Hubris team Mueller own downfall

Go ahead, make my..

Their own ‘hubris’ befell Mueller and his team. Yes, hubris.

With the three-ring-circus already up and running (as I finish this) under the aegis of AG William (Bill) Barr, welcome to today’s ‘Fun Time on the Funny Farm’.

But first, someone reminded me about the word ‘hubris’ last night in pointing me to this gem from Mark Twain on Democrat Style Voting …

‘Where did all these Democrats come from? They grow thicker and thicker and act more and more outrageously at each successive election. Now yesterday they had the presumption to elect S. H. Dwinelle to the Judgeship of the Fifteenth District Court, and not content with this, they were depraved enough to elect four out of the six Justices of the Peace! Oh, ‘Enery Villiam, where is thy blush! Oh, Timothy Hooligan, where is thy shame! It’s out. Democrats haven’t got any’.

Mark Twain, genius of truthful political persuasion …

‘But Union men [staid] away from the election – they either did that or else they came to the election and voted Democratic tickets – I think it was the latter, though the Flag will doubtless say it was the former. But these Democrats didn’t stay away – you never catch a Democrat staying away from an election. The grand end and aim of his life is to vote or be voted for, and he accommodates to circumstances and does one just as cheerfully as he does the other’.

‘The only man I ever knew who could counteract this passion on the part of Democrats for voting, was Robert Roach, carpenter of the steamer Aleck Scott, “plying to and from St. Louis to New Orleans and back,” as her advertisement sometimes read. The Democrats generally came up as deck passengers from New Orleans, and the yellow fever used to get them right and left – eight or nine a day for the first six or eight hundred miles; consequently Roach would have a lot on hand to “plant” every time the boat landed to wood – “plant” was Roach’s word’.

To be continued – but in the meantime, ‘sundance’ and his own gem for right now, ‘Mueller Team Leaks: It’s all about Obstruction’ in today’s Conservative Treehouse 

This will not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed closely; however, according to the FBI’s primary narrative engineer, Devlin Barrett at the Washington Post, the Mueller team has invested most heavily in “obstruction, obstruction, obstruction”….

For two years 19 lawyers were piecing the script together; while 40 FBI agents used 2,800 subpoenas, 230 orders for communication records, national security letters, FISA authorization, wiretaps, 50 pen register authorizations, and over 500 Title III search warrants to scour the background of every private communication, phone call, text message and email of everyone in the Trump orbit.  Eventually interviewing over 500 witnesses for words to paste into the text of the Mueller/Weissmann obstruction report.

As Barrett outlines on behalf of his benefactors, the team has painted a detailed narrative using every word, tweet, media interview, comment, and private/confidential White House utterance by President Trump -about his unhappiness with the Mueller probe- as clear and convincing evidence of President Trump’s intent to obstruct the investigation.

It’s all about the “obstruction”…. And that is Pelosi’s launch platform.

Read to brilliant conclusion through link down below…

The devil and Ms Pelosi.. ‘vote corpse’ revivers …

BOOM !!!! Well, talking about hubris as the boom indeed begins to come down led by the so-called ‘conservative’ snake in the grass, Chris Wallace (not quite the chip off the old block, in fact, far from it. At some point you realize that repulsive globalists like Wallace are nothing more than paid-off globalist shills with 30 pieces of silver in their grimy little hands) let’s retreat back into the real world as described by the generational historian Mark Twain ‘land of the free, home of the brave’ for a dose of political truth serum, shall we? …

‘One day as Roach was superintending a burial the Captain came up and said:

“God bless my soul, Roach, what do you mean by shoving a corpse into a hole in the hill-side in this barbarous way, face down and its feet sticking out?”

“I always plant them Democrats in that manner, sir, because, damn their souls, if you plant ’em any other way they’ll dig out and vote the first time there’s an election – but look at that fellow, now – you put ’em in head first and face down and the more they dig the deeper they’ll go into the hill.”

In my opinion, if we do not get Roach to superintend our cemeteries, enough Democrats will dig out at the next election to carry their entire ticket.

~ Mark Twain; Early Tales & Sketches, Vol. 2 1864-1865, (Univ. of California Press, 1981), pp. 313-14.]

Oh that darned ‘hubris’. If you’re not careful it’ll bury you every time.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank GOD for President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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