Obama Completely Off The Rails…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

“And German radio proclaimed victory was near as the Russians entered Berlin” (c June 1945) and thus is the delusion of a rogue fraud “president transparency” currently ensconced in We The People’s Mansion in Washington D.C. Additionally, according to this rogue fraud “president transparency”, Race relations are the best they’ve ever been, violent crime in our ghettos is a thing of the past, wages for the middle class are increasing rapidly, poverty has been erased as food stamp usage is diminishing, young black males are now establishing family units, going to school and working regular jobs, respect for the law and law enforcement officers has never been higher – Indeed this country is now paradise on earth all due to one man, Barack Barry Soetoro Harrison J Bounel Hussein Obama … Please excuse my satire.

Obama is what is known by psychiatrists as a “rattle brain”. His mind and mouth are completely out of sync with each other, while his jug ears only hear an echo from yesterday. You do realise don’t you, that he has actually attempted to pass a fake birth certificate proved fraudulent by literally hundreds, if not thousands, of forgery experts, and there is a high probability that he never even had one. He never pocessed his own social security ID; his passport is AWOL; his educational records are not available; his background and race is questionable. Does he know the difference between black and white? For all we know, he may even be transgendered. The question is; would you hire this person to weed your yard? Would you welcome him into your home and offer him a beverage? Thought so, and I don’t know anyone else who would either.

Obama stiffs Iraqi PM...

Made a damned fool of himself yet again at one of those G7 something-or-others yesterday, when he stiffed the prime minister of Iraq to whom he referred as “we have no definitive action plan for ISIS against Iraq” (or somesuch nonsensical statement) completely ignoring and demeaning Prime Minister Al-Abadi as he was sitting right next to him on the same bench. But, you know, the rogue fraud “president transparency” was too busy rubbing his hand up and down the back of the blonde bombshell banker of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, who is not quite as stunning as the blonde bomber Prime Minister of Denmark, that he “selfied” with at Mandela’s funeral, but tasty enough for a little “handling.” Can’t wait to see what Moochelle’s reaction will be to this news. Oh wait – she and the girls are off on their own vacation again, aren’t they… Money, money, money, it’s so funny, in a rich man’s world (apologies to ABBA).

Which all leads me to Thomas Lifson’s observation of Obama’s latest redactions to reality in today’s American Thinker…


President Obama has made so many statements a variance with reality that it is time to question whether he is delusional or merely lying. My hope is on the latter. If he really believes his spin (as he once told a reporter – “You know, I actually believe my own bull—-“), then we are in serious trouble as a nation. Investor’s Business Daily lists a number of counterfactual statements from the Leader of the Free World:

President Obama was in Germany the last few days, but too many of his recent remarks sound like he’s been in high orbit — around another planet.

America has never been held in greater esteem than under Obama’s leadership. Counterterrorism worked well in Yemen until the emergency evacuation of embassy and Special Ops forces — and the loss of millions in arms.

The president’s half-hearted “war” on the Islamic State is also a “success.” As is ObamaCare, never been working better. Just as he promised.

Jobs are finally humming along with unemployment numbers down (because so many gave up looking). The economy actually shriveled in the first quarter, but that’s because of some unexpected phenomenon called winter.

The Mexican border is secure now because the president says so. Since Bill Clinton was already named the first black president, the actual first black president claims he’s given such staunch support to Israel that he’s in reality the first Jewish president. (snip)

At his [news conference closing the G-7 meeting Monday, Obama declared that ObamaCare’s costs “have come in substantially lower than even our estimates about how much it would cost. … None of the predictions about how this wouldn’t work have come to pass.”

Everyone here keep the doctor they liked? Anyone’s hours cut to part-time? Premiums steady? Everyone get their promised $2,500 health care savings?

On IS, Obama admitted that nine months after announcing his hastily written strategy to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the terrorist army, “We don’t yet have a complete strategy.” This is Obama speaking, so of course, it’s someone else’s fault: The Iraqis for not being trained fast enough.

Crazy or venal? You be the judge.