No tender age for Kyle Rittenhouse

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Search down the long halls of history and you’ll soon find that the kind of lawlessness we’ve been witnessing for the past 2+ years in evil forces attempting to transform what had been for centuries a peaceful and law-abiding society, has forever been a precursor into accepting “peace” with the very instigators of the mayhem in exchange for their freedom and rights that ultimately prove to be just empty promises leading up to their enslavement. Thank God for the erudite actions of the Founding Fathers in bringing forth The Constitutional Republic of the United States and the added protection contained in the Second Amendment Right with the power of the “Great Equalizer” – Guns in the hands of a freedom-loving populace.

When Government fails to perform its most basic and important duty to protect property and lives, especially when it makes clear in advance that it won’t, then it’s up to We the People to do the job for ourselves. Even the Communists and Socialists who run the United Nations recognize the Right of Self-Defence Protection.

No tender age for Kyle Rittenhouse…

Given the spread of the problem and the willingness of the demoMarxocrat “dark side” to go along with it, there can be little doubt that given the level of “Law Enforcement” and lack thereof in certain parts of the Country (Portland, Seattle, Chicago and too many others) led by the Dept. of Two-Tiered Justice and Chris Wray’s Federal Political Police Gestapo with its FBI Informant Instigators, it has become dangerously clear that the sentiment in favor of “Vigilantism” is growing. And at a very fast pace since the installment of the village idiot and the gaggle-queen. Crime a’plenty!

Enter the fray one, Kyle Rittenhouse, living proof of the old axiom that “it is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6”.

Though one look at the video should have been enough for any fair-minded prosecutor not to bring charges, perhaps the most important point is the one Victor Davis Hanson makes in The Dying Citizen. These communities are OURS. If we are unwilling to defend them when those delegated to that authority (police, mayors, etc) refuse to do so, it becomes we shirking our responsibility for our own. Kyle Rittenhouse accepted and acted upon the responsibility of the citizen-protector. Something of which we need far more and no less.

And it isn’t only police, but mayors and governors. There’s what’s right and there’s what’s wrong. Business owners of those communities have the right to protect what they own, and they pay TAXES to police and their city to uphold the law to protect them. Unfortunately they FAILED miserably!

Every household in the United States should have an AR-15 along with more than a few 30-Round Magazines readily available that, like an Insurance Policy that may never have a single claim made upon it, is nevertheless present just in case it’s needed. BRAVO!

Adam Mill, American Greatness: ‘Why the Rittenhouse Case has Changed Everything’…

The Rittenhouse case is a clinic in exactly why Americans have a right to an AR-15.

You don’t need an AR-15,” U.S. News and World Report told readers just three and a half years ago. ThinkProgress in 2018 published a piece called, “The myth that civilian gun ownership prevents tyranny.” When Ben Shapiro justified private ownership of guns to counter potential tyranny in the United States, CNN’s Piers Morgan guffawed contemptuously. “Do you understand how absurd you sound?” Morgan asked Shapiro in 2013. Until recently, people laughed at the idea that an AR-15 could be used for legitimate self-defense purposes.

Nobody is laughing anymore, not even the gun control people.

Now we have videos of Kyle Rittenhouse with an AR-15 slung around his shoulder as he waded into a riot-plagued community to hand out bandages and protect property. In the summer of 2020, the mobs ruled and nobody dared oppose them. They toppled beautiful works of statutory art. They burned businesses and even a police station. They seized real governmental control over several city blocks in one of the country’s most important cities. Revolutionaries established other “autonomous zones,” in Washington, D.C., Portland Oregon, and Asheville, North Carolina. Nobody dared enforce rules regarding private property, social distancing, curfews, or even murder. [-]

[+] … For months now, the media has been reprising its disgraceful smears against the Covington High School students by heaping lie after lie on the frenzy of lies about Rittenhouse. The media needed only to know the race of the Kenosha shooter and the politics of the victims. That was enough to invent the rest of the story to fit the narrative.

But one thing the media can’t hide are the basic facts. No longer can Americans be told that the AR-15 is not a legitimate tool for self-defense. The mob physically attacked Rittenhouse three times—each of which attacks easily could have led to Rittenhouse’s death. Had Rittenhouse not had the AR-15 to defend himself, he might not be alive today. Everyone who watched the trial saw it. [-]

[+] … As the jury retires to deliberate, we can’t really know for sure what the final outcome will be until the verdict is announced. But, thanks again to the Constitution, Rittenhouse received a public trial and anything short of an acquittal will revive jury intimidation allegations. Americans saw that the media lied to them about the facts of the case. While that suits many, even a few leftists expressed shock and surprise at the level of deception.

Police and 500 National Guard troops have begun positioning to quell the violence expected following the Rittenhouse verdict. It’s one indication that the authorities expect a not-guilty verdict. But there’s another reason to think there may not be another riot in Kenosha if Rittenhouse is vindicated: Rittenhouse will be free to return to his community to protect it. And so will countless more inspired by his example to hold the line against the Left’s political violence. [end]

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No tender age for Kyle Rittenhouse…

To set the record straight Kyle’s rifle wasn’t an AR-15 but a Smith & Wesson M&P 15. I only mention this because the loony left uses the ArmaLite rilfe as the boogeyman of the Second Amendment. Anything more than a pea-shooter is an “AR-15” to the left! No tender age for Kyle Rittenhouse…

Kenosha, WI isn’t Kyle Rittenhouse’s community. He lives 20 miles away in Antioch, IL, but has family ties in Kenosha (his father, 1 or more aunt, and 1 or more grandparents live in Kenosha). Rittenhouse had every legal right that night to be in Kenosha with every legal right to defend himself from the potentially lethal attacks against him. He will have every legal right to return to Kenosha after this trial (immediately if acquitted; eventually if convicted).

And finally, Kyle isn’t the first by a long shot. Remember the McCloskeys of Missouri, Officer Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman, and Sgt. Daniel Perry were all citizens who protected themselves with the proper use, or threatened use, of firearms, and were prosecuted by the State for doing so. I’m probably leaving out a few, there are so many examples.

But on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!