Obamacare Sticker Shock : The Grinch Steals Christmas

Obamacare sufferer..There’s an old saying that goes something like – “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” and while the Grinch in the White House lives high off the hog, his lies, prevarications and deceptions, are full of all kinds of hellish mischief. Take his signature legislative carbuncle as an example – “legislative” in name only since fully 78% of Americans didn’t want it shoved down their throats, the way it was – Obamacare sticker shock is coming home to roost.

Some applicants see the catch. “The real big surprise was how much out-of-pocket would be required for our family,” said David Winebrenner, 46, a financial adviser in Lebanon, Ky., whose deductible topped $12,000 for a family of six for a silver plan he was considering. The monthly premium: $1,400.

While the health law makes many preventive services free — such as vaccines, blood pressure screening and mammograms — most medical care is paid out of pocket until the deductible level is reached. Some of the new plans offer limited coverage for certain services before a patient has met the annual deductible. These services can include primary care, some prescription drugs and routine care for common chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

It’s unclear how many plans provide this feature, and it may not be easy for consumers to tell. Obamacare sticker shock unfolds…