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Lydia from comments thread: There have been 8 generations since the end of the Civil War, and 3 since the beginning of the Great Society (avg 20 yrs per generation). Due to accidents of well-spaced births, I have a great-grandfather who fought for the Union in the Civil War. I know quite a bit about this great-grandfather’s life. As a farmer he faced many hardships, especially when he had to leave his wife and children on the farm alone to fight in the war. But his birth in 1833 is the dim past for me, and he was long gone before I came into the world.

Any adversity, danger, misfortune, or privation my ancestor suffered had no bearing on the events or choices I made during my life. We lived in completely different times. His legacy to me was perseverance and fortitude, not family wealth.

OBO#44 & ringing reparation bells … they can run but they can’t hide…

As Ms. Toplansky points out, we could all find servitude, unfairness, injustice, and grievances in the lives of our ancestors. Their lives are not our lives. Reliving the past does not move us forward. We live in the present and hope to determine a better future. Reparations for damage or economic loss 160 years ago cannot change history. And the Great Society has spent trillions since 1965.

Obama uses the reparations issue to further drive a wedge into race relations in this country, pit black against white, and unjustly confiscate money from people for sins they never committed. If anyone should pay, it’s the Democrat Party itself–the party that fought for slavery. [end]

OBO#44 must surely sense that the black vote may be at risk due to the insane Marxist/Democrat/Hate America Party’s policies that are further impoverishing the inner cities. $23T spent on the war on poverty since 1965 apparently isn’t enough to keep black Americans voting Left. Obama needs to be asked if he would qualify for reparations? He is of African descent. The big tell is, he’s of direct African descent with a supremacist American white mother. Hmmm?

Mmmmm …. OBO#44’s dream of “fundamentally transforming America” is progressing as planned, albeit not a darned shame for the better. Setting back race relations fifty years and weaponizing and corrupting every alphabet agency in the country will ultimately be his legacy, albeit he will be okay with failure, for this is who he is, always was and always will be forever and a day.

Eileen F. Toplansky, American Thinker: ‘Obama rings the reparations bell’ ….

As Black Lives Matters and their allies rev up the call for reparations, it is time to revisit what Milton R. Konvitz wrote in 1976 for the celebration of the Bicentennial of American Independence[1]:

In the late 1960s, when militant blacks staged demonstrations in various churches demanding a half-billion dollars in ‘reparations’ for three hundred years of subjugation and discrimination, a writer in an Anglo-Jewish journal formulated a demand for ‘reparations from various nations on behalf of the Jewish people, including demands to the Vatican for the harm done by teaching that the Jewish people were guilty of deicide and for the  promotion of the blood libel; on Spain for the Inquisition and for the expulsion of Jews in 1492; on Germany, France, Austria, and Italy, as successors of the Holy Roman Empire, for imprisoning Jews in ghettos; on Arab governments for oppression of the Jews for hundreds of years; on Russia for forcing Jews to live in the Pale of Settlement, for prohibiting them from owning land, for imposing on Jews a quota system that severely restricted their admission to high school and to the universities.

As far as Italian-Americans, should they too demand reparations?  How many people are aware of the worst lynching in America — the mass murder of Italian-Americans in New Orleans in 1891?  Moreover, “Sicilians were viewed by many Americans as culturally backward and racially suspect,” writes historian Manfred Berg.  Because of their dark skin, they were often treated with the same contempt as black people.  In fact,  “many Southerners looked down on these Italians as ‘white Negroes.'” [-]

[+] … As Theodore Dalrymple has explained, “it is true, of course that blacks in America have faced many generations of ill treatment, but such prejudice as now exists against them is not legal  [emphasis mine] but the kind of informal social prejudice that is common throughout history.  They also benefit from prejudice in their favor, [emphasis mine] which may in the long run be more harmful to them than prejudice against.”

Most noteworthy is the last sentence.  The race-driven laws being promulgated are all about identity politics.  Race, not merit, is the key ingredient.  Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity programs so prevalent in schools and businesses are the systemic prejudice that is being injected into our lives. They are in, fact, better described as Discrimination, Indoctrination, and Exclusion of whites and Asians.

Dalrymple goes on to write that “the whole idea of protected groups — is a retrogression from the Enlightenment idea of treating people as equal under the law.”

But Obama, tried and true Marxist that he is, will never stop pandering as long as it results in a rift in the nation that he so abhors.  As Ray DiLorenzo asserts, Barack Obama, George Soros and Joe Biden “fly our flag while with beamed expression do[ing] their diligence to destroy everything [America] stands for.” [end]

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OBO#44 & ringing reparation bells … Fauci BidenHarris cabal face of evil … fraudulent fascistic Fauci failure…

At every bottom-dwellers respite, there’s the right to gather with one’s own kind, where there’s nothing wrong, nothing racist about wanting to be among like-minded people, whether its around religion, politics, or culture. Being forced to associate with people with whom one has nothing in common, is forced association, no better than forcing someone to hire someone who is not like-minded. This insidious forced diversity is tearing us apart in the name of anti-racism.

What is really racist is black people demanding damages for something they were not damaged by. And please, spare us all the notion that blacks still suffer from the residuals of slavery. Not in 21st century-America, where a black man was elected largely by white people to be POTUS, and where black people are on the SCOTUS and everywhere else. The only thing holding some black people back today is not their blackness; it’s their resentment, supercharged by people like OBO#44 and the other diversity drones.

The problem is that these pot-stirrers only go back into the history of slavery as far as circumstances suit them, and what’s worse is they turn a blind eye to it going on as we speak, as OBO#44 gives the racial turmoil cauldron another good stir. Reparations, alimony, extortion… all the same, with yet another continuing payment for services previously rendered. OBO#44 & ringing reparation bells …   THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!