Nobama the obsequious pretender..

Go ahead, make my…

Yours truly is becoming more convinced by the day that AKA Nobama and his entire identity fraud is finally going to be exposed – Big Fake News Media be damned. The reason this issue was never put to rest is because the “birthers” were ALWAYS right. To any sane-thinking person with even half a brain, the ‘birth certificate’ is still a laughable forgery, while it is also convincing enough that Nobama has been using a stolen Connecticut-issued Social Security number since his days in Hawaii from 1977 when he got a part time job at Baskin Robbins.

The time from the election of Bill Clinton until the election of President Trump will surely go down as the most ignominious period in American political history. Dispense with the political labels and pseudo-benevolent posturing these people used to mask their venality and perfidy. What you see then are people who spent so much time fabricating, conniving and scheming that they neglected to govern and represent the people who elected them. (‘Elected’ being a rather loose term of its true definition).

If it is at all possible, in defeat they have proved themselves to be even more contemptible. Has anyone witnessed more spiteful, vindictive, graceless, unscrupulous and ruinous behavior? It is to the credit of the wisdom, common sense and decency of many Americans that they voted for Donald Trump as President, as he has already done so much to release back into the general population the natural creative and practical energies that resides in We the People.

But let me take you back to the obsequiousness of Nobama and his acolytes. Two Nobama statements that will forever live in infamy are, first of all, this:

As Rush Limbaugh was so fond of repeating about him, “whenever Nobama walked into a room full of people, he became the least qualified person in that room”. And that Nobama-Presidential library they’re planning in Chicago for him looks more and more ridiculous everyday as it becomes increasingly apparent that all Nobama was, and ever has been, is a convoluted mixture of narcissism, rabid 1980s campus radicalism, and corrupt Chicago politics.

And yes, the other infamous statement was this:

Time to let Nobama and the rest of the DemoMarxists in on the truth of the matter…

This section of Discover The Networks examines the details of various scandals in which President Barack Obama and his administration have been involved. These include:

  • the Justice Department’s secret surveillance of news reporters;
  • the administration’s egregious failure to implement adequate security measures at the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2012, and its deceitful mischaracterization of those attacks in their aftermath;
  • the “Fast & Furious” gun-running scandal, whereby “straw purchasers” in the U.S. smuggled sniper rifles into Mexico and put them into the hands of cartel leaders;
  • the Internal Revenue Service’s practice of illegally denying or stalling, for blatantly political reasons, applications for tax-exempt status that it received from conservative organizations; and
  • the unprecedented degree to which the National Security Agency monitored and spied on the communications of ordinary American citizens;
  • the inordinately long periods of time that military veterans were being required to wait before they could receive medical treatment at VA hospitals, and the VA’s deliberate falsification of patient records in order to conceal the problem of the long waits;
  • the Obama administration’s 2012 coverup — for political purposes in a presidential election year — of the fact that a White House volunteer (who was the son of a major donor to Obama and the Democrats) had participated in a prostitution scandal in Colombia;
  • the Obama administration’s role in permitting Russia to take control of 20% of all the uranium reserves in the United States;
  • the Obama policy of funneling massive sums of money from legal settlements, to leftwing activist groups;
  • the Obama administration’s strategy of carrying out a silent coup against President Donald Trump, by trying to undermine and delegitimize Trump and his cabinet by suggesting that they had illicit ties to the Russian government.

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Ask a Nobama supporter for three things he accomplished in his life that would make him a qualified and good president of the most powerful nation on Earth … Mmmmmmm …

Well there’s this from Cheech & Chong; “I got up. I went to the corner. I hung out.”

People who call stupid people intelligent are ignorant. People who consider themselves superior are ignorant. People whose minds are closed to the views of other people are ignorant.

Quite the opposite of their own inflated opinions of themselves, progressive-liberal DemoMarxists are … mmmmm, profoundly ignorant.

On the other hand – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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