Obama Steve Kroft Self Implosion..

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

I bring you the fallout from the Steve Kroft/Obama interview from this past Sunday night’s “60 Minutes”, first from “Trifecta” featuring Steve Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle; followed by Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer. The prime example and most revealing aspect of the interview is the arrogance and delusional mentality of this gargantuan buffoon OBO the Clown Prince. Unfortunately, it’s exactly this type of defective, cancerous thinking that infects far too many people in this nation – namely liberal-progressive-DemoMarxist-Socialists.

OBO the Clown’s delusion begins with the notion that he believes he’s worked miracles with our economy, when anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size can look around and see that he has failed big time in that endeavor. He’s also delusional in the belief that he’s got things under control in the Middle East. Vlad-the-bad-Putin on the other hand, is committing military assets to the Middle East despite his “weak economy” almost as a reverse Ronald Reagan-ish move of orchestrating the collapse of the Soviet Union back in the 1980s, by disclosing he will defend Assad and attack anyone who tries to remove him, including the American-backed rebels. Putin has made it very clear that he is in direct conflict with Obama’s “plan” to fix Syria and pretty much mocked OBO the Clown’s plan and American failures by intervening in the Middle East during the United Nations summit. Plus he has made it very clear that he really has no intentions of coordinating his efforts with anyone else.

So, in light of all these known and fully factual things OBO the Clown STILL maintains that Putin isn’t challenging him! There’s no doubt that Putin sees right through Obama for the arrogant, spineless empty-suit twit that he is, and is fully intent on seizing the opportunity to re-establish Russia as a major contender in world affairs. Yet OBO the Clown has the gall to mock Putin for “propping up his one ally by a fine thread” while at the same time having done much to insult and dishonor some of our biggest and long-serving allies. Yet he has gone forward to build relationships with a country (Iran) that has long been an enemy of the state, and still makes threats to annihilate American and Israeli infidels!

It is absolutely incomprehensible to me how this Trojan Horse Manchurian Candidate hasn’t been impeached and thrown in prison for crimes and misdemeanors against his own country while aiding and abetting the enemy! I guess in a more perfect world he would already have been locked away together with the Clintons, Pelosis, Reids, Schumers, Sanders, Bidens, Holders, Boxers, Waters … headache developing … it’s nice to dream anyway.

Well, it’s as clear as daylight how SURPRISED OBO the Clown is from being seriously questioned by a (white male) journalist. That plaintive “little-boy” look to Steve Kroft is almost as if the president is saying “Just WHAT are you saying? Are you mad? Wow, just wow. How dare you harshly question me, the first “black” president of this racist, fascist and mysogynous country? Shut the h**l up you pleb and adore me, THE Marxist icon”.

Then up comes O’Reilly and Krauthammer and if anything, they hammer him even more. Truth is a hard task master sometimes!

You can’t get rid of an Islamic Jihadist Muslim ideology without eradicating it through war. The entire Islamic Muslim environment on Earth is not suitable for comfort, nor does it foster growth in very many capacities that sustain happy communities. This is the way of the desert. Add to that the magic of what they perceive as eternal happiness in the form of their afterlife, which is only attainable by misinterpreting/properly interpreting the Qur’an…

The close out comment by O’Reilly is the scariest – “We can elect different presidents”, but if the populous doesn’t really care, then we are headed for the gutter, or to the pits of Hell. Wake UP We The People – Pay attention!

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