when the population in Cleveland, Ohio, was 1,875,000. As of July of 2022 it was way, way down to 361,607. Whites make up only 38% of the population, blacks 47% and are still granted minority status, all be it having the power in Cleveland’s administration.

Violent crime in Cleveland is 17.4 per 1000. In all of Ohio it’s only 3.76 and nationwide it’s 4. And let’s face it, crime statistics clearly show those crimes are mostly being committed by blacks, most of whom are the product of illegitimacy. That’s massively destructive, and that destructiveness is spreading – an abandonment of all the foundational values that create stable societies.

While there’s been efforts to restore Cleveland neighborhoods, that required tearing down entire sections of the city to put up new buildings. As of right now, entire sections of Cleveland are either vacant lots with everything torn down, or have blocks of empty buildings, businesses and homes, that are rat infested holes surrounded by slums. And surrounding suburbs are equally impacted by all this, such as East Cleveland, which is a disaster. Democrat demolition despondency.

How can you revive any major city if the inhabitants live in a culture that’s undisciplined, irresponsible, and violent. One within which a huge percentage of the inhabitants of the city think that’s just fine and dandy? THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! – KAG!