Obama Clown Prince Nincompoop..

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

As David Ehrenstein, Los Angeles Times cinema critic expressed it: Obama’s life is the “magic negro” version of A Star Is Born, written by Frank Marshall Davis & Bill Ayers, Directed by Al Sharpton, Scenery by David Axelrod.

Somehow, whenever a black youth gets shot, Obama the Clown Prince of Fools tries to convince us “that could have been my son”. Not likely as Obama never, ever lived the life that most black youths endure today. He can no more identify with them than the man in the moon, since he grew up in a white middle-class life-style with white grandparents. So what was that all about?

Since the DemoMarxist Party gave We the People a faux fraud candidate like Obama without vetting him, and then promoting him despite his Muslim Marxist communist narcissism, the Democrats have shown us their true colors, that they are in fact, a criminal organization. What else can you call them after such as the Pigford v. Glickman Scam, through more than 400 other scams and acts of criminality up to and including, giving Iran 500 billion dollars and using lies and evasions to do so? Aiding and abetting an enemy of this country is treasonous criminality along the lines of “high crimes and misdemeanors”, committed by the entire Democrat Party, of whom the Narcissist-in-Chief is the head honcho or “Capo di tutti Capi” – Or as Andrew Klavan refers to him in the piece coming up, “he’s a nincompoop!”

Obama-Biden, what hath they wrought?

Obama-Biden, the nincompoop duo…

Which has pretty much been my take on him since the beginning, when he emerged from the back end of Chicago in 2004 without a true identity. His “world class intellect” image was never supported with anything tangible. Neither was the “world class temperament”. The media saw what they wanted to see, and gushed over him. All that stuff about trouser creases, and tingly-thighs, of how Obama is smart and wonderful, flowed directly from that effusive, insane, emotional crush they had on him.

As RZ aka Zhombre the commentator expressed it back when: “There is no, and never was, a man behind the curtain. Barack Hussein Obama is a shallow, conceited, poorly educated man; his oratory is empty, his sincerity is absent; and his character is mimetic. He plays at various roles (community organizer, intellectual, law lecturer, state legislator, Senator, President) but fulfills none. He is not capable of fulfilling any. To traduce Gertrude Stein’s phrase, “he is our Oakland President; there is no there, there.”

Indeed – Obama Clown Prince Nincompoop with no there, there.

pj-mediaWhenever you put forward an idea that enrages both the left and the right, you can feel pretty certain you’ve come close to the truth.

A while back — I can no longer locate the post — I advanced the notion that Barack Obama is a hapless schmuck. The theory was greeted with derision from both sides. Leftists, of course, were furious because it’s clear to them that even their president’s failures are a product of his genius. He’s just too smart for the rest of us to comprehend what it is he’s doing. Rightists were upset because I had offended their certainty that Obama is evil. Clearly every disaster of his administration was the result of his careful planning. He hated America so much that he had schemed and connived to lose her wars and damage her economy, and what a brilliant job he’d done.

They were wrong. I was right. The man’s a nincompoop. An economy that should be in a booming recovery has stalled. A war that was fought and won when Obama took office has to be fought all over again. The “Arab spring” has spiraled into an endless winter of discontent after the administration mishandled nearly every uprising in every nation. The most plausible explanation is neither genius nor evil, merely the incompetence of a boob.

Obama’s not an idiot. He hasn’t got a low IQ. He’s just a fool. His ideas about the world are almost entirely wrong, and his ironclad narcissism keeps him from changing his mind. On top of that, his ideology has served him so well personally — raising him to the country’s highest post on the shoulders of a deluded elite and an ignorant public — that he can never acknowledge that it is simply false.

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