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As Tony Petroski expresses it on the thread: Ms. Julie Kelly, America’s finest reporter, a woman who speaks truth to power while the “mainstream media” serve only as shills for the powerful, now speaks truth to the powerful Mr. William Barr. As in:

So, what gives with Barr? Is he, like Farah and so many before her, hoping to land a gig as a cable news ‘legal analyst’ where all of his opinions just happen to support whatever lawfare is waged against Trump? Is he trying to sell more books? Or is he just trying to get revenge against Trump for some undisclosed reason? It’s unlikely Barr will answer those questions, nor will any reporter ask. But other questions demand Barr’s response…” to which Ms. Kelly asks some of those:

Why did Barr wait until October 2020 to appoint John Durham as special counsel to investigate the “Praetorian Guard?

More Bill Barr-the-door tomfoolery. Bagpipe Bill outed: a Barr of deceit…

2) Why did Barr fail to hold a single Russian collusion perpetrator criminally responsible during his 18 months as Attorney General? 3) Why did Barr fail to prosecute James Comey and Andrew McCabe? 4) Why did Barr fail to find the Justice Department officials who leaked classified information used to con the FISA court? 5) Why did Barr fail to have the Justice Department investigate the “Lady with Blonde Braids” after she was caught on camera stuffing the vote-counting machines in Atlanta? and 6) Why were we played for fools…they opened the jails and closed the schools. (tossing those last two in as bonus “whys”).

As Professor Victor Davis Hanson likes to do, Ms. Kelly leaves most of the speculation as to the why’s and wherefore’s to the wise counsel of the Great Commentariat.

Agreeing forthwith, allow me, yours truly, to toss-in my number-one answer, that it was long ago and faraway determined that Bill Barr-the-door is a Swamper, a member in good standing of the Uniparty. They make a flush living in D.C., and they protect their own. They never bite the hand that feeds them. Barr is like an accountant who’s discovered his boss is filching from the till and figures: “What’s that to me? If I say anything, I’ll just get fired…I have to think of me and my family…”

Barr is the opposite of a Profile in Courage. He’s an apparatchik’s apparatus. For certain it was a mistake for President Trump to appoint him, but you can bet your bottom-dollar that Ditch-Mitch, palsy-walsy McConnell with Chuckie Schumer and his cabal was all over that mess. It wouldn’t be a mistake for “The View” to hire them both and be done with it – would it?!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘William Barr: The New Alyssa Farrah’ …

The ex-AG wants to portray himself as an expert in all things classified and pre-judge Trump’s guilt. But when he could have shown that mishandling classified material is a serious crime, he punted.

To no one’s surprise, Alyssa Farah, Mike Pence’s former press secretary, is the newest panelist on “The View.” Farah replaces Meghan McCain, who quit the show last year after suffering from postpartum depression and nonstop bullying by her leftist co-hosts, she claimed.

Farah, however, will pick up where McCain left off: using her voice as the only alleged “conservative” to bash Donald Trump and his supporters. She’s been auditioning for the role on the daily talk show ever since she left the White House in late 2020, following a well-trodden path that promises fame and fortune to Trump associates who turn on their former boss. Betrayers earn lucrative book deals, glowing coverage in corporate media, “exclusive” interviews on CNN, and newfound respect from one-time enemies.

Such appears to be the case with former Attorney General William Barr. Picked by Trump in the spring of 2019, Barr, who served in the same role under President George H. W. Bush, initially said all the right things about the need to clean up a compromised, partisan Department of Justice. Barr shut down Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year witch hunt into imaginary Trump-Russia election collusion, a probe that resulted in no criminal charges related to its original mission. [-]

[+] … But the well-known bagpiper has changed his tune, and dramatically so. Suddenly, Barr says, the danger to the republic is not posed by blatantly partisan prosecutors and investigators exercising unchecked authority to “play a role in politics” but by Donald Trump. The “Praetorian Guard mentality” he once condemned now, apparently, is a welcome use of government power that should not be challenged by anyone, including a federal judge.

Since the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago on August 8, Barr has been on a nonstop publicity tour, acting as the guardian of the current Praetorian Guard. Downplaying the unprecedented nature of the raid, Barr sneered that “it’s also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information and put ’em in a country club,” an absurd description of Trump’s private residence.

Barr also mocked the idea that Trump could unilaterally declassify thousands of government documents: “If he stood over scores of boxes, not really knowing what was in them and said, ‘I hereby declassify everything in here,’ that would be such an abuse and show such recklessness that it’s almost worse than taking them,” Barr said last week. [-]

[+] … Further, why did Barr decline to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey for handling and sharing government records, including some that contained classified or confidential information? Similarly, why did Barr refuse to charge former FBI Director Andrew McCabe for lying to federal investigators about his own involvement in sharing classified information related to a criminal investigation? And why didn’t Barr find the Justice Department officials who leaked classified information about the FISA warrant on Carter Page to the Washington Post, among other high-level illicit leaks?

Barr may now attempt to portray himself as the expert in all things classified and pre-judge Trump’s guilt accordingly. But when Barr had the chance to send a message that keeping, sharing, and leaking classified government material is a serious crime deserving of serious consequences, he punted every time.

Perhaps his Alyssa Farah routine is convincing some viewers that his tough-on-classified-crime stance is legitimate. But only those who don’t know Barr’s recent and failed history. [end]

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More Bill Barr-the-door tomfoolery. Alphabet agency’s undercover mess. FBI Wray absent phone calls Jan 6

The presidential records act has no criminal penalties, so it’s a red herring. It’s an administrative act, not a legislative law act. The Constitution gives the president the authority to declassify any document at any time. There are court cases to back that up. The very act of packing the documents and shipping them to his residence declassified them. OBO#44 did the very same thing with 30 million+ documents – all perfectly legal, while he is still in negotiations with the national archives over it. Barr is lying about classified documents and he darn well knows it.

The DOJ and FBI are desperate and dangerous people who have but a short time to pollute and befoul the expected mid-term Republican Congressional wipeout with propaganda not unlike the Russian Hoax. They are all Tokyo Rose propagandists looking for anybody and anything to indict as many Trump Administration officials as they can. None of this has to do with the Rule of Law. Barr is as wrong as he was regarding his estimation of election fraud just 3 days post the most flagrant evidence that the whole world witnessed on November 3rd and 4th, 2020.

More Bill Barr-the-door tomfoolery. BARR-none!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!