America No Different Than FIFA…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker


Thanks to the skills of John Oliver and his team I can now see the FIFA kerfuffle as a gigantic metaphor for the deep and abiding corruption of, well, the entire globe. On the one hand, it is both illuminating and entertaining. On the other hand, it is an argument for the pits and confirming this planet’s appointment with the death meteor (erm, his name is Satan). The thing about America getting a better reputation by breaking down FIFA is so on point. It’s the first thing I thought of when I heard about the FBI getting in on it (though likely it was probably done to take away the world cup from Russia and Vlad the Bad). Nevertheless …

[I’m in a nightmare, and in the dreamland, “We The People” have been trampled over by the big, black, bear of Communism, and Islamism, and homosexuality, sodomy, lesbianism and same-sex marriage, and abortion-on-demand, and global warming, global cooling, climate change, and animal rights, and attacks on women’s rights, and transgenderism, and amnesty for illegal immigrants, and God knows what else the flaming liberal leftist-progressive-Alinskyite-DemoMarxist-Socialists are gonna fling our way next … When I awake in pure joy and happiness!]

Going viral in 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. Zero! If I had a dollar for every time a John Oliver feature went viral, I’d eventually have enough money to be a corrupt FIFA official (or member of Congress) … Hey!! He’s a fellow-Brit, what can I say? And we Brits have a very different sense of humor than most other nationalities – including Americans (as they used to be). Nevertheless… listen up, and park this activity of corruption against the current White House, Administration, Congress, Supreme Court, Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, and all the alphabet soup Islamic Jihadist Muslim Organizations (Da’ Bro’hood being the biggest) who are all hell-bent on bringing down this most precious Constitutional Republic of the United States!

FIFA in essence, is simply a trashy cousin of the ingraciously-corrupt United Nations which is nothing more than a brothel for the more ignominious dictator-Caliphs who have been roaming the planet for subsistence since the end of WWII. The funny thing is, even though Oliver has a satirical style of reporting news it’s still more valuable and interesting information than any other news-broadcasting network in the USA.  Honestly, I think the biggest issue here is how sloppy and feral FIFA has been with their corruption.

Say what you want about both the rogue fraud “president” OBO and Russia, at least for the most part they keep their corruption and illegal activities relatively hidden, beneath piles and piles of laws, bureaucracy, and red tape. Even the criminal networks like the Mafia holds itself to a high degree of professionalism within their operations; you screw up, you get “whacked.” FIFA just swaggers around, flaunting their abuses and corruption for all to see, never expecting anyone to touch them. Their disregard for subtlety is appalling.

Ergo Obama and his underlings on BOTH sides of the House and Senate.

As for SCOTUS and its head-honcho, John Roberts, we await, with bated breath (as we did long ago and far away in the summer of 2012 as to whether O’Care was, is, wasn’t, maybe, perhaps, is or not a “tax” or a “penalty”) the transformation of “marriage” into a mish-mash of homosexual, lesbian, sodomite, requests for the purpose of non-proliferation of future citizens of the Constitutional Republic of the United States, thereby reducing ever further, the long range outcome of the survival of the greatest nation that God ever elected on planet earth. Period.

[I’m back in the nightmare…]