Biden’s upended red humility farce

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Leftism is a religion masquerading as a political ideology. The politics is the religious celebration, since a key element of fascism exists as public religion: “Society” – whatever form that may take, be it the state, the congregation, the Volk, the proletariat, whoever/whatever – is the new god, and the Movement is its Church Militant. Those who aren’t in communion with the Movement are devils and heretics, and must therefore, be expunged for the health and unity of any Society.

Consider for instance, the strange things happening to our society which indicate disintegration. No borders, disordered law, sudden outbursts of criminality, are all signs that America is turning into the Mexican-Canadian Interzone. The cities are being run like garbage dumps. The colleges are the demoMarxocrat-Left’s isolation tanks. Public schools are turning into ideological nightmares. Churches – some, not all – have become rainbow sex centers (with drag queen story hours). Yet the big tell however, is when you have leaders who for some perhaps, strange and forgotten reason, support cutting off the genitals of our children – male and female.

Biden’s upended red humility farce

Can anyone come back from that? Appearing as it does to yours truly that what’s going on here in the US is decadence, derangement, debauchery and decay of a failing empire, just how on God’s green earth do you ever square it?

“Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” says the Liar, (Genesis 3:5) the first great fascist garbed as a patron of liberty. Which cuts to the true heart of what we’re dealing with.

People talk of Marxists, communists, liberals, globalists, China, the MIC, the Deep State, trans-humanism etc.., etc., but for yours truly, they’re all different faces of the same underlying reality: the great deceiver, the Father of Lies, the primordial enemy of man whose vow it is to do away with us once and for all.

Once one has the knowledge to recognize them, the signs which point to this are many. In fact, in the current atmosphere of arrogance, hubris and general religious ignorance (quickly becoming tuned to hostility), they’re quite blatant. The devil and his cohorts aren’t even trying to hide anymore.

Anthony Esolen, American Greatness: ‘Red Biden’s Humility Problem’ …

“You shall be as gods,” says the Liar, the first great fascist garbed as a patron of liberty. Do not believe it.

By now, most Americans have seen at least a photo of Joe Biden standing in front of an infernally red light, glowing and flashing with a background of darkness, as he delivered himself of the opinion that those who do not agree with him on the important issues of the time are enemies of the people, haters of democracy, trashers of the Constitution, and, in their souls, which the president has the spiritual potency to read, fascists.

“I hate everyone who doesn’t like me,” says Anthony Fremont in perhaps the most terrifying of all “Twilight Zone” episodes, “It’s a Good Life.” For the little boy Anthony, endowed with supernatural powers, including the power to read your mind when you disapprove of him, can kill you with a stamp of his foot and a nod of his head. Everyone in Peeksville stutters and quails in terror before him. Perhaps he will be an IRS agent when he grows up?

One of the townspeople earns Anthony’s wrath, when at a birthday party—his own—he wants to play one of the last records in town, a record by Perry Como. Anthony doesn’t like that kind of music. When the man breaks down in a drunken despair, he focuses Anthony’s attention on himself and begs somebody, anybody, to take a shovel and dash the boy’s brains out while they still can. No one does.

“You’re a bad man!” says Anthony, pointing at him. “You’re a very bad man!” And that is it for him. Anthony turns him into a jack-in-the-box, and then, when his father asks him to, because the man’s wife is wailing in grief and terror, he sends what’s left of the man “into the cornfield,” buried and gone for good.

“You’re a bad man!” cries the president, at me, dear reader, or you, or anyone who stands against whatever new thing the Left has determined everyone must believe. “You’re a very bad man! You’re a fascist!” And fascists must be slandered, denied the jobs they deserve, be run out of political office; socially, they must be lined up and shot. For we all agree that fascism threatens our unity, our uniformity. All of which shows that America will be rich in irony, even if she becomes rich in nothing else.

It is the very definition of fascism that the people must all profess allegiance to a ruler or to a ruling party and its credo. For the rainbow of the president’s speech was monochromatic: all red. [-]

[+] … One of the odd virtues of Donald Trump was that he assumed it was not the business of America to make all other nations like America, and certainly not American business to meddle in other people’s wars. He assumed that it would be good if each nation were more itself, and he gave their leaders credit if they assumed it too. But however you view Trump, the directive here is a powerful one. Facebook, which has now become a vast utility, like the phone company, should not be in the business of influencing or stifling opinion; that is not its job. The president will have his opinions, as will his party. But to go farther, to imply that you are Saviors of the World, is to give yourself a job you cannot fulfill, and to let slide the more modest and necessary things you can do and you are supposed to do.

“You shall be as gods,” says the Liar, the first great fascist garbed as a patron of liberty. Do not believe it. [end]

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Biden’s upended red humility farce … stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

For the vast majority of far left radical lefties, “leftism” is indeed their religion. They’ve been born, raised, and nursed on the milk of marxist, marxist, Marxism, wherein Critical race theory, critical legal theory, “yada yada yada” informs them of all they really need to know in life. That’s it! They’ve become little automatons marching exactly as they’ve been ordered to march, march, march to the promised land. Wherever it is!

The old adage would put it as “One cannot win a street fight from the balcony”. We Conservatives therefore MUST become willing to get somewhat “down and dirty” in the gutter and fight liberals/progressives under their own ‘rules of engagement’; roll around in the filth with them, and let there be but one survivor – US. We have the power but we also need the will to do so – and somewhat immediately!

Biden’s upended red humility farce. And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump and MAGA! – KAG!