Obama’s Republican Rearguards…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Face it We The People, the present Republican leadership is as worthless as teats on a boar. As the brave, in-your-face Ted Cruz declared this past Friday: “We might as well have re-elected Dingie ‘Arry and Screechie (I did not vet Obama) Pelosi.” (my paraphrasing on his behalf). The “goings-on” in all of We The People’s’ houses have become nothing more than a circus of dog & pony shows, led in by the clowns of obstruction, obfuscation, manipulation, and downright corruption – corruption at the highest levels of leadership no less.

There is definitely a poker game of immense importance being played here and it is my firm belief that the Republican leadership has determined that We The People are no longer cut from the same cloth that led our founding generation to wager their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to secure liberation from tyranny. Present day so-called “leadership” has made the determination that “sacred honor” no longer exists among the citizenry in amounts sufficient to matter. They, along with establishment Democrats, and Leftist-Alinskyite looney-tune elites, are now all-in on the transformation of America into an elected, authoritarian Oligarchy and are wagering that We The People are too far gone to remove them from office and that we no any longer have the will to “call” their bet. Well, in the immortal words of Winston Churchill to Hitler: “Some chicken; some neck.”

Sad, but all too true. In Washington, Democrats are Obama supporters while a majority of Republicans (leadership especially) are Obama enablers. Each play a role in expanding the reach of a lawless and corrupt government whose only purpose is to expand its power and favor its supporters. To save what’s left of the American Republic, we need leadership that will take us in a different direction. In the England I grew up in, there were three major political parties — Labour, Conservative, and Liberal. Why has a viable third party never emerged in this country? Isn’t it about time that one did?

In the piece coming up by Scott McKay in today’s American Spectator, he titles his piece “The Republic As Prey” and he couldn’t have chosen a better or more truthful header.

America's Leadership

America’s Corrupt Leadership…

There is one thing, however, that We The People can do in the short-term and that is to elect The Donald or Cruz or perhaps Walker who would use the power surrendered by the Congress to the Bureaucracy against the socialists. This is the danger they have with executive diktats and lawlessness. Trump, Cruz or Walker could very easily reverse all the illegal alien and ObamaCare Executive Diktats, rendering both aborted like Planned Parenthood never dreamed of.

In his piece, McKay mentions the Export Import Bank deal but not many, even FOX, are discussing this betrayal for what it is; fascism. Taxpayers earning $50K or families earning $100K per year are chipping in $10B+ to fund Boeing and GE to the tune of $4B and $1B and another $5B to other corporatists. If one cannot understand this, as well as Public Unions negotiating with politicians to get oversized salaries, fat pensions and Cadillac health care plans by paying $1,000 in Dues that go directly to re-elect DemoMarxist politicians, then one is a financial illiterate; no wonder McConnell got mad with Cruz

Our Treasury is being plundered, which means that our children and grandchildren will be debt slaves. Of course the other option is that they will repudiate the debt by national movement or revolution in which case all the promises baby boomers made to themselves will prove to be Utopian Dreams. (Von Mises Jr.)

Scott McKay fully understands what is going on here, while I’m still wondering why big money is obviously changing hands constantly to somebody/something/somewhere, but that doesn’t really matter any more when we have increasing evidence of a treasonous president, a complicit congress, and shady deals being done behind closed doors. So much for transparency.

On to Mr. McKay and his piece…

The Twinkie-Twins no different one from the other...

The Twinkie-Twins no different one from the other…

On Friday, Sen. Ted Cruz made the most significant break with a party leadership in modern memory when he called Republican majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar over a clandestine deal the latter had made with Democrats to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank.

Cruz’s war of words with McConnell has an element of strategy to it — he’s without question positioning himself as the anti-establishment GOP hopeful among the “serious” candidates in the 2016 field — but he’s also expressing sincerely and widely held concerns that the Republican Party is powerless to stop the Obama administration’s compound abuses of power through the choice of McConnell and John Boehner.

The GOP leadership in both houses of Congress has perfected something Ace of Spades appropriately called “Failure Theater” back in March — namely, that all of the attempts to move a conservative agenda forward or even to stop the Obama administration’s various power grabs don’t just fall short but are intended to do so while presenting the duped voters back home with a “Well, we tried” shrug.

As a result, there is no repeal of Obamacare afoot despite countless meaningless votes to kill it. Nothing was done about a patently unconstitutional executive amnesty scheme until a courageous federal judge in Texas finally blocked it. Nothing was done to stop the president from getting unprecedented authority in the arena of foreign trade. The inability to stop a catastrophic nuclear deal with Iran was pure Failure Theater — in fact, the Republican-led Senate actually passed legislation to make it more difficult to stop the Iran deal.

Cruz'n the potholes...

Cruz’n the potholes…

And with the successive demonstrations of Failure Theater, in which the conservative base and the few members of the House and Senate who do attempt to honestly represent it make a demand for a strong stand on an issue only to see that stand watered down and frittered away through meaningless votes or worse, what ought to be a lame duck administration has become even more aggressive in abrogating power to itself beyond any grant in the Constitution.

Two examples stand out of recent vintage.

In the case of the IRS and its scandalous attempts to persecute conservative activists, this month it was revealed that not only was the tax agency conspiring with the Justice Department to illegally share millions of pages of tax information in an effort to launch a prosecutorial fishing expedition aimed at punishing the president’s political enemies in advance of the 2012 election, but it was systematically performing IRS audits of conservative donors it found from lists obtained in the records of conservative-leaning 501[c]4 organizations.

Considering that one element of the impeachment charges filed against Richard Nixon was the attempted abuse of the IRS, the Congressional reaction to this information — which wasn’t released to the public until Judicial Watch was able to pry it loose with a Freedom of Information lawsuit — ought to be to dismantle the agency. Congress has the power of the purse, after all; just defund the IRS completely until a special prosecutor is named to go after everyone involved in the targeting scandal.

Yes, but this can’t be done, say our betters in the leadership, because the president won’t cooperate and will veto any spending bills that don’t include full funding for the IRS and every one of his other governmental priorities (including Planned Parenthood, which we will get to shortly).

Ted Cruz the truthsayer...

Ted Cruz the truthsayer…

Precisely. And why is this the end of the conversation? Because Boehner and McConnell both pledged never to cause a government shutdown again, a pre-emptive surrender that has signaled to the president he will win every fight he wants to simply by finding ways to make policy around Congress. This surrender was born out of the myth that the 2013 government shutdown over Obamacare “damaged” the Republican Party, something widely discussed as axiomatic in Washington despite the fact the party gained eight Senate seats and a few seats in the House in the 2014 elections.

The voters who entrusted the GOP with its current majorities have noticed Failure Theater and do not approve, which is the primary explanation for the current Donald Trump boomlet and the Republican Party’s progressive downturn in approval despite the unpopularity of this president.

The arrogance of the administration has taken a dramatic upward trajectory ever since the shutdown was taken off the table late last year.

The Obama administration’s lawlessness reached a pinnacle last week after videos of Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of body parts from aborted fetuses began to surface. The videos, shot by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group following the proven drip-drip-drip media model perfected by James O’Keefe during his 2009 ACORN takedown, should have the same catastrophic effect on an even bigger target collecting some half-billion dollars in federal funding per year.

In the Senate, amendments to de-fund Planned Parenthood were filed but not passed. Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who was confirmed thanks to 10 Republican Senate votes, announced she would be launching an investigation as a result of the videos… into their producers.

So when evidence of illegal activity by a constituent organization within the Democratic Party’s constellation is produced, this administration investigates the whistleblower. And does so in broad daylight.

Nothing is done about it.

This isn’t about politics anymore. We are now beyond the question of what will work in the next election cycle. What is at stake now is the future of the American republic and constitutional governance — because if Congress cannot be relied on to put a stop to rampant lawlessness and corruption at the highest levels within the executive branch, the government as a whole no longer has the moral standing to put a stop to lawlessness anywhere.


The whole system begins to break down when the public ceases to consent to be governed. The Obama administration has driven us to that point, and the weak GOP leadership has all but broken the opposition party through multiple showings of Failure Theater.

Amid this, Cruz has declared his war on McConnell which might turn him into the standard bearer for the conservative movement in the 2016 presidential cycle, or lead to his irrelevance in his current position until new leadership is found in the Senate at some future time.

In the meantime, Obama plots his next offensive against the limits of federal power, knowing there is nothing his timid, flaccid opponents in Washington can do to stop him.

About the Author
Scott McKay is publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics.