Neil Oliver slams complicit media

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OkieCatBacker, comments thread: “Just my opinion given my experiences within my family – there is a delicate mental balance going on where they know they were lied to. However if they accept that they swallowed the lies, despite vehement and impassioned pleas from folks like me within their family, it will create a certain amount of mental brokenness within them as well as a physical brokenness without.

“I was 35 in 2020, and was one of the youngest within that generation of my family. I was scoffed at by those who believed my “youth” made me naive as well as ignorant. Yet these are the same people that acknowledge the breadth of my understanding of many topics from advanced math, to humanities, to rebuilding a car engine, and all done to the best of my ability than anyone else. Yet scoffed I was.

Neil Oliver slams complicit media

“These people can’t accept they were wrong, and that those they trusted most tricked them into a pharmacological experiment for which many know the short term consequences (grandmother died of hemorrhagic stroke, father developed diabetes, brother with likely heart damage) while the longer term consequences are still to be tallied.” [end]

Yet that descent into the devil’s workshop didn’t begin for them the day “kungflu” was announced. Those incremental choices to do bad things “for a good cause” began generations ago. Voting for a known rapist for president because he’ll fight for women’s rights (as his partner-in-crime rents out the bedrooms and loots the silverware?) is absolute insanity par-excellence, and we all witness such at some time or other during our lifetimes. Yet what do we do about it?

Having spent years denying the obvious for the sole sake of “winning”, many of these people are irretrievably broken. They can never let go of the endless cycles of delusions because to do so would require them in the end, to recognize that all the evil acts they have committed (canceling, book burning, censorship, stalking, etc.) under the excuse that it was “for the greater good” were in fact simply evil, and done for evil’s sake.

There are still many people realizing that some around them are finally waking up to what’s already gone on but for most it’s been a case of hanging around attempting to survive. Far, far too many however, aren’t waking up, they’re just putting on a new skin, the logic of which proclaims they can never be trusted again, ever. The devil remember, steals many souls with the allure of some perceived good that will come from the evil being perpetrated. Guaranteed!

Neil Oliver, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Neil Oliver Takes on the Media’ …

U.K. pundit Neil Oliver has been taking some flack for opposing the dictatorial narratives in Great Britain. In his monologue this week Mr. Oliver notes the media’s refusal to retract their prior false positions around COVID-19, the “vaccinations” and so much more. Worse still, many of these same media outlets are continuing to promote the lies.

[Transcript] –  I’m telling you now – if you’re still getting your latest news from the traditional Mainstream media, then it’s not news. It’s not investigation in search of the truth.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a limp attempt by outfits compromised by complicity with years of misuse of the people, desperate to find a quiet off-ramp from the Road to Hell they’ve been enthusiastically barreling along.

Even now, with everyone getting so excited watching rats running for the lifeboats, the MSM is still working within the same old narrative, still talking about masks for school children and testing for Covid-19, still asking the questions we already know the answers to.

How can it be, that after all this time, the MSM is still failing to ask the most important questions about so much that happened? After all this time, how can they still miss the open goal so completely?

A person might say it’s down to more of that good old willful blindness. After all, for the vast majority of the MSM, they’re looking at journalistic credibility as a vanishing dot in the rear-view mirror.

Having spent the past two and more years performing as unquestioning foghorns for the government narrative, the time for them to remember that the job of the Fourth Estate is to challenge authority is long, long past, never to be regained.

Give the devils their due.

All those years … the years of the bungs from the hundreds of millions of pounds spent by the Government and Bill Gates and others to ensure a warm welcome and happy hosting for the official narrative of lockdowns and masks saving lives … of safe and effective medical procedures and all that Jazz …were surely enough to leave many so-called news organizations punch drunk and suffering double or even triple vision when it came to keeping a beady eye on that pesky matter of the truth.

And still… after all the demonstrable catastrophic harms of lockdown… after all those lives and livelihoods ruined… all those dodgy contracts…

The greatest transfer of wealth in history from the poor to the billionaires … the excess deaths mounting and as unexplained as ever… after all that, and in lieu of real investigation, we get speculation about whether Matt Hancock ordered enough tests before sending the elderly into care homes? About who did or didn’t want to close schools?

Is that really the best they can do?

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Neil Oliver slams complicit media. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy … in the course of … Freedom!!

One thing yours truly’s native Britain still has is fair elections, something we here in the USA definitely don’t at the moment. Remember at the height of the Truckers resistance convoy in Canada a couple or three/four years ago, Boris Johnson lifted Covid restrictions, of which soon after, other nations followed suit. Had his party delivered a vote of “no confidence“, he would’ve been ousted as PM in the same way Margaret Thatcher was.

Since he resigned before his term was up, it was therefore possible to install a new leader of the Conservative Party who would serve as PM without a national election until the remainder of Johnson’s term was up…and that Leader would be chosen by Conservative Members of Parliament with no election by the people required. Thus Truss, who was ousted then to make way for the W.E.F. placeman “Sunak“, considered by most as “an out and out disaster.”

Brits are not happy at his having been foisted on them. Labour would simply finish off the job that the “Conservatives” (in name only) started. And that’s the state of play as it stands right now. Neil Oliver slams complicit media.

So on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – (and what a magnificent close-out he gave at CPAC Saturday!) – MAGA! KAG!