Mueller, Barr & Spygate; who wins?

En Garde in the bunker…

In an attempt to get in front of all the lies, lies, and fairy tales about to be put forth 24/7 ad nauseum (say about this time tomorrow) by the deep state big fake news media and government bureaucracy, I proffer the following … IF the Mueller Special Counsel was indeed established to look into Russian interference leading up to the 2016 election, there will HAVE to be something in there about the DNC hack, Rob’em Clinton’s private server, and especially Imran Awan and his wife’s unfettered access to the personal and government computers available at their disposal.

Plus – Does Seth Rich ring a bell in anyone’s mind?

If these aren’t addressed, then it will reveal itself exclusively as a ‘get Trump’ operation; which we deep diggers know, but wonder if they would’ve at least made a small effort to ‘smoke and mirror’ what ought to have been an ethical operation.

President Trump arena clean-up man… MAGA!

Going back a few months, one thing that set yours truly on course from the get-go was Texas Rep Louie Gohmert’s ‘Exposing Robert Mueller’ (Full PDF link provided down below). A MUST read.

Mueller was tasked with continuing the ongoing coup against an elected president, with the focus of his team and their strategy being to provoke Trump into firing either one or all of Mueller, Rosenstein, and others, the success of which the group then believed would legitimize an act of successful impeachment, thereby solving their problem of being up to their necks in criminal collusion.

There was definitely a collusion alright, the cabal’s problem being that our fearless savvy president didn’t take the bait.

Sidney Powell and her opener in yesterday’s blog ‘Mueller Report will Shroud the Truth’…

Sidney Powell…

The Mueller Report will try very hard to shroud the real issues–which are:  WHY, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, and BY WHOM did the spying on Mr. Trump and his associates begin?  From all information available so far, per Comey’s own admissions, there was never a legal or factual basis to begin any investigation of anyone associated with Mr. Trump, and they never verified a word of the “Steele dossier.”   The evidence so far exposes a significant group in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD, and State Department, who manufactured the entire counter-intelligence operation from thin air.   It’s smoke tied with baling wire. That is a bombshell from which Mr. Mueller and Mr. Weissmann must distract.

…. The Truth will be found in documents the Mueller Report avoids–the documents all the real criminals created when they thought they would never be caught and they would “stop” Trump.  We must have the original documents declassified and disclosed to the public to the maximum extent possible.  This includes, for starters, the 99-page decision of the FISA court in which Chief Judge Rosemary Collyer excoriated the FBI and the NSA for their abuses of the entire surveillance system and tools.

Full expose` provided in link down below…

All roads lead to Obama who wanted to know ‘everything that’s going on’…

A fake investigation following fake surveillance to warrant fake evidence and a fake impeachment.

A great and complete list of things brought out by Sidney into the full light of day. From the very first action, the root of it all, exposing a bunch of lies, whether it be the first secret meeting before deals were agreed on, the first ‘gentlemen’s’ agreement, whatever, wherever, however that very first word spoken and atrocities hatched between people hellbent on the destruction of a duly-elected president of the United States.


The history of ‘Spygate’ is the story of numerous failed attempts to take down president Trump by any means necessary. At best, the Mueller Special Counsel was a Hail Mary pass that fell short. At worst, terrible refereeing.

If Barr doesn’t hold the coup conspirators accountable, it will happen again sometime down the road. And history will record that he enabled that outcome.

Some information raises questions that Mueller may have conspired to delay the issuance of the finished report by more than a year. How does this track with statutes of limitation? Is there ‘prima facie’ evidence that Mueller’s delays were part of a conspiracy to let certain statutes of limitations run to the benefit of bad actors involved in the spying and plot to smear Trump with the malicious and false Russia fabrications?

Definitely seems to be.

But it all – ALL – now falls into the capable hands and mind of AG William (Bill) Barr.

May the scales of Justice tip well into the realm of TRUTH.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Sidney Powell blog: ‘Mueller Report will Shroud the Truth’. Corrupt Cabal began in 2015

Devin Nunes with Laura Ingraham: Three Key issues Post-Mueller Report

See also Imran Awan – The Biggest Scandal you’ve Never even Heard of

Louie Gohmert, Texas Rep: Robert Mueller Unmasked (may take a minute or two to load PDF)

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