NFL surrenders to suicidal harakiri

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NFL self-inflicts suicidal hara-kiri. For the under-educated as to what the definition of ‘hara-kiri’ is: ritual suicide by disembowelment with a sword, formerly practised in Japan by samurai as an honourable alternative to disgrace or execution. ‘Seppuku’ has a similar connotation.

The NFL, like every other business that chooses the leftist liberal-progressive mindset while relying on We the People ‘deplorables’ for their revenue, has currently created a nightmare no-win situation for itself. If Goodell decides to continue sticking to his progressive mandate, pretty soon no one will watch the actual 11 minutes of playing time within a subversive enterprise that lasts upwards of 3 hours or so to completion, and the whole house of cards will be destroyed financially.

On the other hand, if the NFL decides to satisfy its ‘deplorable customers’ then inevitably, the same leftist liberal-progressives will unleash their Big Fake News Media and SJW armies upon it and destroy it through lies, violence, and general mayhem. I’d say I feel bad but I don’t.

Thursday night Sep 21 2017 half empty stadium San Francisco…

Honest to goodness, I quit watching the NFL years ago following the twilight years of great teams, coaches, and owners, when the likes of greatness were embodied in the characters of Bart Starr, Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, Don Shula, Jimmy Johnson … Am I getting anyone’s attention? Since those glory days it has only gotten worse, particularly in the area of turning a fabulous sporting spectacle into a moronic SJW platform of scurrilous, if not downright criminal activities, disguised as ‘protests’.

Those gentlemen coaches, players, and owners of their time (particularly those who have passed on into greatness) must be rolling in their graves as to what the NFL has degenerated into. This political-hack movement has been a long time coming and the current NFL set up needs to be dismantled immediately and a new day dawning instilled. “Stick to football” would be a great place to begin. Perhaps even taking the 11 minutes to a respectable half an hour at least.

Make these spoiled brats PLAY for something!

Thomas Lifson and his piece “NFL faces a potential catastrophe” in American Thinker…

I am not certain if the owners of the National Football League understand the extent of the peril they face. The revenues and value of their teams have skyrocketed thanks to a bubble created by television revenues that radically increased as the number of bidders and the nights of football games both increased. That bubble has burst and future television contracts will bring in substantially less. The other part of the revenue bubble has been funded by private boxes, especially in newer stadiums built specifically to offer more of them, along with increasing ticket prices.

The tort lawyers are rubbing together their hands anticipating the lucre headed their way thanks to brain injury lawsuits argued in front of sympathetic juries. And now attendance and TV ratings are down quite a lot.

Quite obviously, the owners already have been scared by signs of racial discontent among the African American players that make up about 70 percent of their rosters. Should tensions escalate, the black players easily could shut down the league, and probably could stymie as racist any attempt to reconstitute the rosters without the protestors.  They had been hoping that the kneeling controversy started by Colin Kaepernik would calm down on its own, but President Trump’s remarks in Hunstville threw it right back in their faces. Some of them are very unhappy and fighting back:

Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch had a harsh reaction to President Trump’s call for NFL owners to fire players who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

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On the same topic, the irascible Dennis Michael Lynch let rip yesterday in a 10-minute walk and talk … Take a view and listen in…

Selected comments from his thread:

Sara Lohman: Right on DML! My Grandpa served in WW2 and didn’t fight for this crap! The NFL will not get away with this and how dare they disrespect our military, vets and police! If they don’t like it here then they can get the hell out of my country!

Tonia Rayfield
That’s right Dennis – get on both your knees .. and PRAY! Also I’ve seen the “rules” of the NFL floating around the internet, and it said – ALL players MUST be on the field for the “National Anthem” .. what a world we live in.

Those who take a knee during our anthem yet stand for the Queen are GLOBALISTS! The crown has its tentacles into our society and it’s heart beyond comprehension! Globalism and pedophilia are KEY to global corruption.

Reg Sappie
Way to go DLM and Coach Williams…Honor our Anthem and Flag and the Men and Women who Died and those who served defended our Freedom…God Bless the USA ….One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for all ….all who Love and Respect Her cuz the Door swings both ways

C’mon you reprobate patriots – Make America Great Again!


Codicil to today’s post rendered by fellow-Brit John Bond:

Corporate Phone Numbers for NFL Sponsors
Let them know if you agree or disagree that players are disrespectful during the playing of our National Anthem.
PepsiCo 800-433-2562
Visa 800-847-2911
Campbell’s Soup 800-257-8443
FedEx 800-463-3339
Mars Snackfood 908-850-1753
Dairy Management Inc. 847-803-2000
Bridgestone Tire 904-779-8300
Procter & Gamble 513-983-1100
Verizon 212-395-1000
Barclays 212-526-7000
Papa John’s 513-737-3506
Castrol 888-227-8765
Anheuser-Busch 314-577-2000
USAA 800-531-8722
Bose 800-999-2673
Marriot 301-380-3000
Microsoft 813-281-3900
Lenovo 866-968-4465
SAP 610-661-1000
Zebra Technologies 846-634-6700
TD Ameritrade 800-237-8692
Extreme Networks 888-257-3000
Nationwide Insurance 800-882-2822
Hyundai 800-633-5151
Dannon 914-872-8400

Thanks John!!


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