Inexplicable Epstein strangle death

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Surprising to say (or NOT!) – a DOJ investigative report found nothing suspicious in the suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein, a purported suicide while still in police custody. Whatever else he may have been, it’s certain that Epstein wasn’t black. But we must trust the government, or answer a FISA warrant for sedition. Therefore everyone somewhat involved should be all in with the report’s findings, particularly if the reports real author was the mustachioed “Bull” Durham, the DOJ’s chief apologist for the government’s conspiracy to frame Donald J. Trump.

Not to get too bizarre about it, but if the DOJ ever gets DJT into police custody, DJT may well die of a non-suspicious suicide, too. You have to understand, the truth is Highly Classified regarding this case. If the truth came out, it could wreck the lives of top officials They would lose their jobs and wind up homeless in San Francisco or L.A. So it is better to cover it up with a cute story. Remember, the real investigation will not be declassified until 2525 A.D. One doesn’t think anyone will care by then, except maybe and perhaps FJBiden.

Inexplicable Epstein strangle death. Epstein and Barry Krischer 2019

There are those who’ve long ago presumed this Jeffrey stuff as more than somewhat amusing, but once Trump is done with that (ie forgetting it) he it is to whom we more than need to build thousands of border-wall miles that don’t exactly work as intended. Simply just vote Trump. Ask questions about why it doesn’t work later. Remember also that it’s common in USA for government workers to falsify their worksheets, or for equipment to break down and not be repaired, etc.

Still, trying to figure what the betting odds should be, one could well guesstimate say, a 95% chance or better that it was a hit, covered by a 5% chance or less that it was suicide. That’s the first question anybody asks you and the Trump chumps on guard duty are no different except now they’re probably FJBiden chumps. Mmmm…

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘DOJ report blames Epstein death on inexplicable series of errors’ …

There’s nothing suspicious in the suspicious death How did Jeffrey Epstein, who had already tried to commit suicide and was supposed to be on suicide watch, manage to kill himself in one of the most secure detention facilities in the country? Much like how he was able to evade sex offender registration in three states, it’s a mystery, wrapped in an enigma and locked up in a black box.

The DOJ’s latest report on the Epstein death blames an inexplicable series of errors. No one at the facility did what they were supposed to do is the bottom line. Not only did they not monitor Epstein, but they gave him plenty of bed linens with which to hang himself.

For some mysterious reason, Epstein was inappropriately taken off suicide watch and the guards lied about conducting rounds that they didn’t conduct. For some reason, he wasn’t housed with a cellmate, and then there was a malfunction of the video recording system…

“Recorded video evidence for August 9 and 10 for the SHU area where Epstein was housed was only available from one prison security camera due to a malfunction of MCC New York’s Digital Video Recorder system that occurred on July 29, 2019. While the prison’s cameras continued to provide live video feeds, recordings were made for only about half the cameras.” Nothing suspicious here. Just a multiplication of convenient errors and linens.

“The combination of these and other failures led to Epstein being un-monitored and alone in his cell, which contained an excessive amount of bed linens, from approximately 10:40 p.m. on August 9 until he was discovered hanged in his locked cell the following day”. Excessive linens have taken a lot of lives. Maybe we need linen control.

The upshot as usual is that there’s nothing suspicious in the suspicious death and we should all relax because this was just one of those things that happens when one of the most dangerous men in the world commits suicide before he can name names. [end]

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Inexplicable Epstein strangle death

In January 2020, prosecutors told a judge that the ‘missing‘ surveillance footage outside of Epstein’s prison cell on the night of his suicide attempt in July had been found. Prosecutors then told the judge the surveillance video has been destroyed due to a “record-keeping error.” Even worse, the backup system for video surveillance wasn’t working due to ‘technical errors.

“The requested video no longer exists on the backup system and has not since at least August 2019 as a result of technical errors,” the prosecutors wrote. Many people don’t believe Epstein killed himself after several strange coincidences and inconsistencies were revealed following his death.

Noted pedophile of the rich and powerful Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell in Manhattan in August 2019, one week after he supposedly attempted suicide in July. The 66-year-old financier and convicted pedophile was found dead in his prison cell and the medical examiner ruled his death a suicide by hanging.

Epstein, who was 6 feet tall, reportedly secured the bed-sheet on the bunk bed and wrapped the sheet around his neck. Epstein had a broken hyoid bone in his neck which is consistent with strangulation in homicides, not suicides. Autopsy photos (screenshot below) sure look like a wire was used to strangle Epstein. Inexplicable Epstein strangle death. THAT!

It may well have been one of the “strangest doings” ever in the history of the United States, yet there are still non-believers wandering around and wondering whether or not he really did himself in as opposed to one or two or more of the prison population sending him swiftly on his way to Armageddon. More THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!