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According to one, Pete Buttigieg, aka the robotic sanctimonious voice of a climate lunatic who would gladly make you poor, weak, and miserable to achieve climate reductions that are both immeasurable and worthless, is the very same person who thinks his term as FJB’s transportation secretary is actually not about transportation but something called “greenie diktats” all of which propel him to the lofty heights of immortality. Or somewhere!

Which over the years leads people raised on fakery like “natural selection and nihilism” to become totally confused and horribly inept, with the world to them, making absolutely no sense whatsoever, being without foundational principles; CO2 and vital plant food becomes the enemy to be exorcised, yet they can’t give up their luxury planes, being as they are, caught in their own trap between ignorance and helplessness. Where are the Bible believers when you need them?!

Buttigieg puffed-up afflatus header. Secrets of tyranny & getting busted … Privilege, outrage, lies, truth, and in there somewhere…

One always gets a bit more than a chuckle when debating climate alarmists about CO2, as to whether it’s pollution or not, and why marijuana farmers pump tons of CO2 into their marijuana-growing greenhouses? As most of us know who’ve been “educated“, CO2 is a necessary part of the photosynthesis / respiration cycle of the Earth. Plus we all exhale CO2, which is pollution, which generally causes the look on their faces to become priceless. “Educate yourself”, we say, “CO2 is plant food and without it, all life on earth ceases to exist. No CO2, no food crops. Really. Look it up”.

Who can forget him looking like a chipmunk dressed up as Bob the Builder when he snuck into East Palestine at 7:00 am three weeks after the derailment. Best part about it, it can go on the wall with Mike Dukakis popping his head up riding in a tank and John Kerry windsurfing. The look on their faces becomes priceless!

Once upon a short time pothole Pete was mentioned as a possible Presidential candidate being pumped by the media, and likely still believes he really has a chance albeit he appears just to be cruising along doing nothing but waiting for inauguration day. At the very least the public should now realize that he has absolutely no idea what leadership means. Since he’s the “wife” in his marriage, we’d have to be referring to him as the First Lady if – God forbid – he should win? THAT!

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: ‘Pete Buttigieg puffs himself up with climate-immortality afflatus’ …

Pete Buttigieg apparently thinks his term as Joe Biden’s transportation secretary, is not about transportation, actually, but greenie diktats, all of which propel him to immortality.

I don’t know how anyone can look at that with a straight face. A huge ecological disaster has taken place in East Palestine, Ohio, leaving dead fish and chickens in its wake, driving thousands from their homes, and this guy tell us he’s going to “be remembered” for his greenie virtue-signalling.

He’s going to be remembered all right, but not for what he thinks he’s going to be remembered for.

This clown is one of the biggest failures in the Biden cabinet, in a crowded field of contenders. He failed to respond to the East Palestine toxic rail disaster in any timely manner. His term has seen a proliferation of derailings with only a Mr. Magoo response to the widening pattern.

He messed up during the airline crisis of peak holiday travel, doing nothing as thousands of flights were shut down.

He blundered all through the rail crisis in Los Angeles, where looter thieves were leaving the train tracks loaded with boxes of flung out stolen goods.

He made a hash of the supply chain crisis, with ships stranded at ports as targets for sea pirates, shipping containers piling high in stacks in residential areas around Long Beach, and goods unavailable in stores, including critical baby formula, which remains a problem to this day.

He has focused his attention on how to travel in private jets to be with his partner and twins in the midwest, and taking extended periods of maternity leave that he didn’t seem to tell anyone about. [end]

Full link below….

Buttigieg puffed-up afflatus header. He’s gotta be in there somewhere. I told ’em all I wanted to know everything…

Mayor Pete has about as much experience in the field of transportation as does Senile FJB’s nominee for the head of the FAA. The nominee; Phil Washington’s most recent job was with the Los Angeles Transportation authority which oversees buses and rail service. Not only is Washington sorely lacking any experience in the field of aviation, he’s under investigation in a public corruption case. Guarantee’d that Senile FJB picks only the best!

Now he’s Mr. Green, focusing his transportation term on how to make America’s transport system green, while the whole apparat fall down in shambles around him.

Obviously, this is a clown, a guy who has no idea what transportation is for or how it works. He knows nothing but greenie virtue-signaling and how to make that work for his upcoming political campaigns.

He’s the worst thing that ever happened to America’s transportation system. Now he thinks he will be “remembered” for going green?

Sure, Pete. You will be remembered for your obsession with green. Just not in the way you think. Buttigieg puffed-up afflatus header.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


2 thoughts on “Buttigieg puffed-up afflatus header

  1. DJ, Brilliant exegesis again.
    I have been entirely “off the grid” of digital-electronic communication for nearly the last two years and will be for the foreseeable future. I apologize for my absence.
    What I am wondering is if you have had the literary freedom to make direct links between the disaster of the Biden ship of state, and what seems a third “Residential” term for another scoundrel. The current chain of claimed unrelated debacles seems to follow the bolder strokes having been directed at our overall national dissembling by the previous DemonRat administration. They also closely adhere to a maniacal treatise by William Ayres, who dedicated this handbook for disaster to the prince of demons, Satan himself.
    My second question is whether you have ventured to tying these plethora of disasters together to form an unthinkable plan; a plan so devious and complete as to be hard to believe by even the worst critics? At first these events seem to come slowly, then get quickly forgotten under the inattention of the mainstream media. Then they came “fast and furious-ly”, so the people could be quickly distracted by the next calamity.
    But wait, We The People suddenly seemed to be spreading the collusion warning via the unconventional alternative media, on line. Private citizens far brighter than I, began piecing together the trail of broken shards of our unraveling.
    Now, it’s not just Republic vs Democracy, Republican vs Democrat, or even R.I.N.O.. Our system has broken down much farther than the entire world thought. What is coming out is the worst political crisis in not only United States history, but the entire globe.
    Because of the longstanding Military Industrial Complex of world control, their power has followed their expanded wealth. The depth and breadth of its influence has become too insidious to measure.
    So, shall we attempt to connect the intricate web of connections, or shall we blithely continue voting as a simplistic nation of duality, or engage the Promethean challenge of trying to roll the world uphill, until a majority begin to see the light?

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