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Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

“The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed – would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper – the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.”  ~ George Orwell, 1984, To go along with, and to confirm this thought police quote, there is also this from Marcus Tullius Cicero: Silent enim leges inter arma – “In times of war, the law falls silent”.

Which is all by way of continuing this week’s major theme of global warming/climate change/CO2/fear-and-warmongering thoughtcrimes against We The People. This time brought forth by the New York Attorney General going after Exxon Mobil on the very same topic. As I keep bringing verified peer-reviewed evidence over and over and over to your attention, it is clear that there hasn’t been any scientific conclusive evidence produced of man-made global warming of ANY kind, ever. On the contrary, as I have consistently brought forth, there is significant evidence that man-made global warming is non- existent; a sham; a fraud; a travesty of injustice.

Going after Exxon Mobil is like a deep sea diver “going after” his air hose. The First Amendment to the Constitution means that Exxon Mobil is perfectly free to publish whatever it wants on global warming. The value and subsequent edification of those publications is then thrashed out in the marketplace of ideas. They should, in all reality, go for summary judgment in the case. If this goes to trial, perhaps the government will regret it. Were they to go ahead with it, one line of argument that Exxon Mobil would do us all a favor with, would be something like:

“What, exactly, is the scientific basis for global warming? What is the citation? What specific scientific data, what specific scientific theory is being used and where and when was it published in the scientific literature?”

Very surprising that no one linked this action to a former senator from NY. Exxon Mobil cut off all donations to Billary and now we have the AG from her state going after Exxon Mobil. What a coincidence, eh? Obviously, once you donate to the corrupt Clinton foundation, you must forever support them – Or else! Can we have our country back please and stop electing corruptocrats that make Al Capone look like a choirboy?

And one last thing – Google is a wonderful thing. By looking up the data of the earth you find that the earth has a total area of 200 million square miles. 29 % is covered by land and 70.8% is covered by water. The United States covers 3.8 million square miles of total surface area That is LESS THAN 2% of the total area of the earth. North America in toto represents only 16% of all the land area of all continental land mass combined. Think about it – Do you think that less than 2% of the size of the earth can control climate?

People need to start realizing the real facts and ask themselves what these governments and the corrupt United Nations are attempting to stuff down our throats; it simply doesn’t add up to real world data.

Rick Moran from today’s American Thinker and “NY AG, Investigates ExxonMobil for denying Climate Change”…


Rick Moran, journalist investigator par excellence...

Rick Moran, journalist investigator par excellence…

For the last few years, climate hysterics have demanded that government prosecute those who disagree with their notions of climate change.  The New York Times is reporting that New York’s attorney general has opened an investigation into ExxonMobil, accusing the oil company of making false statements about climate change to its investors while its scientists were telling company officials of the dangers of global warming.

“We unequivocally reject the allegations that Exxon Mobil has suppressed climate change research,” Mr. Cohen said, adding that the company had funded mainstream climate science since the 1970s, had published dozens of scientific papers on the topic and had disclosed climate risks to investors.

Mr. Schneiderman’s decision to scrutinize the fossil fuel companies may well open a new legal front in the climate change battle.

The people with knowledge of the New York case also said on Thursday that, in a separate inquiry, Peabody Energy, the nation’s largest coal producer, had been under investigation by the attorney general for two years over whether it properly disclosed financial risks related to climate change. That investigation was not previously reported, and has not resulted in any charges or other legal action against Peabody.

Vic Svec, a Peabody senior vice president, said in a statement, “Peabody continues to work with the New York attorney general’s office regarding our disclosures, which have evolved over the years.”

The Exxon inquiry might expand further to encompass other oil companies, according to the people with knowledge of the case, though no additional subpoenas have been issued to date.

The people spoke on the condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to speak publicly about investigations that could produce civil or criminal charges. The Martin Act, a New York state law, confers on the attorney general broad powers to investigate financial fraud.

To date, lawsuits trying to hold fuel companies accountable for damage they are causing to the climate have failed in the courts, but most of those have been pursued by private plaintiffs.

Attorneys general for other states could join in Mr. Schneiderman’s efforts, bringing far greater investigative and legal resources to bear on the issue. Some experts see the potential for a legal assault on fossil fuel companies similar to the lawsuits against tobacco companies in recent decades, which cost those companies tens of billions of dollars in penalties.

And so, the witch hunt begins.  It seems inevitable now that, failing to win the argument in the court of public opinion, climate hysterics will now use the U.S. federal courts to intimidate and punish their opponents.

If this is the only way they can get what they want – the destruction of industrialized society – they may find it more difficult than they imagine.  Nobody stood up for the tobacco companies when the government mugged them for tens of billions of dollars.  I think they will find that the pushback from the skeptical community will be far more vigorous – especially if they are going to go after nonprofit groups who happen to disagree with the hysterics.

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