DemDebate more “Laurel ‘n Hardy”

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Since 10-15  minutes was about all that I could stand of the DemoMarxist Comedy Show based on the old “Laurel ‘n Hardy” gags, I turned to a couple of commentators for my morning wrap, Erick Erickson of Red State, and Glenn Beck. I agree with most of what Erickson wrote in his piece coming up, all the way up to, that is: “And she will lose the general election because…” At that point, all I will say is “let’s just hope so”.

I have witnessed (twice, now) a completely unelectable Trojan Horse Manchurian Candidate OBO the Clown, “win” the presidency. He had huge skeletons in his closet that should have made him the joke candidate the first time around, and the failed president trying hopelessly for re-election the second time around. For this or that reason however, it really doesn’t matter, as he was forced on America twice in succession. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice conspiracy reigns.”

Now we have another “gimme” in the making. Any of half a dozen or more candidates should eclipse Billary easily in the general election, and those of us who keep up with world affairs think it is inevitable. But, did we not think the same thing in 2012? What should have been a Romney shoe-in by any stretch of the imagination (since almost every pundit gave the election to Romney) lasted right up until election night when the same pundits were at a loss for words. The only question that has never been answered is “Who was the Machiavellian Svengali who orchestrated such a travesty?” (Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros, he of the voting machine conspiracy immediately springs to mind).

Or could it be that what happened is that the rest of the voting public got involved in our little party and spoiled it? There are always huge numbers of people out there that are willing to vote without a clue of what is happening in the world around them, and somehow, We The People always seem to leave these drones out of the equation while somehow we keep getting our lunch taken away.

Let’s face it – There are many great, logical reasons why the felon ex-first “wife” should not be elected; as a matter of fact there are almost as many reasons she should already be wearing an orange jump-suit and occupying a padded cell in GITMO. However, one fact is very clear, she hasn’t been arrested, she’s still on the ballot. and until that is not the case, it is VERY possible that she will win the general election – By hook or by crook, or by dissimulation.

Shameless lawlessness run amok...

Shameless lawlessness run amok…

Fellow conservatives, I adjure you (love that word) it could and might well happen – Heck, OBO the Clown TWICE so why not the female felon??!! America needs to wake up in a hurry and we need to do more to reverse the criminal trend of the last two elections. More importantly, the investigations that are on-going need to get to the heart of the Billary matter, and bring forth some real charges, charges with conviction that send her to jail.

This next election is indeed a pivotal moment in our history and it needs to be fought with Conservativism, not with spineless tyrannical political party hacks who are simply protecting their own lucrative territories. We have been dragged so far left by the progressives on BOTH sides that we must move sharply right just to get back within sight of any “center”.

We can then deal with weird Uncle Joe, as he will almost certainly take the place of the convicted female felon, since there’s nothing else to show between the crazy Sanders and anybody else.

Now to Erick Erickson, Red State and “Anderson Cooper and Hillary Clinton Won The Debate”……

RedstatelogoLet me first sing Anderson Cooper’s praises.

He kept the trains running on time. He forced the candidates to answer questions they otherwise did not want to answer. He pushed on gun control; he pushed on Clinton’s emails; he held his ground against an audience even against him. Anderson Cooper won the debate, but he is not running for President.

Hillary Clinton was the winner of the debate. Her stage presence was pleasant compared to a yelling Bernie Sanders and an angry Jim Webb. She looked at the other candidates who were speaking, making eye contact and nodding. She had a humorous moment with Anderson Cooper over the bathroom break. And she cleaned Bernie Sanders’ clock.

In fact, it was Hillary Clinton who gave a ringing defense of capitalism against Bernie Sanders. It was Hillary Clinton who gave a forceful defense of American national security against Sanders and others on stage. She stood strong against Edward Snowden. She even showed some maturity and caution on recreational marijuana.

It is really striking that a left-wing Democrat like Hillary Clinton seemed reasonable against Bernie Sanders, who is truthfully her only competition on stage. All he could do is yell. It was Hillary Clinton’s night.

But what really stands out about the Democratic debate is how there was no diversity of idea or diversity of ethnicity. It was a bunch of old white people on stage who all largely agreed on government policies, government spending, taking people’s guns away, and killing children.

Contrast these Democrats with the Republicans running. The Republicans disagree on immigration, they disagree on taxes, they disagree on college funding, they are white, Hispanic, Indian, male, and female. Where there is diversity of skin and thought on the right, there is none on the left.

Lastly, there is one other issue worth noting. The crowd was very, very friendly to the Democrats and very engaged. The gang on stage played right into that. When Hillary Clinton wanted to pivot, she threw out Planned Parenthood funding and the War on Women. The crowd went wild. When Sanders wanted to pivot, he’d throw out some leftwing issue and the crowd would road.

Billary, Bernie, and ... Biden?

Billary, Bernie, and … Biden?

The danger here is that the American people saw just how out of touch the Democrats are. The Democrats, in playing to their crowd in the debate hall, went for the echo chamber. They are a bunch of big spenders who will take our guns and surrender our national sovereignty to hostile powers with no clue on how to stand up to Putin. They are for killing kids and burdening small businesses with new government programs while refusing to cut anything. They care more about global warming than helping working families.

The crowd in Las Vegas may have gone wild, but most Americans are now out in the back yard burying their guns and wallets.

Hillary Clinton won the debate. She will win the Democratic nomination. And she will lose the general election because the Democratic echo chamber has completely drifted away from where the American people are.

As a bonus there’s this little gem from Glenn Beck, lifted from his Facebook page…

I have watched just a few minutes of the ‪#‎demdebate‬ so don’t read too much into this comment but if I may think out loud:

Bernie Sanders is saying some things that are more conservative than some of the GOP. (Some of it is right from the former soviet constitution).

He is at least telling you what he actually believes. The fact that he is a proud socialist will work for many people and be the kiss of death for many others.

Maybe it is just me, but he does not look presidential, then again it may be the dandruff on his shoulder that isn’t working for me.

But overall I am glad that he is in the game. The only one I would want to interview. Perhaps the only one that will tell you what he believes.

Clinton is just so unlikable and disingenuous. The anti-Bernie Sanders minus the socialist thing.

Only judging by body language O’Malley looks the most presidential. But, maybe it is because he is the only one on stage that doesn’t meet all the qualifications to check into a nursing home tonight.

The democrats really are diverse. They are all white but one of them is NOT also really, really old.

Lincoln Chaffe IS Scuttle, the seagull in Little mermaid.

Is it just me or did CNN waste makeup on Jim Webb? He is almost invisible.

Okay, now it is time to turn up the sound and watch it from the beginning.

Oh boy. Maybe not.

Sheryl Crow is usually amazing but oof. Wow. To be fair: at least she knew all of the words.

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